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Gale [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Gale

Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Species: Griffon

Eye colour: Blue (#2EB7E6)

Coat: Lower Body: Red (#A21F0A), Wings: Dark Red (#821808), Feet: Yellow (#FFB500)

Mane/Tail: Brown (#56413D)

Physique: Average height for an adult griffon. He has two sets of scars, one over his left eye and the other on his neck.

Residence: Small farming village in The Neighples Delta

Occupation: Retired Army & Guard, currently a farmer

Cutie Mark: N/A

Unique Traits

He has years of experience in fighting, though he’s gotten a bit older he can still stand up for himself better than the average griffon in battle.



He joined the Royal Army when he was young, during which time he was saved by a unicorn, someone he would owe a life debt to. After serving for 10 years, he was able to leave his position and become a guard for a small town in the Neighples Delta.


It was during this time that his debt was called on, and he was made the guardian of a young unicorn foal by the name of Amber Shadow. Having no choice, he begrudgingly raised her as his own, and after a few years actually began caring for her as if she was his own child.


During his time working as a guard, he had a bad encounter with some other Griffons, to protect Amber, and ended up with two sets of scars from the ensuing fight. After this, he left his position and began working as a farmer, something he believed was more suited to someone raising a foal.


Amber would often bring back old books she found, or bought, when she was young. Gale eventually began reading them himself, and found that he quite enjoyed the stories and history many told. He won’t admit to enjoying it, but he loves sitting down and relaxing with a good book.


After Amber was old enough, she set out on her own, leaving Gale to live alone again. He continued his work as a farmer, finding himself enjoying the calmer work over being a guard.


Character Personality:

Standoffish and short tempered to everyone except those he’s closest with. He makes it a point to come off as tough, bragging about his time in battle, or as a guard at every change he gets if he feels he isn’t being respected enough.


When it comes to those he’s close with, like family, he’s quick to help. He won’t admit to caring about them directly, and will often make excuses when assisting to make it seem like less of a big deal.


He’s more open to kindness from non-griffons after raising a pony as his own child, though he’ll never openly admit it.


Character Summary: 

Gale worked in the Army and in the Guard in his younger years. After an old debt was called in, he raised a young unicorn as his own child. He’s quick to protect those he cares about, and is short tempered to those he doesn’t. He picked up reading as a hobby from Amber, and enjoys sitting down with a good book to relax.




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