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Frostflake Northwind


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This is a character given to me by a friend < 3


Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Frostflake Northwind
Gender: Female
Age: Young mare
Species: Pegasus
Eye colour: Purple
Coat: White which gradients into a blue-grey towards her hooves
Mane/Tail: Silver and unkempt, though she does wear a bow
Physique: Farly average for her age
Occupation: Snowflake maker (weather chemist and weather pony)
Cutie Mark: A handful of snowflakes descending. It appeared during a snowball fight with her friends when she consistently nailed her opponents. At the time, she knew she loved and was good at winter sports, but her success with snowballs made her realize that snow games weren't her talent, it was snow itself. She is exceptional when it comes to making snow in some way, and above average in snow-related games and activities (skiing, sledding, skating, etc.)
Unique Traits: She has a unique birthmark: a pattern of snowflakes on her hooves and forelegs

History: Frosty was born in Cloudsdale. She is an only child of two successful pegasi. They're business allowed them to take many trips as Frostflake grew up, so she was exposed to the best spots in all of Equestria. Thus, her view on the world is naively optimistic (for instance, when her friend in flight school mentioned that hard times had fallen on her family and that her father was out of work, she suggested the foal's family just "Go to the bank and get more money!" Her friends had to explain to her why it wasn't that simple). Despite this (or perhaps even because of it) she was quite popular as she advanced through primary school, even being named Fall Formal queen in high school. It came as a surprise to all that when she got her cutie mark in something not popularity related. Some thought it made sense; she doodled snowflakes constantly when she was bored in class and loved winter more than anypony. They could see how making snow would be a good fit. But to most it seemed odd. Her parents were visibly disappointed (though she didn't really notice as she was too proud at the time that she had finally gotten her mark), but still loved her nonetheless. 

When she was old enough, she found a position at the weather factory as an intern in the chemistry lab. Here, she would be helping to make the actual snowflakes that would blanket Equestria in the winters. It was a combination of chemistry and sculpture, but she found herself up to the task. Because of labor laws, she is still working as an intern, but plans to start a full time position as soon as she graduates.

Character Personality: Frostflake is fairly naive and gullible. She doesn't get a lot of out-of-house experience. Her parents are rich and so they take her trips sometimes, but other than that, she doesn't have a ton of exposure. 
Character Summary: Frostflake is a young, spoiled pony, but not a brat. She is cheerful and fun, though tends to be naive and gullible. She loves winter and all its activities. For work, she makes the snowflakes that she plays in in the winter. Snow is just her thing. She has plenty of bits, so long as she stays in her parents' good graces. 

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