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Nuts Quartermane [ready]


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Nuts Quartermane


Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Nuts Quartermane
Gender: Mare
Age: Young adult
Species: Earth Pony
Eye colour: Green
Coat: Brown
Mane/Tail: Pink
Physique: Fit, but not athletic.
Residence: Manehattan
Occupation: Architectural Designer
Cutie Mark: A couple nuts (the metal kind)
Unique Traits: Nuts has the ability to see things differently than other ponies. She's an expert at thinking outside the box and coming up with unique solutions to her problems.

History: Nuts and her twin brother Bolts were born on the same day to their parents Mr. Edward and Mrs. Lila Quartermane, successful business owners in Manehattan. From the beginning, their parents tried to teach them good business sense, hoping they'd follow their hoofsteps and one day take over the family business. Nuts was always far too distracted fantasizing about new and unique ideas. She'd doodle in her notebook, drawing fantastical structures and crazy buildings that didn't seem all too realistic. Her parents didn't want to stifle her creativity, but they were concerned about her not getting anywhere if she didn't get her head out of the clouds.


// I'll have a summarized version of this part in Bolts' app if you don't want to read the whole thing, since the story is the same //


One night, Nuts nudged her brother awake "Bolts!" she said "Bolts! Hey! I was just thinking. Remember that old lot down the street? With the tree?" Bolts frowned "Yes, Nuts. Of course I remember the tree lot. Why are you waking me up in the middle of the night?" Nuts laid out a large sheet of paper she'd been drawing on. "I found out mom and dad bought the lot last week. They want to build a new building for the business." Bolts groaned and rolled over "Buuuut!" Nuts grabbed him and rolled him back over "What if we get to it first!" Bolts glared at his sister "Nuts. Be realistic. Mom and dad need that space for the business. Otherwise, they wouldn't have bought it." Nuts frowned "C'mon Bolts. It's the only tree for blocks around. We gotta save it." Bolts groaned again "And exactly how do you plan on doing that?" Nuts smiled wide and gestured to her drawings "With this." Bolts reluctantly got up and looked at his sister's drawings "A tree house?" he said cynically "really?" nuts bounced up and down "Hear me out! What is the one thing mom and dad love more than their business?" Bolts gestured for her to answer her own question "Us!" she said excitedly. Bolts thought about it "Well... I guess that's true... but that won't mean they'll keep a children's playhouse over a new business building...." Nuts giggled "Unless we got our cutie marks designing it." she winked. Bolts thought for a minute and started to smile himself "You know what, Nuts? That.... might actually work." Nuts laughed maniacally "I've got all kinds of ideas. and I already asked Rumble to help build it after you give my ideas more direction. You're my brains, Bolts. Make my ideas work." Bolts smiled at his sister "Well, yes. I do have the mind for structural engineering." he looked over Nuts' drawings and pointed at one "That one. That looks like something we can feasibly do." Nuts smiled "I was hoping you'd pick that one." Bolts climbed out of bed "I'm going to need my blueprint paper, a ruler and a compass. We need to make this perfect, if it's gonna get us our cutie marks. Nuts. Get me some of dad's coffee. I need a pick-me-up." Nuts squealed, clapping her hooves excitedly.

Later that morning, Nuts and Bolts were working tirelessly together, tweaking and redesigning their treehouse. Sometimes, Bolts would shake his head at something Nuts suggested until she explained it again and he smiled and nodded. After several hours of work, they finally had something they were both happy with. Bolts held up the finished blueprint and Nuts bounced excitedly "Hey. Hey. Hey Bolts. How does it feel to finally design something we're really gonna build?" Bolts smiled "Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Nuts. We still need to put hammer to nails."

When they arrived at the lot, Rumble, a young adult stallion who worked construction, was already there with a big pile of lumber and set of tools " 'Eeeeey! If it ain't my two favorite little foals!" he tousled Nuts' mane "You sure you got your parents' permission to build 'ere?" he asked Bolts glared at his sister but she just nodded emphatically "Good enough for me!" he laughed "Let me see what we're doing!" he looked at the blueprints and smiled "Oooh! very nice! The neighborhood will really benefit from this addition, you two. I think it's a very noble thing you're doing." he looked at Bolts "This blueprint is very neat and well-organized, Bolts! Great job. Both of you!" Bolts smiled proudly. "Just let me get to work, and point out anything I need to change, or answer my questions. That's your only job, now." he tapped the blueprint "You've already done the hard part." he winked.


At home, Edward Quartermane was reading his newspaper when he noticed his coffee machine was missing. He frowned. He knew exactly what this meant. He knocked on the kids' door and opened it. The kids were gone, and the room was strewn with papers and drafting tools. One paper was taped to the bed post with a note written in Nuts' hoofwriting "Out to make you a surprise. Meet us at the tree lot at noon. —Nuts and Bolts"


Bolts looked up at the sky "I don't know, guys." he said skeptically "It's almost noon... if we don't finish in time..." Nuts waved her hoof dismissingly "You worry too much Bolts. We'll be fine." Rumble stuck his head out the door of the treehouse "Just one thing left, you two." Bolts started sweating and Nuts jumped excitedly "Ooh! What is it?" she asked. Rumble smiled at them "You need to inspect the treehouse, and sign the blueprint. After that, it's officially done."


Mr. Quartermane walked casually toward the lot smiling to himself about what he'd seen in the bedroom. He'd never seen them work this hard on anything, before. He was sure whatever surprise he had waiting for him at the lot would be something that would make him proud.


Bolts sighed "Okay. I guess you were right, Nuts. Everything looks good. We're all set." he took a quill, and Nuts took hers, but before they could sign, a voice came from behind them, clearing his throat "And just what do you two think you're doing on company property?" Mr. Quartermane called out. Nuts and Bolts turned and looked at their father, then looked back to see that Rumble had flown off "Good luck, you two!" he called back. Bolts rolled his eyes "I knew it was too good to be true." Nuts looked around nervously "I-I can explain!" Mr. Quartermane laughed "It's alright, guys. I love this surprise. It's very sweet. Did you design it?" he looked at the treehouse and smiled wide "It's very nice." he saw the blueprint on the table they were looking at "Ooh! A blueprint? Let me see." he reached for it "Wait!" Nuts called "It's not done, yet. Bolts and I need to sign it!" Bolts made a face "I guess we might as well." Nuts wrote her name all swoopy and big and Bolts wrote his neatly inside it. Just then, both the children's flanks shone brightly and their cutie marks appeared! Nuts screamed with glee jumping up and down "It worked! It worked! I knew it would work!" she nudged Bolts repeatedly "See? See? Didn't I tell you? Huh? Huh?" Bolts smiled at his sister "I suppose you did, Nuts."


Mr. Quartermane clapped his hooves excitedly "Well, I guess that settles it! There's no way I can develope this land, now." he smiled "You guys will never cease to amaze me! Wait until your mother sees this!"


Since that day, Nuts and Bolts devoted their lives to their talents in architecture. Bolts went to engineering school, and Nuts to design school. Though they went to different schools, they were never more than two hoofshakes away from each other. They were simply inseparable. These days, they work together on some pretty big projects, designing buildings that ponies from all over Equestria get to see when they visit Manehattan.

Character Personality: Energetic, outgoing, fun-loving and just generally a ponies pony.
Character Summary: Nuts works closely with her twin brother Bolts to design architectural marvels, that she then heads, with her brother, the construction project to build in Manehattan. She's a bit of a loose screw and she's kept grounded only by her brother who is by her side every step of the way. 





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