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The Strand (G.E. South)

The southern coast of Equestria's main continent is framed by its famous white-sand beaches and dotted with fishing hamlets. Here the great open prairie and breadbasket known as the Saddleveil Plains lies dotted with splendid cities such as Fillydelphia, and Hoofington. Celestia's domain spreads even further south with the various exotic tropical Gallopocus Islands that extend almost to the lands of the Zebras.


Cities of the Strand

Fillydelphia - Sitting in the middle of the vast Saddleveil Plain, the city is a transport hub between the Heartland of Equestria and the Griffon lands beyond, Fillydelphia is a mid-sized urban area populated by artisans, small business, and light industry workers. With its old fashioned look and feel, Fillydelphia occupies a comfortable middle ground between the big-city bustle of Manehattan and the small-town charm of Ponyville.

Baltimare - One of Equestria's preeminent ports, the affluent city of Baltimare is regarded as a major center of trade with Unyasi and the Gallopocus Islands. Tourists come to the city to board luxury cruise liners and see the famous Baltimare Boardtrot.

Corralwood Corral - Equestria's ultimate tropical resort, Corralwood Corral is the most significant center of population in the Gallopocus Islands. Famous for its perfect beaches and upscale resorts, Corralwood Corral is well regarded as a prime spot for tourists.

Major Natural Features

Saddleveil Plains A vast, rolling temperate grasslands punctuated by small islands of deciduous trees, the Saddleveil Plains stretches the entire length of the Strand. Most of the land is fertile and well watered, making it ideal for agriculture with all manner of farms spouting from the nearly featureless landscape. West of the Manebrush river, the plains become drier and are much better suited for grazing; many buffalo tribe wander this otherwise very sparely populated portion.

Gallopocus Islands - A large grouping of islands several miles off the coast of the mainland, the Gallopocus are dominated by mountains, the greatest of which is the now extinct Thunderhoof Volcano. Hardened lava and black sand beaches play host to a wide variety of tropical flora and fauna, while small pony and hippogriff settlements adorn the coast of the various islands, the largest of which is Corralwood Corral, which serves as the central trade hub and tourist playground for the island chain.


Mustangia - An open prairie that holds the richest soil in all of Equestria.  Here the ponies choose to live simple lives eschewing cities and modern amenities instead deciding to be farmers or simple individuals who live entirely in tune with the wild.

Okeanos - An ancient city lost to a devastating storm and submerged beneath the ocean, Okeanos is said to be full of mysteries. Adventurous ponies are known to seek the city out in hopes of unearthing its secrets.

Other geographical features

The coast of the Strand is punctuated by various bays. The largest of all of Equestria's bays, the Seasaddle, sits just north of the Gallopocus Islands. Known for its abundant warm, clean water and rich fisheries, Seasaddle is also the busiest body of water in all of Equestria. In addition to the largest, Seasaddle, there is also the much quieter Suntrot Bay, as well as the White Cafe Bay, the outwash for the large Manebrush River that services Fillydelphia. One of the most scenic locations in this coastal region is the Bridleback Shore, a vast beach area between Suntrot and Seasaddle that is home to many ancient ruins of mystery and legend.

Another famed feature of the region is Mount Fire Foal, unlike its taller cousin, Mount Thunderhooves, Fire Foal is still an active volcano, and offers a spectacle of flaming light and color in both day and night as bright lava regularly spews froth from its fiery crater; fortunately there are no nearby settlements in danger from this cauldron of lava.

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