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Khunne [Ready]


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Name: Khunne 


Gender: Female 


Age: Young Adult 


Species: Sphinx 


Eye Color: The right eye is red and the left is blue. 

Character Color: Her body is mostly a light bluish-green color, with darker green marking along her body. Her wings start out the bluish-green, but become the dark green partway down. 

Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are a solid lighter purple in color. The mane is somewhat messy, swept to the right and ending around her cheek. It mostly covers the eye on the right side. The back side of the mane is pulled into a long braid that goes down past her wings and has a golden bangle on the end. The tail simply ends in a small puff of hair at the end of her feline tail. 

Physique: She is shorter than most sphinxes her age, though still towering above any pony simply by nature of her species. 


Residence: She wanders the globe


Occupation: Vagrant, occasionally a singer


Cutie Mark: n/a 


Unique Traits: Jewelry: She doesn’t wear much, but she does have a couple earrings and a few rings around her neck, all gold. 
Music: She can’t really play instruments, but she has been known to write the occasional song 


History: Her early life was rather boring, really, growing up in a temple to a moon goddess and being trained to be the next guardian. It was not fun for her, most of the time, but it had its moments. As she grew, she wanted to stay less and less, and she eventually just left one day. From then on she wandered to wherever seemed most interesting, doing whatever she wanted. She picked up her love of singing early on when she stumbled across a concert nearby a town. 


Personality: She is a rather brash individual, not usually thinking something through before doing it. She tends to take what she wants, though that’s usually just food or shelter since she has nowhere to really store anything long-term. She enjoys showing up at concerts and letting the music take over, mostly rock or punk, though she can appreciate anything that gets her dancing or singing along. She highly values her freedom, and doesn’t like it when others try to tell her what to do. 

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