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Golden Bit [Ready]


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Roleplay Type:    WoE

Name: Golden Bit

Sex: Female

Age: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: Topaz Blue

Coat: Golden Tan (Think Nala from the Lion King)

Mane/Tail: Rose Red

Physique: A bit aged, but still generally healthy. Still full of life and is about an average build for most ponies her age

Residence: Las Pegasus

Occupation: Owner of the Mareage Resort and Casino

Cutie Mark: A bit on a heart of gold

Unique Traits:


Golden bit has the ability to read others very well. Not to like read their minds or anything like that but she has an innate ability to read their personality and emotions. She is a heavy empath and she can often relate to the emotions and even feel the emotions of others because of this. She uses these emotions to try to help everypony that she can around her, especially in light of not so recent events that she's had to atone for in the name of her family. More on that in history.


Wealth: Golden Bit is extremely wealthy. As in like multi-billionaire wealthy. Being the owner of one of The Primary Strip casinos in Las Pegasus that has firmly stapled itself into a permanent legendary status up there with the MGM, The Great Sphinx (Luxor), The Excoltaber (Excaliber), and the up and coming Balearico (Belagio) and Fire and Ice Hotel and Casino (Ice's). This has allowed her to create the hoofhold to maintain herself through the struggles of her family and rebuild when her brother nearly cost them everything they had.


Generosity: Not only does she have wealth but she's a generous spirity as well. To her, the wealth means nothing if it's not going to help the ponies that had helped her in obtaining her wealth to begin with. That goes to all of her employees in the Mareage, the performers, her guests, and sometimes even some random ponies that are out walking the strip that appear to have been down on their luck for a while. One of her acts of generosity actually made The Las Pegasus Star headlines when they gave a local dancer back her wings.




Golden Bit was the youngest in a family of five. Her mother was an earth pony named Silverstar and her father was a Unicorn named Glimmerhoof. She then had her two older brothers Golden Hoof and Iron Heart. They were mostly a happy family even if her brothers seemed a bit cruel at times, though that could have been more to do with the crumbling economy at the time. The trade in Vanhoover had come to almost a grinding halt for some reason, and that was really started to put a major damper on things. Fortunately, though thought unfortunate at the time, her father got an interesting idea. There was a new city that was being built up at the southern part of Roughrider Ridge. A city that was going to be named Las Pegasus and the ponies that were trying to get everything started there said that it was going to be the entertainment capital of the world. Her father was sold on the idea, much to the dismay of everypony else. In fact, her brothers decided that they were going to go their own way and they eventually made it bit themselves either going into the construction or jeweling business.


She followed her parents out to Las Pegasus with little more than hopes and ambitions at this point. The last of their family fortune had been spent on this prospect because they felt like there was nothing left to gain in Vanhoover. It took them a good bit of time to get everything ready. It was through sheer coincidence that one of the contractors that had gotten hired to be a part of the construction of the grand resort and casino was her brother. His ability to work with iron and steel solidifying his place among one of the lead builders on the project. While he himself didn't agree with the idea to move to Las Pegasus, he wasn't going to turn down work and if they had him building his parents place then that's what he got paid to do.


For Golden Bit though, Las Pegasus was boring at first. There was nothing there for a filly to do! With everything still being built this so called entertainment capital of the world was turning out to be a major drag. Of course, she wasn't the only pony in that position and she found herself more often than not drawn to others trying to help them wherever she could with whatever they needed help with. No task was too menial for her to do because it was at the very least something for her to do, and more often than not, any time she'd start making bits she would give them to a pony that was more in need of them than she was at the time. One of the times that she did this, there was a small bright shine from her flank and her cutie mark appeared. A single bit over a heart of gold. She was so happy that she immediately had to show her parents about it. They weren't overly thrilled that their daughter was giving away the bits that she earned so freely, but they did praise her for being able to help those who needed it more than they did. 


Over time, helping others and showing other ponies the ropes of Las Pegasus started coming naturally for her, and by they time the casino was getting ready to open, before she had even finished elementary school she was already a very good at reading ponies and evaluating what they were going to be good at. So much so that her parents had pretty much put her in charge of the initial interview process. She was much too young to make any of the actual decisions for the establishments legally, but her evaluation of character proved to be a major asset that her parents couldn't ignore during the hiring process. Essentially if she liked the pony and thought that they would be a good or perfect fit for any position in the resort or casino, then they hired them for that spot.


Everything start going swimmingly from there. At least for the most part. It actually had turned out that the initial lure to get ponies to build had been a scam, and a ploy to get ponies to sink bits into something that was never supposed to work. It was supposed to be a big hoax, and fail miserably when it came time to collect on the investments that other backers had made. The problem was... well... it was successful and highly so. They were among some of the first that ended up founding what would later be called "The Strip" as one of the legacy establishments in the area.


As Golden Bit got older and older, she started to get more and more responsibilities in the casino. By her teen years when she was of legal age to start making major business decisions she was made the head of the Pony Resources department and for the most part, every since then, and really for the majority of the time it's been open, the turnover rate for the Mareage had been negligible. The only ponies that were ever actually leaving, was because their lives was taking them elsewhere in Equestria. Terminating a pony almost never happened and they had developed a reputation for being one of the casinos to work for and some of the best ponies in Las Pegasus despite being a bit gruff.


Of course, as quickly as they were having success, everything had come to a crashing halt, and the reputations that they had developed for being good ponies and helping others were completely obliterated. That was when the family, and most of everypony else had found out what her brother had been doing. Apparently Golden Hoof had... either gotten into something that he shouldn't have, or had an accident, or something happened at some point to him that caused him to become impotent, and his fiance had left him. Instead of being a normal pony and trying to make the light out of a bad situation, after all, there was always adoption and fillies and colts that needed homes. Sure they wouldn't be his, but there would still be a loving bond there. No, instead he had to go around and make a living, funding and turning other ponies into the nastiest kinds of nobles that could exist, and made it his sole effort to tear every loving family he found apart in penance for not being able to have one of his own.


