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The Savannah (Outlands South)


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Unyasi - The lands of the Zebra Tribes

Southwest of the Gallopocus Island and separated by the deep warm waters of the Quagga Strait, lays Unyasi, the land of the Zebra tribes. Here vast savannas surround groves of acacia trees and the occasional island of denser exotic foliage. Few ponies have ventured to this mysterious land, those few who have usually only come to the coast via boat or airship to trade with the zebras who have setup there for that specific purpose.


Cities of Unyasi

Clawifax - Notable for its origin as a griffon founded settlement and the number of griffons who still call it home, Clawifax is quite unique for an Unyasian city. A bustling and lively city, Clawifax is one of Unyasi's biggest hubs of trade.

Taraju - The Unyasi port closest to Equestria, Taraju is a valuable trade town. It's proximity to Equestria and the hospitality of its residents make Taraju a popular choice for Equestrian tourists.

Boma - Once the capital of a great zebra kingdom of old, Boma is now considered an important historic site within Unyasi. It is regarded as a critical waypoint for travelers and seekers of knowledge, the palace and citadel of old having been made repurposed as facilities of learning.

Mti Nguvu - Serving as the mystical heart of Unyasi, the city of Mti Nguvu is built into the massive trees of a finger of the Brakenweald. Unyasi's wisest come from far and wide to congregate and discuss the future of zebrakind here in this city in tune with nature.


Coralline - Off the north coast of Unyasi, this beautiful city of coral is the cultural and economic center of the sea ponies with unique goods that could be found no where else in the world.


Major Natural Features

The Brakenweald - a dark and overgrown rainforest which covers much of the east half of Unyasi, the Brakenweald holds more dangers than any other Unyasian locale. All but the furthest west fingers of the forest--such as the one that holds the tree city, Mti Nguvu--are unexplored, but the depths are said to hold mysteries and wonders for any fortunate to survive the hazards.

The Mwamba - Mountainous highlands which line the northwest coast of Unyasi, the Mwamba is home to the bustling ports of Taraju and Clawifax. These mountains are said to be rich in mineral wealth but are also known to contain a number of volcanoes, including the immense, but thankfully dormant Mount Vukizo.

The Veld - The Veld is the name for the expansive savannah which stretches across most of Unyasi and is the first thing most ponies would think of when they think of the zebra lands. Green and fertile, the Veld is teaming with all sorts of life.

Amani - The Amani coast region occupies the southern side of the Unyasi continent. These lands, named for the zebra word for "peace", are considered special for the unique beauty of its purple mountains and pristine beaches and are kept untouched and protected by the zebras of Unyasi. Zebras choose not settle here in general, though a single tiny settlement sharing the region's name can be found in the far southeast corner.

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