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Coco Bean (Ready)


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Coco Bean
Gender: Colt
Age: Young Adult
Species: Unicorn
Eye color: Yellow
Coat: Medium Brown (Coco)
Mane/Tail: Average length for a colt. Dark brown with a cream streak
Physique: Stocky
Residence: Las Pegasus. Upstairs of Kandy Kaleidoscope. Hometown of Manehatten
Occupation: Candymaker Apprentice
Cutie Mark: Chocolate pieces an abacus
Unique Traits: Quick with his mind, especially at counting and doing math. Great at making milk chocolate.



Coco Bean was born and raised in Manehatten by his mother. He never had a chance to know his father. While his mother would often work late hours, the little colt would often sneak off to nearby Steeplechase Island...sometimes during the hours he should have been in school. Quickly he would learn he had a gift for math playing the guessing games, and often winning big, and bringing home fair food for his and his mother's dinner. Though she knew what was going on, as long as he attended school, what he did afterwords she had no control over, and appreciated his helping out.


Beans would be one of the last ponies in his class to gain his cutie mark. For the longest time he thought it would be linked to his favorite place, however that would not be the case. One day when his grandmother came to visit for his birthday, she would show him the process of making milk chocolate for the first time. He would be surprised that after the second batch, his flank would be glowing with pride as his cutie mark appeared. When his grandmother left, and his mother far too busy earning a living, he was enrolled in the Equestrain Apprenticeship Program to be placed with somepony who could properly show him how to use his talent to earn a living for himself. Since then, Coco Bean was assigned to work for and learn from a recent graduate of the program, Candy Corn, in Las Pegasus.


Character Personality:

Coco Bean is very outgoing and kind. He is quick to make friends, but can be very sarcastic those closest to him. He is great with money, numbers, and bits. He has developed a sibling rival with Saltwater Taffy to be the number one apprentice. He has developed a crush on Candy Corn even though she is a few years older then him, but hides it well.

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