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Roleplay Type: WOE

Name: Mau

Gender: Female

Age: Ancient

Species: Sphinx

Eye colour: Green/blue heterochromia

Coat: Red

Mane/Tail: Green and brown

Physique: On the short end of average for a Sphinx, but still more than 10 times the size of an average pony.

Residence: Wanderer

Occupation: Wanderer

Cutie Mark: N/A

Unique Traits: As a Sphinx, Mau possesses her own unique powerful magic. She has the ability to disappear. She doesn't become invisible, but rather (as she describes it) hides between the fibers of the fabric of reality. Even if you are looking right at her, it will be as if she is just out of view. She also has a light step, and casts no shadow. Those who have extra sensitive prescription may be able to sense her there, but it's more like a feeling that someone is there, despite not being able to see her.

With this ability also comes her passive ability of true sight. She is able to see that which is hidden. Which means she can see invisibility, see through illusions and even through changeling disguises.

History: Mau grew up in the capitol Sphinx City of Amarna. She knew many a Sphinx of influence. It was kind of her job, as the sister of the Regent Monarch, Mefdet. There were so many rules that she had to follow as a member of the royal family. No room for play or fun of any kind. Just being all proper and setting an example and all that nonsense. Mau was still young. She wanted to explore and have fun. It's not like most would even notice her absence. She was very quiet most of the time and didn't like to show herself in public for anything related to her royalty. She had even snuck out of the palace once or twice and played with the locals, and nobody ever recognized her. Only those who were intimately familiar with the royals would ever know who she was.

One day, Mau had had enough of royal life. Following a heated debate with her mentor, she decided she didn't want to live this life anymore. She knew, from her argument, that if she left, she'd be denouncing her bloodline, and the result would be becoming outcast, but she didn't care. She didn't want to be a shelf ornament who couldn't be herself. So she left. It had scarcely been a century before the horrible and powerful Grogar decided that the Sphinxes were too powerful to be left alone. They couldn't be controlled, so they had to be eradicated. He began exterminating her people by the droves. Some tried to run, but they were promptly found and eliminated. Mau was lucky to have her ability to hide. She knew of no others who were able to survive. Only her. Now, she wanders the lands, usually hidden. Sleeping often, but on occasion she likes to play small jokes on ponies. Although, what she really wants is to get to know them.

Character Personality: Mau is a trickster who enjoys playing jokes on others (when she's a little bored). She likes to make ponies worry that she might eat them, because she thinks it's hilarious. Although in reality, if she actually were to accidentally hurt someone she would not forgive herself. She spends all of her time alone, just observing others, so she's very unpracticed at social interactions.

Character Summary: Mau is an outcast from the Sphinx civilisation (before it was exterminated). She has lived in solitude for thousands of years. She believes herself to be the last of her kind. Spending most of her days sleeping in ruins or large caves. Tho every once in a while, she'll come out to play a few tricks on some ponies. Mostly just wishing she could make friends with them instead, but worried that they would just be too afraid of her.

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