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[Hippogriff] Cydonia [Finished]


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Roleplay Type: Mane

Name: Cydonia

Sex: Female

Age: 'Mare' (32)

Species: Hippogriff

Eye Color:French Rose (F64A8A) Left eye damaged and permanently dialated so appears off colour.

Coat Color: Pale Aqua (BCD4E6)

Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Long rather scruffy mane, kept in a ponytail Caribbean Green (00CC99) colour. Tail same colour as Coat, more pony esque but griffon length. Wings have one white feather each. Deep claw mark scar (3 lines) across left eye.

Physique: Fit and muscular.

Cutie Mark: A Maul and a few nails

Origin/Residence:Bareback Gulch/Canterlot

Occupation: Woodworker/Carpenter. Former Sellsword

Motivation: To relax finally, and enjoy her hobby.

Likes: Lemon tea, rainy nights, misty mornings, The Princesses.

Dislikes: Fighting, deserts, splinters, warping.

Character Summary: Many years ago, in the hot desert town of Bareback Gulch, Cydonia was born. Prior to her birth, Cydonia's mother, a griffon by the name of Alaston Whitequill resided further north, in the industrial hot spot called Beakbreak City. A dark and smoke covered city, filled with traders and airships, but the even darker side of the city held worse, smugglers, thiefs and swindlers. This was her mothers home though. One night, after walking home from her job at the ship-breaking yard, Alaston was attacked out of nowhere by a group of muggers, after whatever money she may have had on her. Thankfully for Alaston, a stallion nearby overheard the ruckus, and rushed to her aid. After the ordeal was over the stallion checked on her, introducing himself and making sure she was well. The pony's name was Gold Rush, the owner of a small bar, just around the corner. Helping the griffonness to her feet, Gold took her to his bar, which doubled as his abode. After this act of kindness, the two became fast friends, and inevitably much more. Before long, the two were happily wed, and not long after, they were with foal!

As much as Alaston rejoiced at this news, she couldn't help but to recall the attack, and others like it that happened to the citizens of that area of the city, and worry. And so, the lovers left behind their city, where they had met and fell in love, for the safety of Bareback Gulch, a small quiet mining town, where they could raise their coming child in peace.

Growing up in a small mining town, Cydonia had very few friends, partly because of the small amount of children in the town, but also partly because of her halfbreeding. Ponies often dislike things away from the norm, and that's just what little Cyd was. Despite this, she took it all in stride with her head held high. Her mother always taught her to treat other as she wished to be treated, and she did just that. Kind words in the face of hate and help in the face of hindrance. As she went through school, she, like many children, tried all she could to find her special talent, everything from dancing to singing and drink mixing to sewing. Nothing seemed to work for her and she had nearly given up. Until one particularly hot summer day, Cydonia met one of the towns eldest members. A stallion who had been around since well near the founding of the mines. The old pony sat on his porch, whittling away and carving the pieces of a small bird house. Surprised at how a older pony, whose hooves were so shaky, could carve such delicate designs into wood, Cydonia sat down under the shade of the porch and watched. For hours she watched the stallion chip away and carve ivy like designs into it, before finally nailing it together.

With a smile the old stallion greeted Cyd, apologizing for being so enthralled in his work that he forgot to say hello. Shaking her head excitedly, she dismissed this, telling the elder just how fascinating she found the process and much to the pony's surprise, asked if he could teach her how to do it. So before long, every afternoon, after school, Cydonia would arrive at the old stallion's home and practice. And practice. And practice. Having returned home after one of her lessons, her mother gasped in surprise and happiness; for in Cydonia's own work enthralled state, the young Hippogriff had failed to notice her new cutie mark, a maul and some ten bit nails, symbolizing her talent in carpentry.

Using her new found talent, Cydonia spent her evenings and mornings making toys and gewgaws for her classmates and teachers, giving them out as signs of friendship and goodwill, even to the ones who shunned and disliked her.

Though as she grew into adulthood, Cydonia soon learned that kindness and helpfullness and trinkets of wood wouldn't pay for things alone, and that the world turned to the sound of money. Having no interest in the mining business of the town, and lacking the skill of a bartender to help her father in his bar, the Hippogriff looked into alternate ways of income, before finally settling on a particular job of interest. Becoming a sellsword. Cydonia had became skilled in combat, having very little else to do and no interest in the girly things. A few years of this went by and Cydonia had grown used to the day in day out fighting, feeling like little more than a machine. That is until one fateful day, an expedition to the Everfree Forest with a shady group of characters. This of course, was not out of the norm. But the reason for the expedition was. The group consisted of nothing more than cutthroats and shysters, who in the night stole away with Cydonia's equipment, leaving her to fend alone in the Everfree.

After a couple days of wandering, Cydonia had nearly found her way out. The only thing that stood between her and a safe trip home was the one who had hired her for the job in the first place. It had seemed the large griffon had returned to make sure that there wouldn't BE an escape, after having learned of how resourceful she could be. Before long a fight ensued, Cyd tried her best to fight back, and held her own for the most part, until her attacker her slashed her across her left eye, temporarily blinding her and kicked her to the ground before drawing her own stolen sword on her. Scared for her life and in pain, Cyd got her footing once more, vowing that if she made it out of this alive, she was done with the life of a blade. Thinking quickly, Cyd glanced around, taking note of a large branch with a crack just above her enemy. Swiftly she flew up, kicking the branch, causing the heavy limb to land with a thud on the griffon. Without so much as a look back, Cydonia made her escape.

Not long later, Cydonia kept true to her promise. Her wound having healed, she bid her family goodbye, and moved on to a better city, Canterlot; where she used what money she had to set up shop. A small wood crafting and carpentry store by the name of Burin Woodworks, in honour of her old mentor. And to this day, Cydonia has kept true to her vow, having pushed past the old rebellious ways she learned to make money, and back to the cheerful wood crafter she was always meant to be.

Overall, Cydonia's personality is kindhearted, sweet, and patient. Never one to hold a grudge against someone, she'll always help those in need, should they need food or shelter for the night, or a repair to their roof. Although behind the kindness, the young Hippogriff has a different side, a lonesome and hurt side, because no matter how much you forgive the taunting, it still hurts in the end. Her self worth has taken massive blows over the years, causing her bouts with sorrow and self pity. Arguments and fights tend to bring out another side in her, one of quiet fury, for as much as she wants to forget her old ways, now and again she feels the urge to step in and fight, where she has none, often becoming quite defensive if the subject involves her in the least. Her work on the other hoof, quells this, the small detailed designs give her a calm output for her nervous or angry energy. When the rains come, there's nothing Cydonia loves more than sitting out on her porch with a nice warm cup of lemon tea, just like her mother used to make. Despite loathing the heat of the desert, Cydonia does often miss her family, and plans to at least visit now and again, when she has the time.

Additional Status:

Poison Joke Reaction: Becomes jittery and impatient, causing her to be unable to work on delicate or intricate pieces.

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