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Saltwater Taffy [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name:Saltwater Taffy (Salty)
Gender: Mare
Age: Young Adult
Species: Pegasus
Eye color: Amethyst 
Coat: Pale Banana Yellow (Think the inside of the banana)
Mane/Tail: Short, tomboyish mane. Lilac in color with Boysenberry accents. Tail is middle length for a mare with same highlights.
Physique: Tall and somewhat thin for her age.
Residence: Las Pegasus. Upstairs of Kandy Kaleidoscope. Hometown of Baltimare
Occupation: Candymaker Apprentice
Cutie Mark: Two crossed pieces of taffy.
Unique Traits: Flexible and athletic. Great at making taffy


History: Saltwater is from the inner harbor of Baltimare. Her father passed when she was very young and was raised by her loving mother. As the area around their small home began to be redeveloped into the tourist mecca that it is known for today, Salty's mother ended up selling the family home to a hotel developer once it was clear she could no longer raise a daughter off what her husband had left her. Making a deal, she would work as a housekeeper in one of the hotels as a housekeeper in exchange that both her and Salty could live there.

Growing up in a hotel setting was interesting to say the least. She'd go to school and make a few friends her own age. She was embarrassed to be living in a hotel and hid the fact her mother worked there.

Saltwater Taffy would make friends with many of the staff, especially those from the kitchen. Often when she would go to pick up her own meal, She'd often chat and on less busy days be aloud to try her hoof at making her own dinner while her mother worked. One day while trying a recipe from a book, she accidentally made a blackberry saltwater taffy base, earning her cutie mark.

Since then, Salty enrolled in the Equestrian Apprenticeship Program and was assigned to work for and learn from a recent graduate of the program, Candy Corn, in Las Pegasus.


Character Personality: Saltwater Taffy can best be described as an Extroverted Introvert. It is easy for her to have small talk with just about anycreature, however it can take a long time for her to open up. She is very athletic and enjoys the sports of Equestria both as a participant as well as fan of the major leagues. She enjoys joking with Candy Corn about her being a Bucco fan.

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