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Sundown Trail (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Sundown Trail

Gender: Male

Age: Young Stallion

Species: Areion

Eye colour: Green - #71b74b

Coat: Light gray - #cacaca

Mane/Tail: Purple. He has thick wavy hair that he keeps in a masculine style. Some lone hairs stick up or out, giving him an unkempt appearance. - #563d94

Physique: Fit, but only enough to pass Royal Guard standards. 

Residence: Canterlot, although his work takes him all over Equestria.

Occupation: An investigator in the Royal Equestrian Guard.

Cutie Mark: A magnifying glass over a hoofprint, showing his talent for investigating and following clues. He received his cutie mark after finding a foal who was lost in the forest near the village where he grew up.

Unique Traits: 

Sundown excels at following trails, whether they are physical trails in the countryside or metaphorical trails of evidence. He also has a basic competence in hoof-to-hoof combat from his Royal Guard training.


Sundown was born to two Areion parents in a small Areion settlement in the Whitetail Wood. The Areions of his village were distrusting of other ponies and they shunned outside contact, preferring to keep to themselves and their own kind. The introvertedness of his village was a leftover from the bitterness felt from Luna’s banishment. 

Sundown was a curious foal, and he was fascinated by the other pony races. The Unicorn’s ability to cast amazing spells intrigued him, as well as the Earth Ponies’ innate connection with the earth and nature. He also was rapt at the Pegasi’s ability to control the weather, and he was amazed at how weather was a scheduled and regimented thing all over Equestria. Although other villagers looked down upon this fascination of his, Sundown’s parents supported his interest and bought him some books about the other pony races.

The first time he met a non-Areion was when a group of Royal Guardsponies arrived in his village. Sundown gushed over the Guardsponies, he was finally able to meet the types of ponies he had read so much about! But then, he learned why the Guardsponies had come. They were a search party looking for a young filly who had gone missing in the Whitetail Wood, and they had come to the village to ask if anypony in the village had seen the missing filly. 

Sundown had not seen the missing filly, but he knew the area around the village like the back of his hoof, and he wanted to help. He went up to the pony in charge of the search party, a Royal Guard investigator named Looking Glass, and offered his help. At first, Looking Glass did not take Sundown seriously. What could this little colt who had not even gotten his cutie mark do to help a group of trained Royal Guardponies? But after receiving some childlike stubbornness and a couple pleas from Sundown, Looking Glass relented and let him come along. By following the trail left by the missing filly, Sundown was able to lead the search party right to her. Looking Glass was impressed, and said that Sundown would make a good detective one day. After arriving back in the village, Sundown found out that during the search he had received his cutie mark. Inspired by the Guardsponies who had come to his village, and their selflessness in searching for the missing foal, Sundown now knew what he wanted to do in life: join the Royal Guard. 

After finishing his final years of schooling, Sundown went to Canterlot to enlist. While in basic training, he stumbled across Looking Glass. Now a senior investigator for the Royal Guard, Looking Glass took Sundown under his wing and fast-tracked his investigative career. Sundown’s first assignment was serving as an assistant investigator under Looking Glass. After a couple productive years working as an assistant investigator, Sundown was promoted to a regular investigator and given his own cases to work on. He mostly likes to work on missing ponies cases, but sometimes he is assigned to investigate criminal cases.

Character Personality:

Well-meaning and polite, Sundown tries to put his best hoof forward whenever he meets somepony new. Although, he has a slight sarcastic streak. He has a strong sense of duty and likes to help other ponies. 

Sundown is a bright pony, and he has a knack for figuring things out. He isn’t “book smart”, so-to-speak, but he has a good intuition. He is a lover of puzzles and other types of brainteasers, his favorite of which to play is Sudoku.

Despite his intelligence, Sundown is clumsy and can be a bit oblivious sometimes. Much to his own chagrin.

Sundown likes to get up early so he can have more time to be out and be productive. However, since he is nocturnal, what is early for him is late evening for his non-nocturnal pony brethren. 

When angry, Sundown gets very snarky and confrontational. Sundown likes to be very forgiving, so it is not easy to get him upset. But, there are a couple things that push his buttons more than others.

Character Summary: A somewhat clumsy, dutiful Areion detective whose disheveled exterior conceals a sharp and inquisitive mind.

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