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Fruit Juice {Ready}


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Fruit Juice
Nicknames: Fruit, Juice, Juicy

Sex: Female (her/she)
Age: Filly
Species: Earth Pony
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual 


~Physical Attributes~


Eye Color: A Bright Blue

Character Color: Deep Red

Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are a blonde-ish color that is very long and wavy. She loves her hair and never wants to cut it, even though it kinda gets in the way.

Physique: She's just above average height for a filly, which means she’s gonna end up taller than her older cousin. 

Extra: She has white freckles on her nose and cheeks.


Cutie Mark: She doesn't have one yet, but I'm thinking something to do with farming and cooking, like the rest of her family.


Description: N/A


Story: N/A


~Outside Information~

Family: Mom (Earth Pony): Fine Dining, Dad (Earth Pony): Berry Seed, Baby Brother (Earth Pony): Clean Plate



Occupation: She's currently on a buckball team with her two best friends, Midnight Glory and Hyper Drive

Residence: With her family in a farm next to Alizarin Fruits' and Vermilion Fruits' farm. Berry is brothers with Verm, which makes Alizarin and Juice cousins. 



Character Personality: Fruit Juice is a very kind pony who loves to cook and farm with her family. She definitely got both sides of her parents, as she's talented at both of those things. She's generally the one who stays behind her group of friends, as Hyper Drive is always the ecstatic one. She's normally on the same line as Midnight Glory, though. The earth pony is generally very sweet and kind. Juice is typically the pushover of the group, as Hyper is generally overwhelming and Midnight likes the idea of adventures. There's always a two against one kinda thing going on. Since Hyper is always the one doing stupid things, Juice is the one who's wise enough to say no, but everything always goes Hyper's way. So normally, Juice is the one who goes "I told you so," when something goes wrong. She can be seen as extremely sassy and sarcastic because of this, which creates a lot of humor in the group. Juice loves her family and friends, but is a little scared of Alizarin. 


Unique Traits: Fruit Juice is an incredibly good cook, but also loves bucking the fruit off the trees and making her own meals. Her legs are incredibly strong, and she has loads of stamina, which helps with playing sports and never getting tired. She can chase her friends all day long. She also has a country accent, like her cousin, dad, and uncle.


History: Fruit Juice was born right after her parents got together, which scared her parents a little, making them go into parent counseling. She would normally get dropped off at her Uncle's house, which made her get close with Alizarin. Juice is never really uncomfortable around her, but overtime got used to being around her grumpy cousin. Though Ali won't admit it, she loves Juice. 




The filly just grew up into cooking and farming, as her mom owns a small restaurant (currently the most popular place the trio of friends go to hangout), and her dad owns some land to farm fruits. The fruits are used for the restaurant. 


Her baby brother was born a couple years after her, and she's always babysitting him and Midnight's younger brother. She has a soft spot for foals.


She grew up knowing Midnight Glory, and soon became friends with Hyper Drive. They all met during a fieldtrip at school, which was getting to know the gist of buckball. They all fell in love with the sport and are super good at it. The sport makes her too occupied to get her cutie mark, like the rest of her friends. 



Here's some pictures of them together: 







Character Summary: Fruit Juice has a knack for cooking and farming fruit, but also loves playing with her friends with her kind yet wise nature.

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