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DID Characters


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First of all, do you know what Dissociative Identity Disorder is?

Secondly, would it be acceptable to apply such characters?

Thirdly, should I apply the alters separately or together?


If you don't know what DID is, it used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder. In which a person (or pony in this case) has more than one personality (or "alter") inhabiting the same body. It's way more complicated and multifaceted than I can feasibly explain here, but that's the gist. Each alter is their own person and can be entirely different from the others with their own different wants and desires and disagreements between them. Like if multiple people got their brains downloaded into one body.


The way I plan to do it is that they each have their own different cutie mark, and the cutie mark changes based on who's in control/surfaced (since cutie marks are magical).

aside from that, no other physical changes.


In the group I want to apply, there are three alters.

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