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Wicked Wishes

Wicked Wishes

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Name: Wicked Wishes


Gender: Mare


Age: Adult


Species: Unicorn Pony


Coat: Pink with black hooves that fade into her coat.


Mane/Tail: White, long, and largely unrestrained. Possesses a strange weightless quality.


Eye Colour: Deep Carmine sclera with no visible iris or pupil.


Physique: Long and lithe.


Residence: She primarily resides in a non-dimensional space that manifests as a magnificent yet mad mansion with seemingly endless rooms. She can summon the entrance upon any solid surface, or simply connect a physical door to the impossible space. She also owns an old, abandoned-looking cabin somewhere within the Everfree forest.


Occupation: She does not have an occupation in the traditional sense. She is beholden to a power much greater than herself, although she is not heavily managed by it as it happens that simply doing as she pleases ultimately fulfills its needs in the end. She maintains her lifestyle through use of her power, trickery, and sometimes even tribute.


Cutie Mark: A decorative, jewel-encrusted silver hoof mirror floating within a black splotch upon the flank.




Unique Traits:


The Disquiet - Wicked Wishes’ magic is fueled by a cosmic madness that exists beyond the known limits of existence. It is a dark power that is sensitive to the thought and emotion of sophont beings. It is a versatile power that is largely only limited by the user’s creativity. While this negatively charged power is great, it is not without its limitations.


The Disquiet allows Wicked Wishes to perform such feats as (But not limited to): Summon servants of varying levels of power and ability, summon physical objects both mundane and enchanted, instantaneously teleport, make identical autonomous copies of herself, manipulate the physical capabilities of herself and others, change the physical appearance of herself and others, and manipulate the physical forces affecting individuals and objects.


Mad Mare’s Mask - Although this mask appears to be composed of a polished ceramic material, it is nigh-impervious to forces both kinetic and magical.


History: The glamorous and exceedingly eccentric Unicorn Pony that calls herself Wicked Wishes began her life as Pristine Wishes, the daughter of a wealthy Industrialist, living in the small Earth Pony town of Trottingham. In her youth, she was spoiled absolutely rotten, given everything she could have ever wished for, even things she didn't even think of. She was always the most popular filly in school, constantly acquiring an almost obsessive following of Ponies craving her attention and approval. She ruled the social scene with an iron-clad hoof, condemning others to languish in obscurity or social exile if they didn't quite meet her sky-high standards. Needless to say, she made quite a number of Ponies absolutely miserable in their school days.


One day, a freak accident that resulted in a catastrophic fire burned her mother's successful company to the ground. While it was nopony’s fault, Pristine's family were unable to recover from the disaster and were ultimately left despondent. If it wasn't for the kind hearts and hospitality of other Ponies, they would have been out on the streets to fend for themselves. To some, this might have been considered to be some form of poetic justice. The wicked queen had been dethroned. Unable to live the life that she had become accustomed to, the only life she had even known, Pristine Wishes fell into a deep depression and steadily began to lose her grip on reality, simply unable to cope with the situation. She dropped out of school to avoid the social ramifications of all that had transpired, and also to get a job to help support her family, but she quickly found that she was unable to force herself to expend the effort to do so. In her sorrow and shame, she isolated herself from all others.


It was at her lowest point that something extraordinary happened. Something came to her from beyond all that is known and understood. A dark otherworldly power had locked onto the intense negativity pouring forth from within her. It promised her the return of all that she had lost, everything that she so desperately longed to recapture, and all that was required of her was to give unto it her physical body. Normally, such a request would give one pause, but in this particular case, there was very little deliberation. In the moments that followed, she was reborn. No longer was she Pristine, she was Wicked.


Character Personality: Wicked Wishes is entirely self-serving and her self importance is unassailable. She believes that she is entitled to whatever it is that she desires at any given moment, and is not afraid to simply take what she wants one way or another. When it comes to other individuals, she takes a different approach, attempting to win them over through gifts, pacts, or good old-fashioned charm. Existence is a game, the ever-changing rules known only to herself.


Character Summary: Wicked Wishes appears as a wealthy and desirable (although decidedly spooky) member of the upper crust that prides herself on her particular brand of beauty and grace. Her most striking feature is the black ceramic mask with a red wedge design on the forehead that she wears over the upper portion of her face. She is never without it. She is a terribly vain creature (to the point of narcissism) with an absolutely monstrous ego and a psychological need for attention. She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, with little to no regard for the consequences. Her high self image often gets her into trouble. Despite a certain madness evident within her and her particular focus on the darker things in life, she's actually quite friendly, playful, and even affectionate towards those she meets. It is difficult to discern her true intentions as the majority of the time, she's simply looking to have some fun. She is an enigma, sometimes even to herself.



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