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(Ponyville) Town Center Roof Repair (Open)


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Ever wonder what happened back in Ponyville while the cast was looking for the missing Applejack, after she went off to win the blue ribbons and prize money to fix the Town Center roof? Here's your chance to role-play that episode's (fictional) Back story...

Applejack had not returned from her quest to win money to repair the Town Center Roof when the sound of plodding hooves heralded the arrival of a green-maned, white–coated Unicorn, pulling a cartload of finished lumber up the road from the East. Coming to rest in front of the half-roofed Ponyville Town Center, the stallion wiped the sweat from his brow, looked around, then asked in a loud voice , “Can somepony in charge of fixing up this here building sign for this lumber? I’ve hauled it here from the Whitetail Woods at the request of somepony called Applejack.”

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"That'd be me!" Applejack trotted briskly towards the white unicorn, grabbed a pencil with her mouth, and signed her name with the movement of her teeth and tongue. "There!" Applejack did not win any prize money, but since she agreed to help, she would continue to do her part, as a good Ponyville citizen. She had arranged a business deal with a lumberjack in the Whitewood involving apples. She could iron out the details later, but for now, she really wanted this Town Center fixed and out of her mind of things to do.

Applejack tilted her head at the white unicorn. "So you must be Leafy, the one I sent letters to over the past few days arranging this. Are you going to help us? Cuz we could really use the extra effort."


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