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What TV series do you guys watch?

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I really like Community, and lately my boyfriend has gotten me hooked on One Piece and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I also am a huge Whovian, at heart I guess. I used to watch Doctor Who like crazy, but more recently I've been kind of driven away from it, mostly because of the fandom. Call me a hipster, but I really preferred when it wasn't so hugely popular stateside.

(I do like Matt Smith a lot, though.)

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Anyone seen "Boardwalk Empire"? That looks really good.

Oh yeah I love Steve Buschemi. Any HBO show I just about watched atleast a bit except for The Wire which I'm killing myself for not watched yet cause I heard that show's just amazing.

Just finished up The Ricky Gervais Show on HBOGo. I think I'll finish up Boardwalk Empire and Generation Kill (GK is a little lesser compared to Band of Brothers and The Pacific imho) and start on The Wire soon. Man I'm such an HBO fanboy. But you can't blame me after watching In Treatment ;)

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Game of Thrones IS an excellent show.

The Walking Dead is probably the show I'm most intense on at this time. First high-quality zombie drama. I have watched every episode of South Park live since it first aired and have no plans on changing that, either.

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BBC Sherlock. Watch it now.

I'm seriously obsessed. Whenever anyone says anything, I always manage to relate it back to Sherlock.

I can quote all the cool lines, I have hundreds of photos and screenshots, and I ADORE the plot!

(And the attractive main characters, of course.)

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Eh... most TV is petty crap.

The thing about TV...

When there were only 3 channels, each was attempting to grab everyone. They made shows that had broad appeal. Now that there are hundreds of channels, it is no longer easy to win a ratings battle with a show designed to appeal to everyone. Many of the successful shows (the ones that will survive at least a few years) are focused very finely at a specific demographic.

The point of all of that is to say that if you do not enjoy it, that is ok because it wasn't written for you.

To say "I don't enjoy most of TV" is to miss the point. It is far more telling to say, "The two TV shows that I watch today are more enjoyable than the two shows that I watched 10 years ago."

My standard for a great show 10 years ago, was that I enjoyed at least one-third of the episodes. Now a days, it is closer to 95% of the episodes are enjoyable. The problem is not the 300 channels that I hate, but the large number of strong shows that I have to choose from and limited time. I've decided that two is the right number, but with infinite time, there are many other shows that I would watch.

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Thankyou weesh for keeping me on my toes and away from making vague, generalised statements.

What I meant to say was closer to this:


Most of the TV that I have had recommended to me or that I hear about doesn't interest me (period dramas, for example) as previously shows with the same basic premise have not been enjoyable, Is on at an obscure time slot or not easy to find online. Rather than watching mediocre TV, I would rather talk to to you guys, watch movies, play games write fanfiction or hay, even read. During those activities I have a lot more control (true or perceived) over what media I am consuming.

Most of the TV I enjoy is on either ABC or SBS, in the form of documentaries, thus I do not (usually) class them as TV per-say.


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Thankyou weesh for keeping me on my toes and away from making vague, generalised statements...

Yeah, I would probably be perceived better if I would let unimportant stuff like that go.

I agree that there are better things to do than watch hours of TV everyday. MLP is great because of the community aspect. It makes one show go a lot farther.

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I've come to realize that I watch a good many "trendy" shows. Or "used-to-be-trendy" shows. I think it's also worth mentioning that I watch TCM religiously.


- Supernatural

- The Man from U.N.C.L.E

- Person of Interest

- Doctor Who

- Gravity Falls

- Monk

- Psych

- Heroes

- Alfred Hitchcock Presents

- Broadchurch (BBC)

- Once Upon a Time (stopped watching this one because... yeah)

- Sherlock (BBC)

- Star Trek

- Lost

- The Office

- Seinfeld


And obviously... MLP.

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Another large list. Let's see...


Ghost Hunters

Ghost Adventures.

CSI (original series)

CSI: Cyber

Resurrection (no word on if cancelled or S3 yet)


SmackDown! (does wrestling count? I'm counting it anyway...)

South Park



Whose Line Is It Anyway? (new version with Aisha as host)

Undercover Boss

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (how could I almost forget this? lol.)


There might be more but these are the ones I could think of off-hand. If there are more I'll add them to this list I guess?



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Aside from RWBY most of my TV time includes catching up on stuff, usually The Simpsons or Supernatural. Sometimes I also end up watching Community or Parks and Rec with some buddies, but I must be a softy because at times the secondhand embarrassment for the characters in P&C has been enough to actually make me leave the room. ^^;

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The only thing else I am currently following is Gravity Falls.

There are currently 11 episodes in Season 2, and I have watched the first 7 of them. I continue to check the official Disney XD official site to see if I can eventually see the remaining four.

I also loyally follow Littlest Pet Shop earlier this year, as well as (History Channel) Vikings, whose third seasons ended earlier this year, and are both getting fourth seasons.

Other than that, I've been procrastinating on watching DVD library loan copies of Game of Thrones. I finished season 1 a solid three weeks ago. I have to return Season 2 by June 21. They keep letting me renew Season 3 tho.

Keeping up with the whole teevee drama and cartoon landscape takes up too much time in a week, so I don't even bother. I just have my few shows. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is one of those special shows for me personally.

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