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The Heartland

The center of Greater Equestria, the Heartland region is a land of rolling hills, vibrant rivers, great forests, and vast lakes. Here lie the many various farms that supply much of Equestria's bounty, bustling cities where ponies learn, trade, and invent, and vast forests frequented by both naturalists and adventurers.


Settlements of the Heartland

Ponyville - A small, unassuming town in the middle of the Heartland surrounded by apple orchards and idyllic farms of all types, Ponyville is fairly typical of most Equestrian hamlets. It is the current residence of the bearers of the Elements of Harmony and thus has gained special attention from Princess Celestia in recent days.

Trottingham - An affluent vacation town on the north shore of the easternmost Nimbusgait Lake. Many of the inhabitants of the town are seasonal, arriving during the summer months to live in their waterfront houses and enjoy fun in the sun. To the north of the city are picturesque vineyards, which only add to the upscale and touristy flavor of the place.

Cloudsdale - Floating home to the Pegasi of the Heartland, Cloudsdale looms above the Nimbusgait Lakes. Here, pegasi work the Weather Factories, creating the different seasons, storms, and elements that allow the residents and greenery of Greater Equestria to flourish, and flight crews can often be spotted coming and going on a near-constant basis.
Vanhoover - A resort oriented city nestled in the foothills of the Hasufel Mountains between the Everfree Forest and the Great Nimbusgait Lakes known for it's many outdoor opportunities for tourists, art scene, plentiful gardens, and general bohemian atmosphere.

Major Natural Features

Nimbusgait Lakes - The sparkling, pristine waters of the Nimbusgait Lakes are a prime feature of the northern reaches of Equestria’s Heartland. Trottingham is situated on lake shore property, feeding and housing the seasonal influx of tourists and athletes that come to play and train on the trails and beaches along the shores of the lakes. The Lakes supply Cloudsdale’s weather factories with water to make clouds and produce rainbows-- water that is eventually returned to the lakes by rains and runoff.

Everfree Forest - Largely empty of ponyfolk, the Everfree Forest covers a massive swath of ground that is the full western third of the Heartland. The region is largely unexplored, though a few safe paths and trails are marked out. For the most part though, the Everfree Forest is home to all manner of creatures from the mundane to the mystical. Because of its sheer size, age, and legendary wildlife, nature is allowed to run its course unhindered by any form of pony magic of control. It is no surprise then that the ruins of the Moon Palace sit here, its crumbling halls now only home to the howling wind and hardy plants.


The Velvet Strand - The center of the secretive and mysterious Peryton civilization, these isles are nothing short of irresistible in their tranquil beauty , and all who look upon them are awaited in feelings of contentment and joy.  Everything that is built is designed to be fully integrated with the natural landscape to the point that from a distance, it looks as if there is no buildings at all.

Other Geographical Features

The Heartland is also home to Froggy Bottom, Equestria's largest swamp and home to its own share of legendary and strange magical creatures that lurk among the dark and misty foliage. The Hasufel Mountains, with its legendary tallest peak, Dragon Mountain, once an ancient home to many dragons, the mysterious empty caves of which, still exist. Finally the tall Allacor Mountains, which separate the Heartland from the Borderlands beyond, which only the most adventurous and daring ponies climb the remote peaks of.

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