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Gold Digger [Ready]


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Name: Gold Digger, but usually goes by Angel


Sex: Female


Age: Young Mare


Species: Zebra/pegasus hybrid


Eye Color: Green


Character Color: White fur with golden stripes


Mane/Tail: Both her mane and tail are rather short, the longest parts of the mane not going that far past her head. The mane style is a rather simple one, the hair in groups of bangs. One sticks out in front over her nose, another frames her eye with the help of the largest group that covers everything from her eye to her ear. This group is the longest one, and the only to reach past her head. The one over her nose is the shortest and sticks out some, curving back towards her face at the end. The middle one reaches to just below her eye. The tail is mostly just a collection of various sections of hair, all tapering to points as they curve back towards her. Both the mane and tail are primarily a purple color, with portions that are a sky blue instead. 


Physique: She has a rather lithe physique, built for agility over strength, though it’s fairly balanced. She is of average height for a mare her age. She tends to wear golden armor over the top edge of her wings which end in blades. 


Residence: A large cloud house on the outskirts of Ponyville


Occupation: Treasure Hunter 


Cutie Mark: A golden heart outlined with a chain. This represents her kind and loyal heart and how she’ll never break the chains that bind her to her friends. 

She earned her mark while exploring with her friends. They were having a great time until they ran into a dangerous creature, one that none of them would be able to defeat alone. Working together though, drawing on each other’s skills, they managed to take it down with no serious injuries on their side. Unfortunately, it seemed that was just a young version, and the adult soon found them. Seeing no way to win, she ran distraction while her friends escaped, almost taking a bad hit many times. She knew one was all it would take. Thankfully, her friends got safely away, and with their help, so did she. Only once they were all safe back home did she notice her new mark. 


Unique Traits: Fighting: Angel, despite that nickname, is not at all adverse to fighting. She usually does so using a mix of bare-hoof combat, her wing blades, and a spiked chain. The spikes are fairly small, like the thorns on a rose, aside from one large one on the end of the chain. When not in use, she keeps it wrapped around her right front leg, which is armored to protect herself. 
Languages: She can read more languages than she actually speak, but it’s very helpful to know what is written in the places she finds herself while working. 


Personality: She is a pretty friendly pony, at least once she opens up some. Her line of work has forced herself to a heightened wariness around strangers, but she will usually give them a chance. She’s also a mare of her word, doing everything in her power to protect her friends or fulfill her promises. 


History: Angel never really knew her father, he was never a part of her life as far as she could remember. Her mother though, was wonderful. Raised by a zebra in a Hesperian town, her childhood ended up being a wild one. From combat training to protect herself from danger, to her diverse friends, to the various misadventures they’d get into. She had a lot of fun there, but once it came time to leave the nest, she decided she wanted to explore. Some of her friends came with her, though others decided to remain local. 

The group traveled the world, losing members occasionally as they found where they wanted to live their lives, but also gaining some on occasion. She swore to keep in touch with those she left behind, and she has. Eventually, they reached Ponyville, and she found her own place to settle down, at least somewhat. Bidding farewell to the rest of the group, she set up her home, building it up as she went on adventures and returned with souvenirs. 


Summary: A kind and loyal friend, who will fight to her last breath if it means her friends were safe. Also, an avid treasure hunter using wits and skills in equal measure. 

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