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Midnight Glory {Ready}


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Midnight Glory
Nicknames: Midnight, Glory, Middy

Sex: Female (her/she)
Age: Filly
Species: Unicorn
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


~Physical Attributes~


Eye Color: A red-ish orange that fades into orange.

Character Color: White

Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are a midnight purple that flow smoothly into a curl. There are a few layers in it, giving it a edgy look.

Physique: She's just about average.

Extra: She wears a dark eyeshadow to make her eyes look brighter and warmer.


Cutie Mark: She doesn't have one yet, but I'm thinking something to do with the magic, like her birth mom.


Description: N/A


Story: N/A


~Outside Information~

Family: Momma (Earth Pony): Green Bark, Mom (Unicorn): Dark Envy, Baby Brother (Earth Pony): Pastel Petal


Occupation: She's currently on a buckball team with her two best friends, Fruit Juice and Hyper Drive

Residence: With her family in a big house located in Ponyville.



Character Personality: Midnight Glory is an oddball, as she looks and talks like an angsty child, but is totally outgoing and loves going on crazy adventures with her friends. She likes to look like an outsider because she wants to feel different and to be herself. She generally very calm and barely cracks a smile on her face, but that's just for her appeal. Midnight is actually a really warm pony, and tends to be easy to talk to. She pretty much goes with the flow, especially with things that sound more daring and incredibly fun. She's like her birth mom, Dark Envy, and really respects her two moms. She loves her baby brother, and wants to be a good role model for him, and is sometimes seen putting her dark makeup on him because she thinks it's funny. The worst thing about her is that she's so focused on being herself, she forgets that being like everypony else isn't a bad thing. She always wants to be the opposite of everypony, so she is kind of insecure about herself. She might not seem like it, but she is.


Unique Traits: Midnight is super good with magic. She can do spells like most filly's can't. She likes to sit and learn with her mom, and blow everypony's minds with what their horns can do. That also makes her good at buckball, as she can catch the ball easily with her simple levitation spell. She kind of wants to go to Celestia's school out in Canterlot, but doesn't want to leave her friends. 


History: Midnight Glory was the first born to her momma's, Green Bark and Dark Envy. Dark Envy was her birth mom, as they look a lot alike. She was closer to Envy, which Bark was expecting. Midnight did enjoy time with her other mom too, as she liked going outside and planting trees. Soon her baby brother was born, and although Midnight kind of liked the idea of being an only child, she grew to like him over time.




She learned spells at a young age, as her mom was very passionate about magic. She loved learning new spells and being able to successfully do them. Her parents watched her become great at doing them, proud of their daughter. They make time for both their kids when they can, but are always at parent conferences with Fruit Juice's family because they were nervous to have kids and raise them right. That's how Fruit Juice and her became best friends first, and then they met Hyper Drive afterwards. 


She knows her talent has something to do with magic, but she's distracted making good memories with her friends playing buckball, a surprising thing for a unicorn to be doing, as they aren't very good a sports. Midnight likes that idea though, of being a sporty unicorn. 


Here's some pictures of them together: 








Character Summary: Midnight Glory is a oddball, warm filly, who loves to preform magic and play sports with her friends.

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