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Anwir Aria//Unicorn


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Anwir Aria

Gender:  Female

Age: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: magenta

Coat: Dark pink

Mane/Tail: pale pink 

Physique: lean and tall

Residence: Canterlot

Occupation: palace night general

Cutie Mark: a purple, blue, and pink starburst (see picture) 

Unique Traits: She has a curved horn on her head from a past experience. She is littered with body scars, her most prominent is on her flanks where her cutie mark resides. 

History: She grew up in the mountains near Canterlot. Her town was small and most ponies in her town weren't big fans of her family's history. Their ancestors were supposedly cursed by the Royal Pony Sisters when they resided in the Everfree Forest. So she grew up with being ridiculed and isolated. She realized a way she could prove her hometown wrong was become a palace guard. So she signed up and worked for the princess. She started seeing many battles through her years and rose through the ranks. When she came across a group of changelings entering into the Equestrian boarder she sent a message to the princess who gave her orders to observe and see what they are doing. She did so with a small team. She found that they were planning to attack a small town further out called Ponyville. She gave the word for an attack and brought them all down... Except for the lead changeling. It attacked her from behind. Her regiment tried hard to get her back bit perished. It took her to its queen. She was put into a chrysalis. She was found a few weeks later by another group of guards. They found her in time to keep her form fully changing. The only thing that changed was her horn, once all one color was now darkened towards the top, it was curved back to a very sharp point. She remained in the palace infirmary for a while, the princess insisting on her resting. Eventually she's forced to take a leave of absence and go home for awhile. She did so begrudgingly. While staying in her hometown, the other ponies noticed the change immediately. They were even more wary than before. One evening, the summer sun celebration was going to commence. Most of the ponies were outside, waiting. When they saw the imprint on the moon dissapear and no sun show up, the elder accuses that it's her doing and she released the mare in the moon like her ancestors did so before. They attacked her she got away and saw that most of her flank was destroyed, cutie mark barely visible. When she got back to the palace, Celestia was just entering... With another alicorn? Celestia caught Anwir out of the corner of her eye and went to tell her the good news, but startled at the sight of her. The younger alicorn was hiding behind Celestia until she saw what had happened. Anwir was rushed back into the infirmary. After all of that she was introduced to Luna and became a palace night general instead of just a regular one. 

Character Personality: Kind but stern when she needs to be. She is not the best at social cues. She is always listening, just in case. She is actually a mother hen but doesn't show it. 

Character Summary: Anwir Aria is a unicorn with a curved horn and a scarred up cutie mark due to a past experience (see history). She had a dark pink coat, light pink mane, and magenta eyes. She is a palace night general and is usually seen in her uniform. She is litter with many scars. She has a limp. She is ster but kind and is secretly a mother hen. 

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