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[Unofficial Lore] The Steel Wings Pegasus Gang


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The Steel Wings

An Equestrian Pegasus Gang

image-1.png(The emblem of the gang and also its founder's cutie mark. Members have this emblem embroidered on the front of their denim jacket. Not all members choose to wear the jacket, but most do.)



So I'm sure you know about earth's motorcycle gangs, mostly prevalent in the United States and an identifying part of American culture? Yeah, just like that, but maybe a bit different. Given the atmosphere of Equestria, it would be unlikely for violent gangs to arise, but the tough exterior and free-spirited nature of these groups is still a likely thing. This group, The Steel Wings, is one such gang.

The pegasi of this gang fly around Equestria in a sort of loose pattern (sounding like a fleet of WWII planes), doing stunts and generally being unsafe and reckless. However, unlike a certain unnamed group that doesn't seem to mind putting other ponies at risk (cough)Washouts(cough), they aren't in it for fame or bits, they're just having fun. Sometimes, the gang will play harmless pranks on friends of theirs, but that's about as far as they go. They mostly just like to fly with like-minded ponies who they see as "tough" and who gel well with the rest of the gang. They conduct themselves more like a family than anything, and they are fiercely loyal to one another.


While, by the nature of it being a gang of pegasi, they only travel with other pegasi, they have been known to dub non-pegasi who they are exceptionally fond of as "honorary" members. Who, when they come around, can join their fun, and at any time can call on them for favors and protection.


Leadership and Foundung

The founding and current leader of The Steel Wings is the elderly Steel Wing, himself. Though he is in his elderpony years, he hasn't lost one bit of his sprite or toughness.

At any point should the members of his gang feel he is unfit, they are encouraged to challenge him to a wing wrestle. When he wins, they back down. He hasn't lost yet. Steel Wing views his members like his own children.



There are many members of The Steel Wings. Some of them have moved on, retiring from the lifestyle, some come and go from time to time. Only Steel Wing himself knows how many ponies are members.


The named members (that is ponies who have roleplayers) are:

("H" denotes an Honorary Member)


PS. Feel free to let me know what you think about this (concept, writing etc), and how you think it can be improved.


Character Submissions: OPEN

If you're interested in having your character be listed as a member of The Steel Wings, DM me, and we'll talk, kay?

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