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Rex Caelo [Ready]


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Name: Rex Aurea Caelo


Sex: Male


Species: Bird people from the movie (Dunno their name.) Gray parrot.


Age: Adult


Eye Color: Golden yellow


Character Color: Gray, mixed with white in small dots over his body


Mane/Tail: His mane, as it were, is a short mohawk that flops over towards his right side, the back half being a pale yellow and the front being a dark red.


Physique: He is a very well-muscled bird, indicative of someone who works out a lot and keeps himself in shape. He is of average height for his kind.


Residence: Roam


Occupation: Actor and painter, occasional sailor to find new subjects for his art.


Cutie Mark: N/A


Unique Traits:

Mimicry; He is able to mimic many different sounds, on top of voices, making him very good at voice-acting or sounding different when acting in general.

Memory; To compliment his mimicry is his great memory that allows him to store the different sights and sounds in his brain for later use whether that is mimicking the sound or painting a picture.

Agility; He is deceptively agile, despite his musculature, enough that he is an effective member of a ship's crew, which is often how he pays his way.

Combat Training; He has trained in hands-free combat, as well as utilizing knives or, his favorite, a gladius in one hand with the other empty. He mostly trained to make combat scenes more realistic and to protect himself and those around him.


History: Growing up was a rather pleasant experience for him, with two loving parents in a peaceful town. He found his love for art early on, often drawing pictures of the surrounding landscapes and the people around them. Unfortunately that meant he started running out of subjects as he grew up, which drove him to explore wider and wider areas in search of more subjects for his art. At the same time, his growing knowledge of sounds made him start to explore his abilities in mimicry. The crowds he sometimes drew would awaken his desire to become an actor, and he continued to expand outwards until he hit the sea. 

The only way he could keep going was to become a sailor, and so he did. Life on the sea was actually pretty nice, and he enjoyed it until he found Roam. Inspired by the city and its architecture, he made his home there. He explored still from time to time, but now he always returned to Roam eventually. 


Personality: He is generally a very nice person, donating extra proceeds from his work to those in need and keeping only enough to keep himself living comfortably with a safety savings to fall back on. He'll often play small pranks using his mimicry, though he kept it small in most cases so they were seen as jokes. He is very patient, rather slow to anger and only really fighting when it’s necessary. 


Summary: An artistic bird that enjoys helping those in need. 

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