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Lemon Sunrise [Ready]


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Name: Lemon Sunrise


Nickname: Lemi


Sex: Female


Age: Foal


Species: Earth Pony


Eye Colour: Lime Green (#81F00B)


Coat: Lemon Yellow (#FFFC19)


Mane/Tail: Her mane is short and spiky from having been cut by herself and is Pink (#FA39C6) in colouration. Her tail is long, curly, and mostly the same shade of Pink (#FA39C6) but has streaks of Gold (#EBC44B) near the base.


Physique: Lithe and dainty, about what one would expect from a formerly pampered foal.


Residence: Ponyville, after having ran away from Canterlot.


Occupation: N/A, or Student.


Cutie Mark: N/A


Unique Traits: Lemon Sunrise is a growing young filly, with still a lot to learn about the world, and hasn't quite found her place yet. But what she has learned is that sometimes little white lies have to be made to keep her from ending up sent back to Canterlot. Due to this she's rather good at sneaking away when there's a distraction or coming up with a reason why she's out on her own.


She's also rather good at baking tasty, albeit sour, treats! Something that's she's rather proud of, but doesn't realize is her truest talent.


History: Born to two wealthy jewelry store owners in Canterlot, Lemon Sunrise never went without. She had a butler to wait on her and maids that cleaned up. She had tutors and teachers and books and all sorts of knowledge at her hooftips. She had beautiful dresses and near any toy a filly could want! But the one thing she wanted most of all, was the one thing her parents never let her have. Freedom.


Her parents, Golden Crown and Emerald Brooch, were rich and influential individuals among the high class of Canterlot. They gained a reputation as prim, proper, posh, and practically perfect. They attended all the high society gatherings they could, taking their daughter along to dances and fancy dress parties to hobnob with the ritziest of the ritzy. The only thing Lemon remotely cared for about the events was the fact she finally had somewhere to wear her dresses. Rarely did she see another foal there. Most of her parents friends either had no children, or kept them home as they weren't 'proper' enough for such an event. The ones she had met were dreadfully stuck up, and may as well have been clones of their parents, rather than foals in their own right.


Lemon of course never acted up or tried to get out of going to the events. Not that her parents would have noticed if she tried. More often than not the filly would be left under the watch of one of the helpers at the party, while her parents rubbed elbows with other ponies and did what they could to increase their standing amongst the rich. But still she went along to keep her parents happy, even if it meant being bored to tears.


On occasions though, across the hall or down the street, other parties would be going on. Parties with lights and sound and upbeat music. Parties that actually felt like a celebration rather than a boring collective of snobs. Time to time Lemon would sneak away from the ones watching her and spend time at the parties, sometimes even ending up going home with records that were being given out by the hosts! She would sneak these albums home and play them in secret when her parents were away, dreaming of a day that she would have the chance to attend a REAL party and make REAL friends!


Time and time again she tried to convince her parents to let her out to play. Colts and fillies her age always seemed to run through the streets of Canterlot, laughing and enjoying themselves, while Lemon was stuck inside with her tutors and books, staring out the window and missing most of the lesson. Her parents, of course, forbid it. She was too good to be seen with the common rabble, they would say, it was for her own good.


Every once and a while though her butler, a kindly older hippogriff named Walter, would escort her through Canterlot to ice cream shops or music stores, unbeknownst to her parents. And while it wasn't exactly what she wanted it was still nice to be able to get out and see the world. Even if the only world she knew was Canterlot.


One night, as the moon sat high in the sky and her parent slumbered, Lemon stared out her window as she often did when melancholy. But tonight though, tonight she had enough. There was a whole world out there, and she wanted to see it! To make the friends her parents never let her have, she would have to. Gathering up a collection of her things in one pack, sneaking into her parents vault for a healthy sum of bits in the other, Lemon carefully made her escape.


The trip was long, and she didn't even know where she was going, but she was going and that's what mattered. Without taking the time to rest for long, Lemon marched and trekked on through the hills and dales. Her longest pause came when, after slipping upon a loose stone and tumbling down a hill, her long and curly mane had gotten caught in branches and brambles. Sad as she was to have to do it, the filly pulled a pair of scissors from her emergency sewing kit that she had packed to snip off her locks, leaving it a short and spiky. As sad as it made her, it was a small price to pay for freedom.


After her long trek was through, Lemon finally spotted a town off in the distance, Ponyville! She had remembered reading about the village once before. But before she could really set out to meet new friends...she needed just a little nap! Walking so long makes one tired, and a short nap beneath a bridge never hurt. When she awoke refreshed, then it would be time to make her real debut!...Where she would begin though, she wasn't sure. But she was free now, and that's really what mattered.


Character Personality/Summary: Lemon Sunrise is a young runaway from Canterlot with a bright and friendly attitude. While she might not always know the best ways to socialize in the "common' circuit, she tries her best to make herself not seem like a posh sort of pony. Which is often hard with the bits and fancy dresses she carries around in her packs. If somepony she's trying to make friends with is in need, she won't hesitate to try to help, even if she doesn't particularly know how which sometimes can lead to being taken advantage of. While not particularly gullible, Lemon is trusting and will likely believe what others tell her as long as it isn't incredibly outlandish. Even then, with less world experience than most, if someone shows her 'proof' she may still believe a lie.


Text Colour: (#FF4080)


Poison Joke Reaction: Gains a MAJOR sweet tooth and can't stomach the taste of sour things, much to her disappointment, and thus can't help but to eat any candy she can find.

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Hmmmm..... can you incorporate a Character Personality field please? It's very jarring when apps have a really long History section yet mention very few characterization details. :P

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