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Mid Wobble [FINAL]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria

Name: Mid Wobble

Sex: Female

Age: Young mare

Species: Unicorn

Coat Color: Extremely pale yellow, almost white

Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style:

Mane: Mid-length, hangs over to one side, and completely straight. Dark red with sky blue striped running through it from root to tip.

Tail: Somewhat short, and playfully scruffy. Same colors as mane.

Other markings:

Eye Color: Ruby red.

Cutie Mark: A double synth track clipping with a sky blue tremolo line running through each line. (Fun fact, this cutie mark was actually plucked from my acid studio interface for the synth line to my song Cut by a Sharp Note.)

Physique: Slender, and relatively short, although she prefers to be called "fun-sized."

Origin: Fillydelphia

Occupation: DJ / musical engineering genius.

Motivation: To make the world dance… or rock. Whichever comes first.

Likes: Big speakers, complicated rhythms, fast beats, and low bass, dubtrot, parties, coffee, candy, anything sugary that will keep her going through her long work sessions, napping, and (secretly) Deep Bass.

Dislikes: Musical critics, being called any derogatory term for a short pony, decaf, technical difficulties, overly boring events, mean ponies, and the sound of a whistle. (Not just any whistle, but a sports whistle)

Character Summary:

History- Born and raised in Fillydelphia, Mid Wobble was always at home in the streets, where she was quite the troublemaker as a young Filly. Her father was a dock worker, and her mother a waitress at a local jazz club. By day, Midsy would run the streets with her other friends, obviously up to no good, making mischief, and committing vandalistic acts. But of course, with vandalism not being the talent she was meant to have, she was always getting caught after all her "friends" would turn tail and scoot, leaving her to deal with the authorities. After seeing their filly get brought home by the authorities one too many times, Midsy's parents decided to try to teach her a lesson. Every morning, her mother would walk her to school, and pick her up afterward, taking her to work with her, and making her bus tables at the jazz bar until she learned her lesson. One night she watched a performance by the jazz group "Nickel Strings and the Stallions." As she watched the performance, and listened to the wonderful sounds they made, she decided what she was going to do with her life. She wanted to make music… now, if only she knew how to play an instrument. After earning her cutie mark, she was enrolled in the Fillydelphia School for Musical Foals, where she met Deep Bass, the son of the pony whose group turned her to music, and immediately had a crush on him. Of course they became friends, and have remained friends to this day.

Parents - Father: Iron Bar, a dock worker unicorn. Mother: Crystal Chandelier, a waitress earth pony.

Cutie Mark Story - After discovering the joy of bass-driven music at the jazz bar her mother worked at, Midsy desperately searched for a way to create something that could possibly match the caliber, yet reflect her inner energetic nature. She tried to learn how to play a wide variety of instruments, mostly by loitering in the instrument shops around Filly. The shop owners didn't particularly like this, especially when she tried to learn to play brass instruments. After a while, she had just about given up. As a last act of attempting, she found a magic operated keyboard, which genuinely piqued her interest. A bit skeptical at first, she tried to play it, using her magic, and much to her surprise, the keyboard made a new kind of sound to her. It was a low, flangy bass line, and she loved it. As an act of bravery, she tried to hit the same keyboard with two shots of magic, at once. This time, the bass was accompanied by a wooping lead. Midsy poured her entire allowance into that keyboard, and rushed home to show her parents what she could do. At first, they thought the electro-magical noise was annoying, but if it kept their filly out of trouble, it was something they could put up with it. After a while of practicing, Midsy finally learned how to make all the tracks come out of the keyboard at the same time. Once again, she showed her parents, and now they were slightly impressed. After a short debate, the two decided to enroll their daughter in the Fillydelphia School for Musical Foals. When the audition day came, Midsy was more nervous than she had ever been, practically shaking in front of the judges. The judges asked her to perform, but she couldn't move. Not until she saw a white pegasus colt playing a guitar in the room across from her with such confidence, it made her jealous. She decided to buck up, and give it her all. She hit the keyboard with multiple streams of magic, causing the keyboard to produce a heavy beat, electro-magical tones following. By the end of the song, the judges were dancing, and Midsy lived it. She loved to see how happy ponies were when they danced. The one thing she didn't enjoy was the burning sensation on her flank. However, when she looked back, she spotted her brand new cutie mark. That day couldn't have gotten any better.

Flaws – A bit ditzy at times, Easily becomes over-absorbed in her work, still somewhat of a hooligan.

Personality - As stated before, Midsy is a rather ditzy mare, who is always up for anything from a party to a quiet evening with a cup of coffee, and a quill and a piece of sheet music. She loves to watch ponies dancing, and loves to make them dance even more. She's always supportive and loyal to anypony she meets, and would give the mane from her head to a freezing bunny to use as a blanket. Even though she left that life long ago, she'll always have a little bit of street rat in her.

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