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Paige Scribble [Ready]


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Paige Scribble


Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Paige Scribble
Gender: Mare (transgender)
Age: Adult mare
Species: Unicorn
Eye colour: Purpleish Pink
Coat: Pink
Mane/Tail: Ombre from brown at the top to reddish-brown at the bottom. Always messy. 
Physique: A little more to love. Not quite chunky, but not very thin, either. She always has a pencil behind one ear and usually another on her pocket. She always wears her lavender shirt.
Residence: Ponyville
Occupation: Author
Cutie Mark: A broken pencil with black ink coming out forming a globe. Signifying her talent in worldbuilding and story telling.
Unique Traits: Being Transgender, Paige has the body of a stallion. She's often very insecure about her appearance, but she tries very hard to work on it all the time. With a lot of hard work and with plenty of magical intervention, she has worked her appearance to be more and more feminine with each passing week and month. She's still not all the way there, and there are also things her magic can't change. She longs to find somepony who can change her body completely. 

History: Paige Scribble was born to a different name. Few ponies know what that name was, and she won't tell you if you ask. Why did she change it? Well, because it was given to her when her parents had assumed she was a colt.

Paige always knew something was different about her. She didn't really fit in with the colts her age, and she never felt comfortable with her body how it was. She felt like something was missing for her, but didn't know what. Her brothers would tease her often about her feminine attitude and personality. She never really understood why, but rather than making her upset, it just made her feel better about herself.

Now, Paige, of course, had better things to do than worry about what her brothers were saying about her. Like writing her stories. She loved to create new worlds and characters, and make them interact. Mostly, she just shared her writings with her mom or her brothers. But occasionally, she had something she would share with anypony who would listen. One day, she was talking to some mare who was visiting Ponyville about a character she'd recently thought up. A changeling who didn't feel like she belonged with the other changelings. The mare had smiled and said "Have you thought about writing these down? I could help you get it in print." she explained that she worked at a Manehattan-based publishing company.

Paige was overjoyed to hear this and agreed with the mare to write her story and send her a manuscript. When she'd finished writing her story, she was about to sign her name, but something stopped her. She sat staring at the page. She thought about the main character in her story. She, too, felt like she didn't belong. She held her pencil over the paper wondering why that mattered here. What stopped her from writing her name. then, suddenly, without even thinking she began writing a name. But it wasn't the one she'd used to now. The name wasn't even a colt's name. As she wrote it, something inside her shifted. It was like something that was wrong for so long was  suddenly right. She looked at the new name and smiled. "Paige Scribble" she read out loud. "Yeah." she held the page close and held back a tear. Just then, a glow shone on her flank. She'd gotten her cutie mark.

Excited, she stacked her papers together and ran, washing them in the air to her mother "Mom! mom! Look!" she cried.

her mom called to her "You got your cutie mark!" she exclaimed "Were you writing?" she asked, winking.

Paige smiled and gave her the transcript. Her mother looked at the title page and read it aloud "The good changeling. By Paige Scribble? Who's Paige Scribble?"

Paige smiled but held back tears "I-it's me, mom."

Now long story short, her story wasn't quite good enough to be published, but the letter she got back from the Manehattan mare told her that she was proud of her for her self discovery and the effort she'd put into the story, so she'd had the title page framed for her and sent back.

Since then, Paige has worked hard on improving her writing. She wrote so many stories, sending them to her Manehattan contact until she started getting stories accepted. She was finally a published author.

Now, that day that she'd created her new name, she began to realize things. Everything began to fall into place. She realized the reason she did feel like she fit in with the colts her age is she wasn't one herself. She began to realize that she felt much better when she began to use her new name and called herself a mare.

Through this all, she also found her second passion. Magic. She loved writing more than anything, but she also found that magic was something she loved to pursue. She began to learn many new spells and practiced them a lot. Her skills weren't amazing or anything, but she could do some pretty good things.

One day, when a new unicorn had made her way to Ponyville, boasting of her magical ability Paige was very impressed.... until she turned out to be a fraud. But it was the time she came back that really stuck out to her. because when Twilight challenged her to a magic duel, she did something that made Paige's jaw drop. She cast a spell that changed a mare into a stallion! It turned out the spell was fake, but it got Paige to start thinking. From that day, Paige decided that every day that she had time to spare, she would be looking for a way to make that spell work.

Character Personality: Paige is generally a very caring mare who loves nothing more than to do whatever she can to help others. Oftentimes, it gets in the way of her own happiness, but she doesn't usually mind. It makes her happy to see others happy. The thing she loves to do for herself more than anything is to write stories.
Character Summary: Paige is a trans mare who loves to be there for others. She enjoys writing stories that capture her imagination, and those of her readers. Tho she doesn't have a lot of readers, she does have a little bit of a following. At least enough to pay the bills, anyway. In her free time, she likes learning magic. She spends a good deal of time learning new spells and practicing what she's learned. The one spell that she's always wished she could learn was one she saw Princess Twilight mimic with trickery, once, back before she became an alicorn. A gender swapping spell. Although everything points toward it being so difficult, some even say it's not possible, she still holds hope that she'll find a way, one day, to make it happen.





(this one was done by my friend Feather Bloom (she's not on Canterlot))

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