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The Foothills (G.E. East)

The rolling hills of the Heartland quickly give way to massive foothills, great mountains, and wide valleys in the East. Much of the area is covered by a large forest known as Whitetail Wood, a decidedly less dangerous analog to Everfree in the west. The heart of the Foothills region is the Solstice Heights, hills and mountains and nestled among them are the great white towers of the capital of all of Equestria, Canterlot. To the south along the Seasaddle Bay lies some of the densest


Cities of the Foothills

Canterlot - Built into the side of a mountain, Canterlot is a fantastical city of alabaster spires, winding streets, and arcane mystery. Although rather small in population compared to other cities, it is the most important city in all of Greater Equestria, not least for being as the seat of government and capital of Greater Equestria.


Manehattan - Manehattan is an urbanized business powerhouse and the center of the Equestrian service industry and the central trade hub for much of Equestria. The hustle and bustle of the city provides plenty of opportunities for practically anything a pony desires to find.


Hoofington - Hoofington is a seaside city with an unbreakable connection to the water. Famed for the quality of the fine pearls and seaweed harvested by its residents, as well as its famous lighthouse, Hoofington remains a quiet and unassuming town.

Garden Gait - A small, nearly forgotten farming community within the Solstice Heights, Garden Gait is regarded as one of the most serene locales in Equestria, as well as one of the most distinctly beautiful.

Fet Loch - Located in the highlands of the Solstice Heights, this village is mostly known for the curious accent of its inhabitants. Generally at the mercy of harsh weather, the residents of Fet Loch leave a distinct and often challenging life.


Hollow Shades - A small village nestled deep within the confines of the valleys of the Solstice Heights that draws both the curious and the adventurous determined to witness the paranormal for themselves, with the most determined eager in their determination to be the ones who finally solve the mysteries behind what is often sold as Equestria's supposedly most haunted spot.

Hoofenheim - A unique town in the isolated far eastern regions of Equestria across the Eponnine Mountains, Hoofenheim is mostly known for the festive and often old fashioned attitudes of its residents, as well as its distinct and hearty cuisine. The town's economy is based largely on mining and artisan metalworks.

Roam - Hailed as Equestria's most romantic city, Roam sits on the far side of the Eponnine Mountains. With its distinctive and beautiful architecture, it is a hotspot for tourists and artists seeking inspiration.


Calnais - Playground for the rich and famous, Calnais sits in the southeast corner of Equestria beyond the Eponnine Mountains.  A rich and expressive culture thrives here among the picturesque scenery.  The town has in recent years become the hub of the nascent motion picture industry.


Tall Tale Town - Tied intimately to the nearby Foal Mountain of the Eponnine to which the small town sits at the base of, Tall Tale hosts tourists and fortune seekers of all manner.  Some come to enjoy the outdoor scenery and mountain climbing, others drawn by the stories of great hidden treasures in the massive mountain that looms over the village.

Major Natural Features

Solstice Heights - The foothills, mountains, and river valleys spread out in every direction from the magnificent mountain that houses Canterlot - Solstice Heights provides housing for the less wealthy or less magically inclined residents of the greater Canterlot area. A veritable suburban paradise holding such settlements as Garden Gait and Fet Loch, many workers and teachers house their families here and commute to Canterlot for work every day, others support the various specialty farms that dot the various river valleys.

Whitetail Wood - Sitting on the opposite side of the Roundbottom Hills from Canterlot, the Whitetail Wood is a more thoroughly explored mirror to Everfree, with younger trees and generally less dangerous wildlife. Here, ponies help control the weather and change the seasons for the forest.

Other geographical features

The eastern border of the Foothills region is marked by the Eponnine Mountains, one of the greatest ranges in Greater Equestria. The mountains themselves are among the tallest and, some ponies claim, still hold an active volcano or two.

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