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  1. Aquaria shook her head then shuddered. "My mother always tells me to stay away from changelings. They can't be trusted."
  2. "......U-um...no." Aquaria replied. "I don't have any friends...everypony I talk to just calls me a freak..."
  3. "....um.....just a little ways off the mainland. A few miles away from M-M-Mount...." Aquaria paused, looking for a name. And as she spoke, her shyness seemed to slowly disappear, now realizing she was in her place of comfort: underwater! And she was in the presence of another fellow water breather! “Mount Air-iz...???”
  4. Aquaria was flinching with every exclamation from the watery stranger’s mouth until she was curled into a cowering ball again. But after peeking out and seeing the other seapony had back up a bit to give some space, the sea pegasus took a few deep breaths to calm herself before mustering up the courage to speak. “..............I-I-I’m new here....to Ponyville....I-I just moved from H-Haywaii.......I was just e-e-excited to explore all the b-bodies of water here and say hi to the fish......” Aquaria blushed.
  5. Aquaria’s head just kept tilting with each bizarre question from this strange creature. But atleast she didn’t seem hostile or bully-like. Just a curious young.........whatever she said she was. “.........uhm.........I don’t know any Twilight..........I-I-I-I was born like th-this........m-my mom is a s-s-seapony..........and my dad’s a pegasus.........” Unbeknownst to the two aquatic equines, the fish from before were slowly crowding around them, apparently still intrigued by the outsider. “.............m-m-my name is A-A-A-Aquaria by the w-way........”
  6. For the longest time, Aquaria said nothing, obviously too overwhelmed with shyness as she tensed up and curled, trying to shrink herself. But finally the stranger seemed to back off slightly as if to give room and show she meant no harm. A reassuring sight for the sea pegasus. “......................................y-yes...” Aquaria meekly replied while avoiding eye contact.
  7. Aquaria breathed a sigh of relief as she peeked out from her hidey hole... ...until she felt something touch her flank! Out of surprise, the shy mare darted out of hiding, unaware it was an octopus that she had disturbed from slumber!
  8. Aquaria couldn't care less. She sat by the tank's window, giving reassuring looks to the creatures inside.
  9. More and more creatures surrounded Aquaria as word immediately spread across the body of water that there was another fish pony among them. Then came the voice from somewhere. Aquaria didn't make out any discernable words but just hearing another voice....in her place of comfort, it was enough to send her darting off to look for a hiding place! Luckily she found one; a small crevice.
  10. Aquaria glared. "They hate this place and they hate you. They're scared and just want to go home."
  11. Normally the sea pegasus would try to hide her special abilities but this other pony was somehow grinding the gears enough for her to not really care. "Because she told me! I can understand them!"
  12. The other pony glared. "No. She wants to be back with her kids."
  13. But beyond the comforts of her cozy cavern, that seclusion was unfortunately about to be shattered by a pony of ....hybrid proportions. A timid cyan-blue pegasus with ocean blue eyes had slipped into the water out of curiosity, eager to see the marine life found in quaint little Ponyville, unaware she was trespassing. Her wings guided her through the water, steering and boosting the pony's speed as she dove deeper and deeper to the bottom, suddenly finding herself surrounded by the common fish folk that swam in the school of friendship's lake. These were fish she had definitely never seen before! "Oh! Hello everyfish! I hope you don't mind me being here! I'm new to Ponyville and I'm just wanting to see what fish live here! You're all so different than what I'd see back on Haywaii!" the pegasus commented, smiling as she did. As the words and.....lack of air bubbles escaped the newcomer's lips, the fish all seemed to be amazed by this stranger. How was she not drowning?! Aquaria could see this after brushing her short navy blue hair (with a cyan streak) to the side and happily explained herself to the multitude of trout, salmon, and bass that were now watching intently. "Well you see, I was born with a set of gills on my neck. I can breathe water just like you guys!"
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