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[Diamond Dog] Gideon Gabriel Gray [Final]


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Name: Gideon Gabriel Gray

Nicknames: Ice, G, Giddy

Sex: Male

Age: Adult (30)

Species: Diamond Dog (Czechoslovakian Wolfdog)

Pelt Color: White, with a VERY light tinge of blue

Hair/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Medium length spiked icy blue (#74BBFB) 'mane', coming down into sideburns half way on his cheeks, icy blue soul patch

Eye Color: Luminous Gold (#FFDF00)

Physique: Sleek and toned, a bit skinnier than normal

Origin: Appleloosian Outskirts

Roleplay Type: Mane

Occupation: Gem Merchant by Trade; Deals with rather...Shady business behind the scenes.

Motivation: As with a lot of Diamond Dogs, his motivation is MONEY. While greedy, he doesn't stoop so low as to ponynap like some OTHER Diamond Dogs, who shall remain nameless.

Likes: Money, gems, singing, rhutabaga pie

Dislikes: Cats, smoke, trains

Character Summary: Gideon was born a while ago, underground near the outskirts of what's now known as the pony town of Appleloosa. As a pup, Gideon was never much for the hard labour that most Diamond Dogs had to do, he was the runt of his litter after all, small, scrawny, not a 'proper' Diamond Dog, one better left to the harsh desert heat and roaming Buffalo herds, rather than hunting for gems and crystals with the rest of the pack. His siblings weren't any different, pushing him aside during feeding and were always the quicker ones to the gems. Even going so far as to taking the pup out into the desert as he slept, and leaving him there to die. Obviously this didn't dissuade the pup from his goals, greed, after all, was a part of the Diamond Dog life.

By the time the pup grew to the age of a young adult, it all changed, his siblings, whom had grown complacent with their small claims, soon found them snatched out from underneath them as Gideon gathered his group, others like him who were 'too small' to be 'proper' Diamond Dogs, ones that weren't all muscle, ones that knew of things beyond JUST their precious gem tunnels, ones who held the tenacity to take what they wanted, but not the power...Not by themselves anyway.

In one of the more rage filled battles his home had seen, Gideon and the other runts had pushed back the stronger groups, backing them into a corner and finally gaining what none of them could on their own. The tunnels themselves. In a rare event for Diamond Dogs, the 'weak' had inherited the glory, and the strong became the labour alone. Furious with what their brother had done, Gideon's two brothers and sisters attempted to take out the young upstart, but to little effect. Acting as defacto leader of the tunnel system, Gideon happily banished the four from the tunnels, into the same deserts they had left him to die in before.

Ten years have passed since then and Gideon is living the life! Gems, gems and more gems, the tunnles hadn't thrived this much since before even his parents were born! Which gave Gideon a brilliant idea, why just horde the majority of the gems, if they have so many? Why not SELL them? Money would go farther in the long run rather than just keeping the gems, that risked dragons coming. Adult Dragons seemed to be the ONLY thing greedier than a Diamond Dog, which often led to a lot of altercations. Gathering his advisers, the ones with whom he fought alongside with back ten years ago, Gideon was able to convince them and the rest of the pack, to set up a trade route, leading to to the outer cities, and the new recently established pony town of Appleloosa.

Gideon as a Diamond Dog is, well, a bit of a sleaze, silver tongued and sneaky. Not at all above cutting a pony a bum deal, often selling common gems off disguised as rarer ones, with the right mook, Giddy could sell off a well cut Quartz as a Diamond! His hatred and fear of smoke stems from a puphood experience his siblings tied the pup down in his room and lit a small bonfire outside his door, flooding the room with thick smoke, and being unable to escape or even move scarred him rather deeply. The hate of trains, on the other paw, is his own fault, a well timed nap is a wonderful thing, a well timed nap next to train tracks, however, is not. Having his tail run over made him rather distrusting of the hulking monstrosities. Overall, Gideon's not bad, just, well, a Diamond Dog

Additional Information: Black trench coat with gold coloured trim with the tail of the jacket frayed and torn off sleeves, various gemstone rings adorning his fingers, diamond stud tongue piercing, three gold rings pierced down the sides of his ears. Crooked tail due to being run over by a train.

Poison Joke Reaction: Becomes unable to lie, therefor cutting GOOD deals on gems, rather than bum deals.

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Interesting character. There seems to be only one or two abnormalities, the attempted murders would be the first. Even if these creatures are a little bit more wild than ponies, the other pups trying to murder their brother just seems out of place. Especially since it was done on multiple occasions, I could see once as a prank gone wrong. The other pups didn't mean for his life to be in danger, but from the way it reads, the other pups actively sought out the course of action to kill their brother, more than once. In a world of friendship and magic, this just seems extreme to me. Also the violent uprising may be a bit much. Maybe he took over the tunnels through economic warfare instead of bloody confrontation? The subjugation of the other diamond dogs goes hand in hand with the uprising as well. I don't see them forcing one another to work as slaves in the mines. Ponies yes, because after all from a diamond dog's perspective they are the top dog and the ponies should work for them. The enslavement of other diamond dogs on the other hand just seems a little over the top. Again maybe it was economic warfare, if you can't stand up to someone physically, why not mentally? Then he could have made a situation where the other diamond dogs would have to work to reap the benefits of the new economic standard, that he was in control of. Just some thoughts here.

~Sage AkA Freddie Freewings

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Well, it's not so much that they DID leave him to die, more so that, that's what he thought in his mind; they DID mean to put him in danger though. And I assume that, even though it IS a world of friendship and magic, there's bound to be a little bit of a darker side; but that's also why I didn't go into any large details about what happened during the battle or what his siblings did. And it's not quite so much that they're enslaved really, it's more meant as a punishment. Wasn't really sure how to word it. But if need be, I most certainly can go back, edit a few things and see where it goes from there, if need be =) But otherwise, it's a finished app. Thanks for the feedback Fredward =D

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Done and done; sorry, force of habit and all; ages help me determine when key events happened in a characters life, so I just throw them in without thinking sometimes heh.

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