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[Dragon] Jasper [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Jasper

Sex: Male

Age: Young adult

Species: Dragon

Eye colour: Silver

Coat: pale  blue

Mane/Tail: NA - White Horns, Darker blue spines

Physique: small for a dragon

Residence: ponyville (living with Azure Ignine)

Occupation: layabout, occasional fire starter.

Cutie Mark: NA

Unique Traits: due to a botched spell of azure's, the smoke that precedes Jasper's flame looks like translucent wisps of steam, leading some to believe he is an ice dragon (his breath weapon is, of course, fire)

Jasper was the runt of the litter, which was quite large, so while he still revived the required nourishment, he never really learned a lot about dragon culture. Other dragons would often exclude him from their groups and events because of his size, ribbing him but not outright bullying the blue dragon (though he proved he could more than hold his own in lava surfing - which only contributed to his ostricization)
when the molt came, it hit jasper hard, making him push away from what little semblance of belonging he had. Of course, dragon culture being what it was, they weren't exactly trying to make him feel any better. Finding that the cool deep ocean waters helped ease his condition, Jasper unfortunately got caught up in a tsunami. his survival was little less than a miracle, but it swept him far out to sea, eventually landing him on the coast of an alien land.
Because he was still undergoing the molt, he hid himself away, making the ponies who had never seen a dragon before, even more curious what the strange creature they only caught glimpses of really was! This was what lured in the kirin that would change jasper's life forever - Azure Ignine.
Azure indeed sought out the illusive creature, using her magic to her advantage and finally tracking him down (and upon finding him, using her magic to help soothe his  condition). But unlike the other ponies or dragons, she was friendly to him - not treating him as a curiosity, but as a friend. This left a mark on Jasper, finally giving him a place to belong, and once he finished molting, the two left the coast and have been near-inseparable ever since. . . even if he'd rather not share her with Cloudy. . .

Character Personality:
Like most dragons, Jasper has a sharp, serrated tongue, which drives away most ponies when they disturb him.  While he has managed to learn to be less abrasive than most dragons, thanks to the combined efforts of Azure and Cloudy, he has very few friends, even among dragons.

While some might hear tales of a certain other dragon living among ponies, and assume Jasper is similar, they'd be sorely mistaken. Jasper is a lazy dragon, preferring to spend his time napping, listening to heavy metal, reading adventure novels (when alone - he doesn't like admitting he enjoys reading, or even can read at all) or even all three. If asked to do some menial task by Azure, his response (if he gave one) would be along the lines of "do it yourself!" But this does not mean he doesn't have a soft spot in his heart for his friends. If Azure or even cloudy was in true danger, not even the gates of Tarterus would stop him from protecting them.


While Jasper prefers not to fight, if forced he will start with mostly-harmless judo-esque throws and sweeps, if this does not serve to deter his opponent he switches to a style that would best be described as an "amateur" version of Drunken Monkey. He does not use weapons outside of his claws/fire and his spiked jewelry (see below). Unless there is no other option, he will always attempt non-harmful take-downs of his opponents, preferring if they just give up out of frustration instead of injury.

Character Summary:
"Big, Strong, Tough, Dumb" are all words Jasper would use to describe himself, even it he isn't any of those things. While his tongue can be razor-sharp, he never forgets a debt or a friend, and woe be unto any who get in the way of either of those... after his nap, at least.


Physical Description:
Slightly more muscle definition than most dragons (more like Ember than spike/smolder) roughly the same height as the average pony. His eyes are outlined in the same dark blue shade as his spines and very angular like a curved downward pointing triangle (no its not natural though he will claim it is). His spikes are styled in a more 'sawtooth' shape, curving upwards ending in a mohawk. His horns are mostly straight coming from the side of his head and curved to point upwards
 Being a metalhead/punk rocker, he wears a spiked collar as well as spiked bracelets/anklets along with a spiked band around the end of his tail along with a dark blue septum ring and a tshirt (with sleeves torn off jaggedly) showing a band logo.


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