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Venture Heart [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria


Name: Venture Heart


Gender: Female


Age: Young Mare


Species: Pegasus


Eye colour: Light Emerald Green


Coat: Creamy Tan


Mane/Tail: Venture Heart’s mane and tail are both pretty well kept for what she does for a living. She generally keeps her mane in her hat when she’s exploring ruins to keep it from getting caught on things, but when she’s not wearing it up, she keeps it fairly straight with a bit of waviness to it. Her tail is also kept up fairly well and is more wavy in nature. Her main and tail are also both two-tone in nature with Olive Green being the primary color with a single wide stripe of forest green 


Physique: Venture Heart is in prime physical condition, and has to keep herself as such to be able to continue on her adventures. If she was going to follow in the hooves of the Legendary Adventurer Daring Do, then she would have to make sure that she was at one-hundred percent every time she took to the field. She was Strong, Lithe, Fast, and sometimes a might bit overconfident, which gets her into trouble more times than not. 


Residence: Venture Heart was born in Somnambula, but she can be found literally anywhere in Equestria at any point in time. 


Occupation: Archeologist/Exploration Pony


Cutie Mark:  smDwAWf.png


Unique Traits: 


Lucky: If there was an Element of Harmony for Luck, Venture Heart would be the epitome of it. No matter the situation she ends up getting herself into, usually by being over-cocky, she manages to figure out the one and only possible means of escape, usually right before falling to certain doom. Whether it’s escaping a collapsing temple, a room filling with various deadly elements, or getting captured by her rivals, she always stumbles onto the one lever, button, or pressure plate that reveals the way out. 


Living Compass: Having been an adventuring pony all of her life, Venture Heart knows how to navigate most of Equestria. All she needs to be able to do so is a clear view of the sky and she can figure out where they need to go to get out of where they are at. 


Trapfinder: You don’t grow up hunting around old temples without getting good at finding, avoiding, and sometimes disarming traps.


Overconfident: Flaw. Venture Heart legitimately believes that there is no circumstance that she can’t overcome. This comes from her being obscenely lucky, and she will press forward even into almost suicidal conditions unless somepony else actually manages to stop her and remind her that eventually her luck is going to run out and she’s not going to come back from one of these adventures




Venture Heart was born in the Southern Equestrian village of Somnambula. She is the daughter of Amunset and Rumenka, and she was always getting into trouble from the moment that she could move. She would always find her way into precarious situations that often left her parents to wonder how in Equestria she had gotten there. Sure she was a pegasus, but that still couldn’t explain how a foal could figure out how to undo all the locks they had gotten for their cabinets… pantries… closets… anything that she could get to she went into. She had even managed to figure out how to open foal-proof locks. A feat that both impressed and horrified her mother, and eventually led to the foal-proof locks becoming the nearly foal-proof locks. 


But that was what Venture loved to do. She loved to explore things and find out why things worked the way that they did. She was never satisfied because, and she knew there was always a story behind everything. She knew there were stories hiding in Equestria that had never been told before, and she was going to be the pony that found them if it was the last thing that she did.


It was then that she discovered something. While she was at the school library, she came across a series of books, and the picture of the first one immediately drew her in. It looked like a pony swinging over a river of crocodiles. She started reading it and instantly she was hooked, and almost immediately Daring Do had become the one pony that she looked up to more than anypony else in Equestria and she wanted to be exactly like her. To the point where that was all she talked about was the adventures that the famous adventuring pony had been on. Eventually other ponies got tired of hearing about them so she started looking for other ways to entertain herself. 


She actually got her cutie mark from one of these adventures that she had gone on when she overheard somepony say that they had lost their sacred glow topaz necklace near the oasis. Firstly she wondered why somepony would wear something so valuable out by the oasis lake to begin with, but then got an idea. She told the ponies that she would retrieve the missing necklace for them, in exchange for letting her borrow their map so that she could get to Oasis to try to find it. 


