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Rose Compass [Ready]


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Name: Rose Compass
Gender: Female
Age: Mare
Species: changeling (cloned queen)
Eye colour: dark green
Coat: Aqua green
Mane/Tail: Seafoam green
Physique: Slender
Residence: Transient
Occupation: Apothecary
Cutie Mark: A detailed rose compass with the image of a rose embossed in the center. 
Unique Traits

• Knowledge on advanced alchemy- Proficient alchemist

• Knowledge on witchcraft- traditional witch

• knowledge on medicine and herbal remedies- Apothecary

• Limited knowledge on necromancy- Amatuer necromancer.

• Experienced seafarer. Knows her way around a ship and sea, as well as using star charters and wind direction to navigate.


A clone or not, Rose Compass still belongs to the same genus as the being she was derived from: Andalusian changelings.


Andalusia is a Spaneigsh region bordering the sea, ruled by Queen Moor. Changelings from this region have adopted a predilection towards marine life, and in their natural forms sport sleeker bodies compared to their mainland cousins. They sport long, fin-like protrusions along the back of their head and tail, and have smaller fangs suited more for catching fish or delivering precision strikes vs. raw damage output.


Andalusian queens do not spawn hives, but instead give birth to broodlings. While more limited in number, broodlings are more intelligent and specialized, outclassing any common drone.

History: Rose Compass, the first one, would not die. Anybody who's tested her mortality could testify to that if they were still around. Part of the reason for this isn't neccesarily because she's hard to kill, it's because she's a mare of contingencies. From lichdom to phoenix rites, to simple charms and enchantments that thicken skin and lengthen longetivity, Rose refuses to depart this mortal coil before her work is done.


one such expirement happened to include clones. They were a contency, a blank copy meant to house her conciousness if all else fails. However, they had the most peculiar habit of developing independent awareness, something that undermined their purpose.


Rejected as a failed expirement by her creator, one such clone was stripped of her experiences and cast away from her native realm to end up in a land that was at once familiar, yet alien in every way.


alone, she braved forest and thicket, using her botanical knowledge to fend off predators and draw sustenance from the local fauna. In time, she came upon civilization. Finally, ponies! She was so hungry by then, and eager to leave her isolation behind her.


ever since then, she's eeked out a meager living selling drugs and potions to those in need, and occasionally playing at both witch and doctor to heal the sick and men's the wounded. This is when a spark lit up inside of her, a spark that was quintessential to her nature: the spark of life, and the determination to sustain it at all costs.


she would NOT allow her loved ones to slip away as her original failed to do. She would scour and plunder mother nature itself for the secrets to immortality that the world so seemed to hoard for itself.

Character Personality: Just, friendly, and motivated. Perhaps appearing rather average on the surface, she still betrays a borderline predatory intelligence in her speech and mannerisms. 
Character Summary: Rose Compass is a far cry from the terrible glory of the creature she was based on, but perhaps that isn't a bad thing? Perhaps it's for the better, in fact, as she has a chance to do what the real Rose could never do: find happiness.


the real Rose is a tragic figure, plagued by grief and consumed by a hunger for justice against Death itself. But Compass can do better. She can save them... And save them she will.

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Hello, welcome!  I'll be here to shepherd you through the approval process.


While it's OK to have a bit of blank slate, it might help to flesh out a few things in her origin.  A few sentences about the story of the original Compass Rose, and why she would clone herself, since that sounds like a major part of her backstory and hooks for plots going forward (As a Chrysalis player, I will say the Queen always keeps an eye out for potential rivals).  Also, Changelings don't have an inherent cutie mark, so the compass rose would probably be for her favorite disguise (expect consequences if you show up in Equestria without one.  Not severe ones, mind, just something to consider).

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Well... While I can edit it, the original Rose's story is very long and complicated. She has her own story, just not one that's easy or quick to summarize. And yes, Rose's cutie mark belongs to her favored disguise, although... You know, maybe I should just add more to the description.


Where would I add that stuff, though?

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