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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Windracer
Gender: Male
Age: Older Colt
Species: Pegasus
Eye colour: Grey
Coat: White/Off White
Mane/Tail: Blue with purple and off blue streaks
Physique: Overall very athletic but still aerodynamic
Residence: He is often in Ponyville or more often in Canterlot but has a permanent home in Cloudsdale
Occupation: Competitive racer/Professional aerial gymnast 
Cutie Mark: LbJ8wA8STP3t0chDW93sDFycE0R2JQctiP5Si_oMw5Solp3wsga1-rvAzuKWONBYIP4flo3iRLH1_EQtK3paZFPXyI-LzOOVmJ69pN5GSUX-485p6Q-NzhxKIewI94vbhk63vhEtGmGNT3wTiwOP7A55_RPaSl0pzcvT53AeRD7oaEYgIwJA0c1hiZ660hvN7E9_TzKhySxR2AhwRDlFqN-Ro2OTI_t5Jn5Ht_uyF1cnwbcaxFN8vTjZa9DVoFU19K2GOqX8a66YoUn-a9XV7qKvKMsz44H1xxWdj_CJnn2MuqfKsebQqBsFDZZ36QSd8ua4mTi6DH0vxNmSCkLvpUeDeVJoWeJgq13UDvCqjMEbacFlQS38kfSehD8PX009EIKOSMt8DnQL8FYJBhy6DdPF_F2PQZORvLD8brTqRC27LKEKk2lHDHVu3OJye7EDyebArrXifr0AwbAHb5cBjQjP-6EzGVJPVV-MxzJ63AIH5z-Y1FWml6aaB4cWokPlwnrlZDOyi6vdW06A32tjMC69ycWDx6uK0yddzzh6bBkKwFcaBxqGjtJMJtvWdlRxYyaBc9nVT6_1hOkEpJ7IgeK3Cuqs51apGus2tZK4-9YjbCW4hYQasw5jrR8lyniQGA_3_pTpxwqEaXkmbGuQiYfKT0bJr6P13oSxMi4KQnWnKEyKLBJZzPT29rVQAZjSmS20vdUci55LNwvqWGJQzE3k=s630-no?authuser=0

Unique Traits: He can often tell if someone is lying if he is really paying attention

History: He was born in Manehattan but largely grew up in Cloudsdale. In his youth he loved playing instruments, anything from the piano to the saxophone, but his head would always find it's way in the clouds. Racing friends and playing games is where his love for flying really bloomed. He was just a colt when he entered his first race at flight camp, although he came in 3rd, it didn't stop him from chasing gold. Around the same time he became interested in aerial acrobatics and gymnastics, a performance style of incorporating traditional gymnastics with aviation. Deadly nose dives into flips and spins and beautiful displays of unique performances that incorporate both ground and air in complex routines. During one of his races one of the other opponents lost control while trying to pass Wind causing both of them to begin free falling, but because of his training in acrobatic aviation and gymnastics, he quickly regained control since many of his routines incorporate recovery in someway, putting him in often extremely dangerous voluntary free falls for a performance. It's because of this experience from such an early age that he was able to save the life of himself and the other contestant and still manage to place in the top 5. As he began to relax at the finish line with his new friend, his cutie mark appeared. A single black wing with inner red feathers

Character Personality: His personality is generally kind and caring, he tends to think extremely logically and is always up for an adventure.
Character Summary: Windracer is a young adult Pegasus who, as his name implies, loves to race the wind in competitive races and aerial acrobatics. You can often find him relaxing at a local hayburger joint with friends, taking an afternoon trot though town, or practicing/training for his latest race or aerial preformance.

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