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Hyper Drive {Ready}


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Hyper Drive
Nicknames: Hyper, Hype, Small Fry

Sex: Female (her/she)
Age: Filly
Species: Pegasus
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian


~Physical Attributes~


Eye Color: A Bright Pink

Character Color: Sky Blue

Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are unkept but short. They're a darker blue with a navy stripe.

Physique: She's an average size for a filly, but a little more athletic looking. 

Extra: There's nothing too special about her appearance, but she always wears pink leg warmers that were a gift from her father before he mysteriously disappeared. 


Cutie Mark: She doesn't have one yet, but I'm thinking something to do with her acrobatic flying style. 


Description: N/A


Story: N/A


~Outside Information~

Family: Dad (Pegasus): High Voltage, Mom (Pegasus): Cloud Buster, Older Sister (Pegasus): Sea F. Salt


Occupation: She's currently on a buckball team with her two best friends, Fruit Juice and Midnight Glory

Residence: With her mom in a small apartment in Ponyville.



Character Personality: This hyper little filly is all action and less talk, well kinda, she talks a lot too. But, her body language does most of the talking as she's always buzzing around everywhere. She's been like that since she was born. Hyper is always all over the place and is very spiritic, which puts up a good fight with her crazy, over-the-top mom. The duo are always seen racing each other, and of course smiling and laughing. Hyper got most of her positive attitude from her mom. Same with her and Golden Daze, her older sister's best friend. Daze makes her a happy camper too, keeping her dreams alive. Hyper and her sister Finnie are pretty much opposites personality wise, as they practically look like twins, but their bond is incredibly strong. They're both super positive, and work very well off each other. She has an unlimited supply of love for her two best friends, and is the most adventurous reckless one. She isn't one to think of a situation before jumping into it, which leads her to a lot of trouble, or getting hurt. Hyper doesn't have her cutie mark yet, but she knows it'll have to do with her incredible skill in flying. Her dream is to become a Wonderbolt one day, like most filly pegasi her age. 


A picture of her and Finnie: 



Unique Traits: Hyper is a very talented flier, especially for a pony her age. She is fast and can do lots of flips and tricks. She is also super quick to react to sudden movements, like a buckball. She also has an Australian accent, like both her mom and sister.


History: Hyper Drive was born a couple years after Finnie in Cloudsdale. She was a total mama's girl, as her wonderbolt father left right after she was born. Her mom was threatened the most by this, as she really cared for him and loved him. Negatively for her too, both her daughters looked exactly like him, but she keeps a positive outlook just for her kids. As such, not knowing her own dad kind of discouraged her, as her mom never wanted to talk about him. All the filly knew was that he was a very talented flier, and that her and her sister look just like him. 


Growing up, all she did was fly. She got the good genes from her father, which pushed her to be just as good as him. Hoping that someday he'll come back and cheer her on from the sidelines. Since her sister couldn't fly very well, her best friend Golden Daze would help along with that. Her and Daze would fly together all the time, and it just as close with her as she's with Finnie. Since Finnie grew up with Daze, Hyper grew up with her as well. Daze is like another sister to her. Most of her speed and tricks were taught by Daze and her mom, whenever she was home. 




The family ended up moving to Ponyville later on, after flight camp of course, where she met her best friends Midnight Glory and Fruit Juice. Her mom placed her in Twilight's school to hopefully let Hyper grow up into a humble happy filly, and she is very satisfied with life at the moment. Her and her friends all learned to play buckball together at a class fieldtrip, which makes their bond really strong as they're all nothing alike. They all go on crazy adventures now, trying to find their purpose in life. They all have a basic idea, but they haven't found the right moment yet.



Here's some pictures of them together: 








Character Summary: Hyper Drive is a hyper, enthusiastic filly who loves to fly fast and play buckball with her best friends. 


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