The ponies were reluctant to let the pony try, telling her that the oasis was too dangerous for a filly like her, and that she would be lunch for the crocodiles or the snakes that would be found there. Fortunately for her, her stubbornness was stronger than their reluctance, and headed off with a warning that she would hear for ages to come. She looked to the map and then back to the sun. Once she got her barings, finding the oasis was pretty easy. Even without being there before, following the map and knowing where the sun was had helped her, and she made it there within a couple of hours. 


Once she was there though, was when the real test began. She had to try to navigate back through the underbrush of the oasis and try to track the hooves of the ponies that were here before. The only problem was, she didn’t think that they were the only ponies that were here, and that also didn’t account for all of the other tracks that she had found. Just when she thought that she was down on her luck she saw a glint in her eye. Of course! No Oasis was complete without a pond or a lake, and the water would be what drew everything to it!


She took off into the sky and started making her way towards the water. She wasn’t fully paying attention though as she smacked a wing on the tree that she was next to during take off. She tried to lift herself up with it, but it was a bit too sore to sustain flight for very long. She rolled her eyes to herself as she found herself in almost the exact same situation as her idol. She then got the idea to start thinking like Daring Do would think in this situation. If her wing was hurt, but still usable, then saving it until she needed it would be the best course of action. Plust, the longer that was, the more chance it had to recover on its own. After all, it wasn’t like she had smacked it hard or anything. 


From there she kept low to the ground trying to stay below the tall vegetation, trying to use it as cover. Everything seemed to be working out fine, and she let out a smile when she saw the water in the distance. She was so happy that she had made it, that she didn’t notice the shadow encroaching over her. When she did, she turned around to see a crocodile mouth open getting ready to strike. She quickly jumped back over the lake. She was expecting a splash, but when it didn’t come she was confused. 


She was even more confused as to why the rock she had found was moving. Until she looked down. It wasn’t a rock, it was another crock! She had to jump back of of that one as it struck off the snout of another and almost became lunch for a third as she had to use both her front and rear hooves to keep from falling into its open maw before the force of it closing it sending her back up into the air and crashing on the small island in the center of the oasis. She stood back up on the island panting as she looked back at the hungry crocks that were closing in on her. She then saw another glint in her eye hanging from a tree. She looked a bit harder at it, and it was the Glow Topaz necklace that she came to find! She’d done it! She’d found it!


Her excitement was short lived though as a crock snapped at her once again making her jump back a bit. When she did, she noticed that the crocodiles were almost piling on top of each other trying to get to her, slowing them down considerdably. She was able to move to the side of them and climb up onto their backs of sort as they all tried to turn and snap at her. She was able to jump and avoid each one, timing their movements and on the last jump she had gotten enough height that she was able to jump for the necklace. She’d managed to latch onto it with her teeth before swinging up onto the branch. 


With the crocks now trying to push the tree over, however, Venture knew that it was time to leave. She spread her wings a bit, and let out a small wince as the soreness was still there. She knew, however, that if she were to survive this she would have to push through it. She winced again as she took off, dropping altitude a bit and nearly becoming lunch for the second time if it weren’t for her quick reflexes. She was able to right herself and started making her way back out of the oasis. She had done it! She had lived a real life Daring Do feat of heroism! She was so happy! She landed back in the Somnambula and she gave the pony back her necklace telling her that she really needed to take better care of something so valuable. Once she handed the necklace over, there was a blinding flash around her and when it subsided, she had received her cutie mark. A parchment map folded in the shape of a heart with a red trail leading to an X.


