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Name: Aquaria

Gender: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Pegasus/Seapony Hybrid

Eye color: Aquamarine

Coat: A sort of blue-ish cyan.

Mane/Tail: Deep blue with a cyan streak. Her mane is rather short and similar in appearance to that of Trixie but more drooped and wavy thanks to all her time spent in the water. Her tail is in a similar style and size.

Physique: Aquaria is obviously no Hercules with below average strength but she isn't out of shape either, able to swim much more skillfully than the average pony. She also isn't the best flyer but she can use her wings to glide through the water, making her a very powerful swimmer.

Residence: Gallopocus Islands

Occupation: N/A

Cutie Mark: An orange fish swimming by a blue heart. This represents her ability to understand marine life as well as her love for the ocean.


She earned her cutie mark as a young filly when she spotted a young whale tangled in a fishing net, apparently drowning. She bravely approached and talked the young calf down to cooperate while she untangled it. Once it was free, she accompanied it all the way to the surface as her mark appeared on her flank. It wasn't until she got home that night when her parents noticed it first.

Unique Traits: Aquaria is a powerful swimmer, able to use her wings to maneuver and swim faster. She was also born with a small set of gills on her neck, hidden by her mane, essentially allowing her to breathe underwater.


History: Aquaria's father was a racer in the Coltona 500 up in Cloudsdale who had a decent career. One day he was in the middle of one of his races when a rival crashed into him, sending him into a cloud wall and knocking him unconscious.


Aquaria's mother meanwhile was an elegant dancer of the sea, preforming underwater shows for her other seapony fans. She was out relaxing on a reef when she spotted the unconscious racer sinking to the seabed. She quickly darted over and carried him back to shore where it was love at first sight when he awoke.


A few years after being married, Aquaria was born and they were obviously shocked to learn about their hybrid daughter. Once she was old enough, her father enlisted her in flight school.....where she decided to drop out after being bullied and overall just being a poor flyer, preferring to stay on the ground close to the sea.


Character Personality: Aquaria is very shy and self-conscious about her special ability to breathe water which stems from a fillyhood of being bullied during flight school. She is somewhat difficult to open up to....unless anything about marine life and water is mentioned. Ever since she earned her cutie mark, Aquaria has been rather protective and caring for all creatures of the deep, able to push past her timid nature if she sees an animal in trouble. With the very little amount of non-fish friends she has, Aquaria doesn't like to speak up and prefers to just go with the flow of things. She also doesn't like to fly despite being a pegasus, more at home on the ground.

Character Summary: A shy water-loving pegasus-seapony hybrid that cares and protects all aquatic life.

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