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Vera Menita [Ready]


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Name: Vera Menita


Sex: Male


Age: Adult


Species: Hippogriff


Eye Color: Red


Character Color: Orange-ish brown


Mane/Tail: His mane is rather long, reaching down to his back even after pulling it into a high ponytail that curls around gently, like there is a tube it gently made its way around. He has some bangs swept partially over his left eye. The tail is of medium length, reaching his knees or thereabouts. It is mostly just a curve downwards, though it curls back upwards at the ends. They are both a solid red in color. 


Physique: He has a fit physique, one that would be expected of a martial artist or boxer, blending strength and agility. As such, his muscles are evident without being too much. He is a head taller than most adult hippogriffs. 


Residence: Appleloosa, but mostly just wanders the world. 


Occupation: Outlaw (explorer)


Cutie Mark: N/A


Unique Traits: Fighting skills: His fighting style utilizes his body, mostly involving punches and kicks of various kinds. It’s also heavy on counter-moves, blocking or avoiding attacks and using the opening to retaliate. 
Honesty: Contrary to what one might assume while talking to him, it’s not just that he doesn’t want to flat out lie, he can’t. After a mishap with an artifact, he is incapable of saying something he knows to be untrue. 
Forms: Though he may not always wear it openly, he has a shard to transition between land and sea forms. 


Personality: He is a friendly sort, wanting to try and solve problems with words before violence, but he is not adverse to the second option. In fact, he does enjoy the opportunity to work his skills from time to time, but he’d usually do that in sparring matches. He is also rather truthful, never knowingly telling a lie. He may not tell you everything, but everything he does tell you is true as far as he knows. 


History: Even while growing up underwater, he was never one to go with the flow. He preferred to make his own path, often getting into trouble exploring where he shouldn’t be. It was one such outing that had him discover the artifact that disabled his ability to lie. He wasn’t sure what had happened at first, after the strange rock had zapped him, but when he got home and tried to lie about where he had been, the truth came out instead. Confused, annoyed, and determined in equal measure, he kept at it in private, but found that no matter what subject or how hard he tried, the only thing from his mouth was truth. It took him a while to figure out that there was still some wiggle room there with partial truths, and boy did he wiggle into it. 

When the opportunity arose to choose where he wanted to be, he wasn’t entirely sure, aside from out exploring. He went with land at first, living on the mountain until that got too boring to him, and then managed to sneak off with a shard. It wasn’t easy, but he managed it and immediately took off to explore the world at large, moving from place to place both above the waves and beneath them. 


Summary: An honest outlaw, he might still try to talk you out of your money if you give him the chance. 

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