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Discord [Cast] (Ready)

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"A form?" Discord asked "Why in Equestria would I fill out a form?" 

He sighed "Alright. Just for you, Fluttershy. I'll fill out the Equestria-Forsaken form."


Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Discord

Gender: Male

Age: Eternal. Well, Might as well be. There's no way you'd be able to comprehend. 

Species: Draconequus (the one and only. Except when I'm not)

Eye colour: Red pupils and yellow sclera.

Coat: A luxurious grey coat on my head, soft brown feathers until my tail which is covered in smooth, shiny red scales. A specimen of beauty if I say so, myself. And I do. 

Mane/Tail: My mane is a silky black, short cut, going from just behind my head and down my neck. My eyebrows, beard and tail tuft are white as a smooth, aged milk.

Physique: A rather lithe build, my body stretches long like a wet, linguinious noodle with my six limbs, all different to keep it interesting. My left leg is that of a minotaur, right being a dragon's. My arms resemble those of a griffon on the left and a lion on the right. My right and left wings, respectively, resemble those of a purple bat and blue pegasus.

Residence: My place of residence is in the realm of Chaos. Where I spend most of my time is either at Fluttershy's cottage in Ponyville, or with the guys in the castle in Canterlot. Although, you'll see me anywhere. I could be right behind you, right now! Well, don't look….

Occupation: Occupation? Who needs one of those to tie you down when you're the Lord of Chaos? I do anything and everything I want…. yes yes within reason…. mostly….

Cutie Mark: As a Draconequus I have no need for Cutie Marks. Tho I do have one I like to use when disguised as a pony. It's a tornado. For my fun nature.

Unique Traits: Unique? Unique‽ Why, I'm the Lord of Chaos, of course! What could be more unique than that? I can do literally anything I want with the snap of my fingers… or claws… or tail. I can rip the very fabric of reality and create rifts to dimensions unknown! Unique? Please. 

History: When I was but a wee lad, I wanted– what? Oh fine. But don't go saying I didn't try to give you a more concise story. You're the one who has to read it.

I came into being before all that you know. I don't know from whence I came, or how I came to be, and I honestly don't care. I was there before other types of magic came into being. I watched as wretched order took over more and more of my beloved Chaos. I was utterly furious when it decided to coalesce into land, and water, and creatures. I liked it better when it was all my Chaos. Nothing but Chaos. Until I realized something. When it was all Chaos, it was actually pretty boring. I decided that I would allow order to continue encroaching on my Chaos… at least until it started to get boring, again. I enjoyed all the new things order was creating for a while. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I started trying out some of those shapes on myself. I tried many different shapes, but there were so many good ones, it was hard to choose. I eventually decided to settle on a few of them put together. Creating the shape I've kept to this day. I called what I'd created a Draconequus.

That was me. Discord the Draconequus.

Still naïve to what order had in store for the world, I allowed it to create new magic. New creatures. And even creatures made of magic. Soon, the land I had been watching had settled on its dominant type of creature, ponies.

But anyway. That's enough about that. These ponies were the most fun to mess with. I'd stuck my hand in the pit before, but these creatures were fun. I made them fight, I played with their environment. Oh it was all so much fun.

Long story short, Grogar, the Wendigoes, Sombra blah blah blah, then I come in again, and one day I'm messing with the new rulers of Equestria. I'd really gone to town that time. You should have seen Celestia. It was priceless. But yeah so apparently order had been working behind my back and made some powerful magic that could actually seal me away in stone! Imagine that!

Now, that was an unbelievably boring thousand years or so. I had to listen to Celestia moan about her sister and– it was just awful.

Until one day, I'd gathered enough power to break myself free. Finally, I was free to mess with stuff again. I did not waste time. I met a new pony I could mess with and she was almost as much fun as Celestia.

…until those elements came back into the picture. Frozen in stone once again.

But this time was different.

This time, Twilight and her friends released me.

And then the most peculiar thing happened. It was something new that I'd never experienced before. I made a friend. Fluttershy was my first friend. She actually tried to understand me. It was… very different from what i was used to. And it took me a while to understand that I actually kind of liked it. Friends. Nocreature had ever thought I was worth making friends with.

Ahem anyway, so yeah, I decided it was better to have a friend and not cause trouble than it was to cause trouble but have no friends again.

Since that day, I've been learning a lot about friendship. It's actually pretty nice. I've made more friends, and I've strengthened the friendships I had. I still cause a little mischief here and there, whatever I can get away with. but not anything that would hurt my friends. Especially my first and closest friend, Fluttershy. She means the world to me.

Ahem so anyway, now I'll tell you about the futur– no? Oh, right, it just says history.

Character Personality: I have the most amazing personality, and anypony would be luc– yes yes, Fluttershy, fine. I'll be honest…. I'm a very fun being to be around, tho someti– I'm not saying tha– ok ok. Although sometimes, I don't know where to draw the line. I enjoy pulling pranks and just generally messing with ponies. Mostly Twilight. She's just so much fun to mess with. Although, if I'm honest, the one thing that matters most to me is my friendships. I don't like to get all sappy, but in truth, my friends are the most important thing in the world. That, and of course my sense of humor.

Character Summary: I am Discord. The Lord of Chaos and Disharmony. I have powers unrivaled by any pony or any creature imaginable. What I do I do for my own entertainment. The world is my sea cucumber. I do keep myself mostly in check, tho. For the sake of my friendships. Mostly for Fluttershy, but the others matter too. I've made my share of…. boo-boos, but on the whole, I'd say I'm a pretty good guy. If a bit mischievous.


The long and short of it is I am Discord. And that's all you need to know.


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