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[Ready] Sunblossom


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Roleplay Type: I don't know what this one means
Name: Sunblossom
Gender: Female
Age: Younger filly
Species: Unicorn
Eye colour: Green
Coat: Light yellow
Mane/Tail: Bright yellow, slightly wavy on the mane with a thin turquoise streak. The tail is long and straight, with 3 purple ponytails horizontally separating it into sections. The sections alternate in color between bright yellow and turquoise. There are 4 different sections of tail. 
Physique: My pony has 3 freckles on her cheek. My pony is thin and small.
Residence: My character currently lives in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, but visits Ponyville often.
Occupation: Student. In her spare time my pony studies books and writes.
Cutie Mark: My pony's cutie mark is a dark yellow heart with a red lily on it, which shows that she wants to help others grow emotionally since she wants to be a therapist.
She got her cutie mark when she was a foal. Her friend was feeling conflicted about what her cutie mark was going to be, and she comforted her and talked to her to make her feel better. Her cutie mark then appeared, and she realized her dream of becoming a therapist.
Unique Traits: She is very intelligent and has an aptitude for any spells related to emotions.

History: My character was born in Ponyville.
Life was great for her growing up, and she read a lot, but did not let that get in the way of her friendships. When she  accidentally made flowers cover her house when she was startled by her dad, her parents decided to apply her to Celestia's school, and she managed to get in! My character's parents are Sewingheart (Mom, she's a unicorn) and Gamerhoof (Dad, he's a pegasus). She gets along incredibly well with her mom, but doesn't get along with her dad and believes her parents need a divorce. She has a little sister, Postmane (unicorn), who wants to be a mailpony when she grows up, and a little brother, Foxtail (pegasus) who loves helping animals. My character now has a life of rigorous study and fun chatting with friends. She hopes to become a therapist and use her magic to help others.

Character Personality: My pony is an intelligent unicorn who loves talking to others, but can sometimes come off as pessimistic. She loves discussing ideas she has for improving things, and has a powerful voice as she advocates for change. She's a kind leader in her friend group, but can be bossy with school projects. She does have depression, but it's hidden under the surface so most people can't see it. She's afraid of losing those around her and of making people unhappy. 
Character Summary: Overall, my pony is a younger filly who goes to Celestia's Magic School for Gifted Unicorns. She is intelligent, outgoing, and wants to help others by becoming a therapist.

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Hello!  The Roleplay type field is just to indicate what RP setting this character is for, whether for World of Equestria (Our G4 Setting), A New Generation (G5), or Free for All (anything goes), or a crossover/AU of your choice.


However, this looks like a regular WoE G4 pony, and a very nice one too!


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