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Glitzen Glamour [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria


Name: Glitzen Glamour


Sex: Male


Age: Stallion


Species: Pegasus


Eye Colour: Fuschia (#DA0CA6)


Coat: Blue (#5050E8)


Mane/Tail: Long Orange (#FF8000) mane with a slightly windswept look. Curly tail of the same colour.


Physique: Slender, curvy, and feminine, easily mistaken for a filly.


Residence: Ponyville.


Occupation: Stylist and Designer, Mane Stylings, Clothes, Decor, the whole nine yards! Owner of Puttin' On The Glitz in Ponyville.


Cutie Mark: A hand mirror with a bottle of perfume and a comb reflected in it.


History: Born in Cloudsdale to Red Robin, a interiour designer, and Yellow Ribbon, a seamstress, Glitzen was raised around beauty from birth. Until he was old enough to enter school, his parents would take turns bring him to work. His father would impart to him knowledge of colour theory and what sort of things would really bring a room together. While his mother would teach him how to sew, something that she felt every pony needed to know, even if it wasn't to make dresses or suits. After all, who knows when a curtain may get a tear in it!

When Glitzen finally was old enough to start school, the pegasus didn't really quit fit in with other colts his age. They were more interested in rough housing or flying or sports as little colts often did. Rather, Glitzen found himself hanging around fillies, more interested in the clothes that were made for their dolls, or the way their manes were done. Something that his cousins mocked him for quite often. Though as he grew and made friends with the fillies in his school, he began to try his hoof at mane styling. Something that Glitzen soon found he had a knack for.

One day, a Little Miss Cloudsdale pageant came around, and a close friend of Glitzen's was entered! After a bit of discussion with the staff, Glitzen was allowed to be her personal stylist. It was a good thing that the filly was a later contestant in the show, as Glitzen spent a good deal of time working on her mane and tail to make it 'As beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside' as he put it.

When it was finally his friend's turn to go up on stage, Glitzen spent the whole time pacing back stage, peeking out of the curtain occasionaly to see how it was going. He was just as nervous as his friend, if not more so! But when the winner was finally announced, his nerves were melted away, replaced with pride and excitement for his friend...Which would then be shadowed by the excitement of the new mark on his previously empty flank! A small hoofmirror with a bottle of perfume and a cute little comb reflected into it.

After the dual celebrations were over, Glitzen and his parents made their way home. Though not before his father decided to swing by for a present, as congratulations for his son getting his cutie mark. It was a fashion kit, a rather costly one at that, but one that Glitzen cherished and worked hard with every day to perfect his newly realized talent.

Later on down the road, Glitzen found himself attenting a prestigeous fashion institute. Eventually graduating with honours and a burning passion in his heart. He never forgot just how happy ponies seemed to be when they felt beautiful, how excited his friend was when she won that little pageant. Making others feel good, felt great!

And so, it was then that he decided to open up his own beauty parlor. Originally he thought to open it up in Cloudsdale, but that left so many ponies on the ground who wouldn't be able to come to his shop. And so, using some money he had saved from helping his mother work or the odd manestyling, Glitzen purchased a building in scenic Ponyville! A lovely little two floor building, the upper of which he converted into a home and studio, and the lower which would become his shop, 'Puttin' on the Glitz'!


Character Summary: Glitzen is a genuinely kindhearted sort of pony. Friendly, open minded, and reliable. A pegasus with a great love for beauty and making ponies feel good about themselves, GG it quite easy to get along with for most ponies. Though sometimes his flamboyant and seemingly carefree attitude may rub some the wrong way.


Glitzen's upbeat attitude is nearly impossible to squash, but when he's down, it tends to hit hard. Letting the drama queen in him come out. Where everything feels awful and all he wants to do is curl up in bed and wait for the horrible world to just stop spinning. Thankfully these stints don't seem to last very long.


Ever since he was a little colt, Glitzen was never a very masculine pony. Still to this day most ponies assume him to be a mare upon first meeting him. Something which he never disputes or confirms. As he does get a bit of a kick out of ponies reactions upon finding out he's really a stallion. It's always funny seeing how red an embarrassed stallion's face can get when finding out that he's a stallion too.


Poison Joke Reaction: Reflection disappers. A true style emergency!


Font Colour: (E700AD)

Willow Wisp: "Willow darling, thanks once more for being my first customer in Ponyville! I hope you find somewhere fabulous to wear that dress."
Honeywing: "Oh Honeywing dear~ Seeing you again was such a treat after coming here. You've been so wonderful to me! The night at the Gala will be one I'll remember forever and always~"
Bramble Rose: "Ahh, my wonderful model! Bramble dear, thank you ever so for stepping out of your comfort zone for me, the fliers have made business boom~"
Neon Pop: "Neon Pop, the Pop Princess! What a treat it was to meet you, I'm elated that you enjoyed your styling, and I do hope you'll come again sometime!"
Buckwheat: "You adorable little thing you, it was such a pleasure meeting you, I do hope your Mother and Grandmother loved their outfits."
Dubstep: "Dear, I'm so glad you liked your tux! I hope it was a smash at the party! Stop by again anytime you like."
​Maximilian Rockefilly Jr.: "Such a charming businessman. I do hope that you and Silk had a lovely time and I hope that we'll be able to do business again darling!"

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