A few years later after she had finished school, Venture Heart was about to go out and make her own way in the exploration field when the legendary Daring Do herself came to Somnambula! Venture Heart was so excited! She wanted to go out and meet her and tell her how amazing that she was! Most of all though, this proved that she was a real life pony and that ponies could actually do the stuff that was in her books! Unfortunately for her, that happiness was short-lived. She saw Daring Do fighting a band of miscreants and in the process of doing so she could see cracks starting to form along the statue, and before she could say anything, the statue that was dedicated to the one pony that sacrificed everything to keep this land safe, had been destroyed… 


She watched on in horror as tears welled up in her eyes as the one pony that she looked up to in her life… destroyed the one thing in her life that was worth more to her than anything else the world had to offer other than her family itself. She was devastated, and worse than that, Daring Do had given her a negative reputation through the village because of the fact that she supported her! Then she left, leaving everything in shambles!


About a week later she heard a robed figure saying that she was stealing all the glow topaz from the city as well, and her heart sank. How could her favorite story book legend turned real pony be so different from how she was in the books? She didn’t want to believe it. She couldn’t believe it! She was going to find Daring Do, and she was going to get answers! Fortunately she didn’t have to search very hard as this weird rainbow colored pony, a very hyperactive pink pony, and a weird cloaked pony all showed up not too long after the red robed figure did. The blue one talked about how amazing Daring Do was, and how she was protecting Somnambula from eight years of unrelenting heat. She didn’t want to burst the blue pony’s bubble, but this was a desert. Every year there was unrelenting heat. Unless of course she meant actual year round unrelenting heat. Then that might be an issue. 


Then the pony with the red robe dropped his hood and the two began bickering even more and she heard a name. Apparently they had known him and she watched as those mean ponies tied up the blue one and took her away. She couldn’t believe that just happened! She may not have been Daring Do herself, but she couldn’t simply set back and do nothing! She had to follow them. They went to the temple where the city had gotten its namesake from and she started to follow them in. She was about to pounce on the group herself before she realized that she couldn’t open her wings. The magic in the temple was real! Without being able to fly, one wrong step and she’d be a goner. She would need to rethink her plan of attack.


When she looked outside though, she saw something fast approaching. Reinforcements? She quickly moved to find a spot to hide. What she saw though, shocked her. It was Daring Do! She was back! She was with the Pink Pony! Which meant that she had been with them all along! Oh she really wanted to give her a piece of her mind right then, but she also knew that could wait until after her friend wasn’t in trouble. Just because she was mad at the pony didn’t mean she wanted her friends to get hurt. She was a bit surprised that it was the pink pony that talked reason into the seasoned adventurer and took the first leap. 


She couldn’t believe what she saw  next. Instead of falling into whatever goop that was… she thought she heard the other pony say it was slime. Honestly, she didn’t see what was so dangerous about the slime unless it was too viscous to swim in. It’s not like it wouldn’t wash out. They had managed to save her friend though and they started running back to the village. She followed them back and got back just as they were confronting the white shirted pony once more. The pony who dropped the sack that he was dragging… that had all their topaz in it. Daring Do hadn’t stolen their sacred possessions… It was this pony! Oh she was livid! 


She was part of the angry mob that chased her out of town and looked back to see everypony cheering on Daring Do once again. Seeing this, and everything else getting put back together in the weeks to come, gave her the confidence to say goodbye to Somnambula and begin her own journey in Equestria to make her own mark in the league of expeditioners. Hopefully when she got older, her name would be just as common of a household name as her idol’s


Character Personality: Venture Heart is very outgoing and very talkative when she’s not out in the field. She speaks very highly of herself and is somewhat of a boaster, despite the fact that she currently has very little to stake claim to. 


When she is out on an exploration site, she becomes an entirely different pony. She will still talk to maintain conversation, but otherwise her mind and her senses are alert to everything around her. There are dangers around every turn when a pony is exploring the unknown, and the way you survive it is by being prepared for it. 


Both in the city and on the field she can be a bit arrogant and cocky which oftentimes ends up getting her into petty arguments that sometimes get a bit out of hoof, or gets herself into some pretty hot water in the field… sometimes literally hot water. 


Character Summary: Venture Heart is an Adventuring Pony from Somnambula looking to make a name for herself in the field of artifacts and trinkets hoping that she could one day aspire to be the next adventuring icon like Daring Do. 





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