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Jet Blast [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Jet Blast
Gender: Stallion
Age: Young adult
Species: Pegasus
Eye colour: Rose-colored - #d64987
Coat: Yellow - #dbcb03
Mane/Tail: Blue - #076c94 His medium-length mane is loose and windswept, because he spends a lot of time flying and in inclement weather.
Physique: Fit.
Residence: Cloudsdale
Occupation: Weather pony
Cutie Mark: Four wisps, representing a blast of wind. It represents his special talent for weather manipulation as well as excellent flying.


Jet got his cutie mark during a take-your-child-to-work day event his mother brought him to. While he was being introduced to a group of weather ponies who were setting up a large storm over Cloudsdale, Jet noticed a cloud break free from its assigned place and start drifting away rapidly. A quick glance around told him that none of the weather team members saw what was happening, so Jet took off after the cloud. When he caught up with the cloud, he realized that he was able to move and manipulate it with almost no difficulty. After wrangling the wild cloud back to the weather ponies so they could put it back in its proper spot, Jet noticed that he had received his cutie mark during the pursuit!
Unique Traits: 

Good at weather/cloud manipulation - Jet is able to move and manipulate weather better than the average pegasus. His apprenticeship with the weather team has allowed him to hone his weather management skills.

Good flier - Because of his active lifestyle and spending a lot of time using his wings, Jet is an excellent flier and can fly for longer and faster than the average pegasus. His friends always tell him he should join the Wonderbolts Reserve, but Jet doubts that he's good enough, and he still has a bad taste in his mouth from an bad experience he had with a Wonderbolt back in the day. Perhaps one day he'll go to one of the Wonderbolts tryouts…

Hoofball jersey - Whenever he goes out to watch a hoofball game, he likes to wear the sports jersey of the local Cloudsdalian team to show support.


Jet Blast was born to two pegasus parents in Cloudsdale. His father was a Cloudsdale city clerk and his mother was a member of the Weather Management Team. He was their second child. Their first child was Jet's fraternal twin sister, Jet Wash, who was born about a minute before he was.

Jet spent a lot of his childhood playing with his older twin sister, and the two of them were practically inseparable. They'd do everything together, they both learned to fly together, they played games together, they went to school together, and they went out exploring together. When they were both old enough, their parents enrolled them both in the same flight camp. Jet and his sister became very competitive while at flight camp and they would both push themselves to one-up the other when it came to flying. While both Jet and his sister remained about evenly matched when it came to flying ability, the amount of practice and effort they put in made them into two of the best fliers in their class. It was during his stint in the flight camp that Jet realized that he loved to fly and be up in the open sky.

After Jet and his older sister graduated from the flight camp with top marks, their parents encouraged them both to try out for the Junior Wonderbolts. They agreed and went to one of the tryouts. Jet and his sister would've both passed the qualifiers, but another Junior Wonderbolt candidate sabotaged his sister's attempt and the examiner refused to give her another try. Jet had already gone and passed the test, but when he saw how unfair the examiner was being, he told the examiner off (as politely as he was able to) and went to go comfort his sister. After that, Jet refused to go to any of the Junior Wonderbolt practices.

After he finished school, Jet Blast applied for an apprenticeship with the Cloudsdale weather management team and he was accepted. After a couple years of apprenticing, Jet was brought on as a full member of the team and that is where he continues to work to this day. He is currently assigned to the Thunderhead team who put together any big storms for the local area.

Jet remains on very good terms with his older twin sister, Jet Wash, and they both routinely meet up to hang out and do stuff together. Jet also likes to go out and do stuff with old friends around Cloudsdale, most of whom he met back in flight camp or school.

Jet is a big fan of hoofball and he is a loyal fan of the local Cloudsdalian team. He tries to go out to watch every game held in the Cloudsdale Coliseum, but sometimes life gets in the way. He also enjoys watching the chariot races and air shows held in the Coliseum, but not as much as hoofball.

Character Personality:

Jet is a loud and active pony with an impulsive streak. He can think quick on his hooves and is able to adapt to almost any situation thrown at him, provided it's not too extraordinary. Friendly and sociable, Jet enjoys making friends and spending time with those he likes. He also enjoys helping others, especially when he is helping them in something he is passionate about.
However, Jet can be impulsive at times, and he occasionally dives into a situation (sometimes literally) without thinking about what the consequences might be. He also can get impatient, especially when he's in a situation which does not interest him. Jet is a rather forgiving pony, and it is hard to make him angry unintentionally. Although he becomes irritable when frustrated or tired. When he is mad, he becomes very terse and speaks in an angry tone of voice. He also tends to shuffle his wings without thinking about it when he's upset or anxious about something.
One of his vices is coffee. To put it nicely: he has a strong coffee-drinking habit. To put it not-so-nicely: he's a coffee addict. While he doesn't keep a cup of joe in his hooves 24/7, he does drink at least a couple of cups a day.
Jet lives for the fun of flying, and he loves his job as a weather pony because it allows him to be in the air for most of the day. Although he dislikes it when he is assigned to less active duties in the weather team, like filling out paperwork.
Jet's dream is to one day become the foreman of his local weather team. Although he hasn't quite thought about how much paperwork and desk-jockeying will come with the position.

Jet's biggest fear is losing his wings, perhaps not the most realistic fear, but he just couldn't imagine himself without the ability to fly and therefore without the ability to use his special talent.
Character Summary: A friendly and helpful weather pony, who is prone to bouts of impatience or impulsivity.

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