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I'm Blacksheep. I found this community by searching for an active My Little Pony roleplay, as I'm a big roleplayer and thought that dipping my toe into roleplaying within the MLP community would be pleasant to try. I absolutely adore animals and writing all kinds of stories. I'm currently shifting my focus over from Lovecraftian based stuff to historical fantasy stories. I have watched the first three seasons of MLP:FiM but I'm not heavily devoted to the show. I find the lore for the world absolutely fascinating though! My favorite main cast character would be Pinkie Pie, as she fits a lot of attributes for a Trickster archetype and I love how zany and playful she is.

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Welcome!  It's great to see you here!

I'm Blueblood, as a nickname and also as the player of him on the boards (we allow for all members to apply to whatever canon pony they want to play, no limited slots, but for some reason, no one else wanted the guy.  Go figure!)


Anyway, I'm the friendly neighborhood admin, so if you have any questions about getting started with Role playing, or if you want to discuss any thread plotting plans, just shoot a pm!


App form for OC's and Cast is here: 

 I try to keep an eye on the Application board, but if it takes a couple of days to move from Work in Progress to finished, again, don't hesitate to PM me to let me know!

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Only season 3?? Well welcome to the series! You are in for one wild ride! It's only just getting started!!! (Sorry, the series is a bit of a hyperfixation of mine hahaha)


Welcome to the website! It's super great here! I can't wait to meet your characters!!!


Also, Pinkie Pie is amazing! Definitely my second favorite! Part of me wonders if party ponies are imbued with a bit of chaos magic...

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