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Scarlett “Prin” Feather [Ready]


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Name: Scarlett “Prin” Feather


Gender: Female


Age: Mare


Species: A pegasus/griffin hybrid


Eye Color: Dark red


Character Color: Maroon, with the ends of her wings being red. Her talons are a dark gray. 

Mane/Tail: Her mane is somewhat spiky, in that sections of it split off into their own spikes at places. Largely, it flows down and partially covers her right eye, and the back is tied into a single braid going down to the tops of her legs. The braid is pure white, but the rest of the mane has streaks of red, orange, and yellow. The tail has the same colors as the mane, and hangs loose, splitting into spikes as it goes down. 

Physique: She is very fit, her entire body essentially just lean muscle. She looks like she is made for agility, but has a fair bit of strength behind it too. Thanks to her heritage, she’s taller than most ponies. Also due to her heritage, her forelegs end in the talons one would expect of a griffin, as well as her wings being larger than the typical pegasus. Various scars are present across her body, evidence of the dangerous life she leads. Due to a wound over her left eye, she wears a black eyepatch with a red string. 


Residence: Her airship, the Crimson Mercy


Occupation: Captain of her ship, and sky pirate. 

Cutie Mark: Her mark is a pair of crossed swords, symbolizing her skill with a sword and her love of the thrill that comes with fighting. 


Unique Traits: Combat Training; Scarlett has trained extensively in combat thanks to her parents, and she has had plenty of combat experience. She tends to be relentless in combat, throwing her weight around and not giving the enemy a chance to breathe. 
Outfit; She tends to wear a long black coat, with holes for her wings, as well as a bandanna around her nose and mouth that has a pattern reminiscent of a skeletal smile. 

History: Born to a military family of a male griffin and female pegasus led to a lot of moving around as a foal. It also led to a lot of training on how to fight as a winged creature, both with and without weapons. As one could guess, her life was far from normal since birth, partially due to her hybrid body. 

Initially, due to her parents, she joined the military herself and quickly grew to something of a legend. She would jump from one enemy to the next, completing missions with her contribution being the largest in most scenarios. Climbing the ranks was only fun for a while, but all the rules and regulations started getting to her, and she realized she needed freedom. 

That pursuit led her to leave the military and set out on her own, eventually making enough money between thievery and mercenary work to buy her own airship for herself and the crew she had been building up over this time. From there, she set out to continue doing whatever she wanted, now with the freedom of her home and family going wherever she needed them to. 


Personality: Ruthless on missions and in combat, she will do just about anything to win. This intensity sort of bleeds into her general posture, and she tends to look like she might snap at any moment. When with her crew or in a place she feels is safe though, she is rather laid-back. Not to say she’s not still on her guard, but she doesn’t tend to radiate that aura of dangerousness unless she wants to. She enjoys herself a good game or competition, and celebrating victory with her crew is one of her favorite things to do. 

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