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[Cast]Spike the Bold[Ready]


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((Found this app on an old flashdrive, excuse the funky smell - its a little past it's prime, but I figured I might as well see if its still viable :P ))


Roleplay Type: Mane RP (FiM Cast)
Name: Spike the Dragon
Sex: Male
Age: "Baby Dragon"
Species: Dragon
Eye Color: Emerald-Green
Scale color: Purple/green
Markings Color: (Spikes - Green)
Physique: Short and slightly pudgy, having not burned off all his "baby fat" yet.
Cutie Mark: NA 
Origin/Residence: Where ever Twilight Sparkle is! (Currently Ponyville)
Occupation: Twilight's Number-One Assistant
Motivation: To have Gemstones for every meal, to have Rarity as his own loving mate, and to please Twilight in any way he possibly can, no matter how difficult the task may be!
Likes: Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Gemstones, Rarity, and Rarity.
Dislikes: Anyone that hurts Rarity or Twilight, having to take naps, and (sometimes) still being a small "baby" dragon.
Character Summary:
Spike began his life as an egg held by Princess Celestia. When the monarch became aware of the potential in young twilight, she created a special test for her - to hatch a dragon egg. This was no small feat, even fully-grown unicorns would, at best, have great difficulty in completing this feat and had it not been for a coincidental Sonic Rainboom, twilight would have failed and Spike never been born! (At least, not to her)

Once he was hatched (and returned to proper size by Celestia, following the magic surge that not only brought him into this world, but enlarged him to the size of an average house) he was raised by the princess and her staff to assist Twilight in her studies and to ensure she fully understood responsibility. However, it was quickly that the roles changed and Twilight was teaching Spike responsibility instead. While still young and living at the castle with Twilight, Celestia attempted to teach spike magic, however the only spell he was able to master was a teleportation spell used to send scrolls to his desired destination near-instantly. Despite his apparent lack of ability to cast other forms of magic, Spike still practiced, strived, and excelled at the one magical skill he did have, which made both Celestia and Twilight very proud of him (a flaw that took root and would haunt him over and over throughout his life) When Twilight's studies took her from Canterlot to Ponyville, Spike went with her to continue his job as her assistant. However, even if he had not been required to he would have requested it as he had grown very attached to the unicorn, seeing her as a big sister and loving her a sif she had been one of his real clutchmates. When the reached Ponyville, Spike met the love of his life, his (he hopes) future mate, the unicorn Rarity. While Rarity has been less infatuated with the dragonling than he was with her, Spike continues to spend time attempting to impress her and show his love. Though, possibly unfortunate for spike, he is, as they say, putty in her hooves, and willing to do anything he can to make her happy.

Upon their arrival in Ponyville, Spike became the voice of logic in Twilight's life during her less sane moments, though she returned the favor when he had his own lapses over his love for their friend Rarity. While he tries to always consider others' feelings, Spike's sense of brutal honesty can often make him come off as snarky or even ill-tempered, but he really does have others' best interest at heart and will do anything he can to lend a hand to anypony who needs it (Though this is a bit of a curse as well since being such a young dragon, Spike still suffers from Narcolepsy when he gets tired.)

Spike has had a rather happy life in ponyville, though it has not been without it's metaphorical (and often physical) bumps and bruises. He has been forced to learn humility many times and also had to learn that sometimes you have to place your trust in your friends, especially when the task takes place at night (or is too big for him - not that he ever wants to admit it). His two harshest lessons came from his own flaws, his pride and his inane dragon-greed. 

The appearance of an owl in spike's library one night forced him to re-evaluate his place in life, unfortunately coming to the wrong conclusion. Because of this he foolishly tried to break up Twilight's friendship with her new pet, thinking that the owl would take his job and Twilight wouldn't want him around anymore. He learned that friendship is a powerful bond that ties people together very tight - both Twilight and Owlolicious, and Twilight and himself. Though running away was not one of Spike's better decisions, he learned a valuable lesson from it and only grew closer to twilight in the process.

His second lesson came in the form of greed. While he has yet to completely master it, he has learned the dangers of being greedy (both in the Moral sense and, for him, the physical sense). Because he was raised in the canterlot royal court without any great need or want, a lot of emphasis was never placed on birthdays. So, when the fateful day came around in ponyville, he had the sudden realization that a birthday meant people gave you gifts, unfortunately he failed to understand that these were meant to be out of their love of you and not out of obligation. Because of this, his greed awoke the monster within his scales, slowly transforming him from a loving baby dragon into a ferocious monster. If not for the power of love being stronger than his greed it is uncertain just what his fate would have been (and even with his triumph over his greed it's possible he may face some consequences of his actions in the future). Spike, having been returned to normal by the power of kindness and generosity took the lesson to heart and learned not to give in to his desires... well, the ones that don't involve Rarity, anyway.

Over the years, spike has grown and matured (though just how much is up for debate...) There was no doubt some crow being eaten over the issue of pets though, as later, spike found and rescued a phoenix egg that his rival Garble had found and was going to... well... with a little help from his friends, spike saved the egg and adopted the phoenix chick, who he named peewee. Unfortunately having spike around was enough of a fire hazard, after an undisclosed number of incidents, peewee was returned to the wild, much to spike's disappointment.

While in the beginning, the little dragon was not only content, but almost insistant at staying by twilight's side, as time has gone by he has learned to handle himself quite well. Though perhaps a little too much of Twilight's nerdiness rubbed off on him - he now runs semi-regular O+O games as the Dungeon master for himself, Big Mac, and Discord (and possibly letting Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie join in on occasion) and while his stories seem a little shallow, the fact he is dedicated enough to plan them and see them through says a lot about him.

however, old habits die hard. When the time came for spike to enter the next stage of his life, going through the slightly horrific stage known as "the molt" he once again feared that his time with twilight was coming to an end. It, of course, did not (and given the strength of the pair's bond, its questionable if even Death himself could separate them) however it did end with spike receiving a power boost and a new set of wings --- which allowed him to once again be the great hero (at least in his mind) by saving both his 'fair damsel' as well as the zebra shaman zecora from the clutches of a Roc.


While spike started life as a simple test of magic and responsibility for Twilight, he has continued his life as a student himself, always learning, but never forgetting those closest to him.


With his favorite hat:



I think this song sums up Spike and Twilight Perfectly:

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Hi :D


This app looks good to me though it is a little dated. Could you perhaps add a couple events from more recent history of the show? That would give this Spike a bit more depth. He doesn't need to be the grown up version of Spike of course, just a few more recent happenings. 


Also, a couple of your image links are gone to the oblivion. ;) 

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yeah... this is actually one of my oldest apps... in fact it was the first one I submitted on this site (though it was updated after that... I think...) sadly its not the only one that gathered dust, I also found apps for Squeaky Belle and Abby, both pre-cutiemark (those probably are too old to use, despite ironically being more recent).


I added a couple paragraphs to the end to highlight spike's growth without just reiterating the same points (I considered also mentioning his role as a teachers assistant, and his determination to stick by twilight even when she pushed her other friends away after the seaquestria incident, but felt those were just repeating what I already said --- if you think they're needed though I'll go ahead and add them)

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