She thought that he had been acting a bit harsher than normal to others, but she didn't really think too much past that until a Equestrian Guard showed up at the Mareage and asked to speak with the family in the office. It was then that they disclosed that they had found is body. Naturally they pressed charges against the mare that had committed the act, but when they went to the trial and everything Golden Hoof had done, and all the lives that he destroyed became public...The very idea of everything made her sick. She couldn't believe what she was hearing, but hearing multiple different ponies testify and confirm the story that the mare on trial made it clear that there was no way that the things that were being claimed had not been committed. There was so much overwhelming grief, sadness, anger, and rage in the room that she couldn't bare it anymore. Ultimately she stood up and while she knew that there would have to be a punishment for taking a life that was not your own to take, she did make a case for the pony on trial to serve the lightest sentence possible as she herself stated that so as long as the sworn events were true that he deserved what became of him.


Since then, things began to spiral once more, and her parents slowly became more and more reliant on different doctors and medications to keep themselves upright. The Mareage itself was living on it's own legacy at this point and despite them having to pay a large amount to multiple families in restitution for the unholy crimes that her brother had committed was still able to return a profit, but it wasn't enough to rid her parents of the guilt of what happened. Ultimately, the stress became too much for them and in their older age they weren't in the best of health to begin with. All the added pressure ultimately lead their passing.


When her parents did pass, Golden Bit gained sole ownership of the casino and now had a family of her own. She had developed her own reputation for generosity beyond what the name of her family held at this point. Despite everything that had happened and the roller coaster events that was her life up to that point, things were on the uphill climb. She made sure to help everypony that she could that needed it. At one point during a meeting with some of her staff she over heard a pony talking about a pegasi that performed almost daily in the park. They raved about her dancing and the small gusts of wind she could make while she was doing so. She was wondering why she'd never heard of this pony before until they brought up the fact that they didn't think she could fly. That despite seeing multiple performances from her, they'd never seen her get more than a few feet off the ground and never for longer than a second. They also mentioned a nasty scar on her wing.


Golden Bit then made it a mission to help this pony. She just hoped that she could. She found her in the park one day and watched as she danced. She didn't make herself known. She didn't want the mare to get nervous if she knew who she was and was watching her. When she finished dancing her limited routine she could easily see the poor thing wincing and the scarred wing hanging limply. No that just wouldn't do at all. She approached the mare and her story of what happened broke her heart. She was nearly a full grown mare now and this happened to her as a filly? She had to deal with this for this long? No, not anymore. She took the mare back to the Mareage and had her sign a few documents. She didn't tell her what they were because she wanted it to be a surprise.


Once she signed them, she took her too the Las Pegasus Regional Medical Center and ponysally requested the absolute best of the best surgeons, doctors, everypony that knew a pegasi's wing better than the pegasi they were attached to, and told them to fix it, and fix it right. No matter the cost, and that all the proper documents had already been signed for the entirety of the procedures to be billed to the Mareage. She'd already helped restore her name a bit to that point, but that act of generosity alone almost completely undid everything that her brother had done as it made front page headlines in the papers throughout the next few months as they performed all the necessary procedures. Now, the mare in question was a contracted performer and one of the better ones she's hired.


She also made it a point to make routine visits to the ponies who's lives that her brother destroyed to make sure that they were doing okay and made sure that they had everything that they needed. She even managed to pull a few political strings in Las Pegasus here when a unicorn from the REN was looking for some land here in Las Pegasus for his friend. When he mentioned the name of his friend, she recognized it from the list that was read in the trial. She'd never been able to track her down... well that wasn't entirely accurate. She'd never been able to actually meet up with her proper because that mare seemed to have established herself as a VIP in Equestrian Society without any help from her as it was. Still, the Arabian had just fallen and had been demoed and she already owned that plot of land anyways so... she sold it to him on the cheap provided that he was actually getting the deed for the land for the pony that he had said. She was very much delighted to see that it was in fact the mare that she had been hoping it was since she heard the name, and even more so to see her working with another that appeared to be a significant other. She was also delighted that she was deciding to follow the trend of the city and build a casino and Celestia did she make it extravagant! It made her realize just how far she had come on her own. It said volumes about the mare's dedication and determination to her cause.


As it is now, she is just a humble owner that's seen a lot in her moderate life and has become a master at helping others and taking everything that the world gives her in stride. She'd found out that life can be cruel and harsh to those that choose to live in that life style and sometimes to those that had nothing to do with it. No matter what though, none of the actions that every happened to a pony mattered on the grand scale of things. It was how a pony reacted to everything that happened to them that was the most important thing in life and she was proud to be able to help pull some of those ponies out of the darkness and back into the light.


Character Personality:


Warmhearted, kind, and well rounded. Golden Bit in any time of need, is the first pony in and the last pony out. Her desire to help others trumps everything in her world, even her own needs and necessities. She has no qualms about using her wealth to help get others back on their hooves, or sometimes in back in the air if the situation calls for it. After all, what was the point of having all the abundance of wealth if a pony didn't use it to better those around them? In her mind, none. She's always willing to give, and then give some more with very little take. She takes only what she needs to survive and keep her establishments running.

Character Summary:


A goodhearted casino owner from Las Pegasus that will do everything she can to help any pony that she can, and further do everything in her power to make up for the sins that her family had caused against others.

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