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How do people get signatures?


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Wow! This is my third question post here! Hahaha

Ok, so I know in the FAQs it mentions awards below people's posts, but I don't see those below posts, I see them listed on people's profiles. What I do see beneath people's posts are images, gifs, or phrases that are apparently called "signatures," which sounds pretty cool! Is there a specific rank you have to be to get a signature, is it awarded, or am I just not looking hard enough for the place I'm supposed to type/upload it?


Thanks, and sorry for all the questions! ^^;;;

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If you go under your user profile, it should come up that you're able to edit what's called your "signature", the stuff that comes below all posts.


The FAQ is currently being updated, a lot of that is from earlier staff which would regularly hold competitive RP and OOC events for which little award stickers would be given out. 


You shouldn't need to do anything to earn the right to have a special signature.

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