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Gold Rush [Ready]


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Name: Gold Rush
Gender: male
Age: colt
Species: Dragon (young)
Eye colour: Golden
Character colour: coal black
Physique: Light and lithe, this dragon was born to be swift on his feet and deft of hand. While his name may be of a higher caliber of wealth, his scales are rather poor, bearing the dusty black of unrefined coal, granted with a dim sheen to it. He stands scarcely taller than an adult pony when standing at his full height, although often times he'll be scurrying around on all fours for the sake of mobility- especially if he's trying to get away from his pursuers!
Residence: Griffonstone
Occupation: Swindler, thief, street urchin
Unique Traits: An uncanny gift for filching items, trinkets, and baubles from ponies and other creatures without their awareness.


• possesses a genuine bag of holding, which he uses to store his secret hoard.
History: Gold Rush isn't entirely sure where he was born- not this dying derilect town, that's for certain, but... He does know that's what he has to work with now, and there's even another dragon in town! Granted, one he's sure to stay away from, lest her be perceived as a challenge. 


Gold Rush among the streets of Griffonstone, a spark of lively energy and idle chatter that was often ignored or discouraged, not that that bothered him all too much. Although over time he hasn't made any true friends, he *has* accumulated a small fortune from its denizens, and even dug up a few gems of his own here and there. He gets by, and that's all that really matters.
Character Personality: Curious, deceptive, and way too energetic. He'll talk your ear off- just be wary, lest you quit the conversation with a lighter load than you started it with. 

Character Summary: A witty street rat with scales that enjoys a good conversation and even better loot. Not to be undersyimated, but quite frequently is. 

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