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Coco Bean (WIP)

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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Coco Bean
Gender: Colt
Age: Young Adult
Species: Unicorn
Eye color: Yellow
Coat: Medium Brown (Coco)
Mane/Tail: Average lenght for a colt. Dark brown with a cream streak
Physique: Stocky
Residence: Las Pegasus. Upstairs of Kandy Kaleidoscope. Hometown of Manehatten
Occupation: Candymaker Apprentice
Cutie Mark: Chocolate pieces an abacus
Unique Traits: Quick with his mind, especially at counting and doing math. Great at making milk chocolate.



Since then, Coco Bean enrolled in the Equestrian Apprenticeship Program and was assigned to work for and learn from a recent graduate of the program, Candy Corn, in Las Pegasus.


Character Personality:

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