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Crescent's Singing/Voice Acting


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Hello and Welcome to CBlaze's singity song and voice acting request thread!!! :D

IDK people tell me I can sing and I do LOVE to sing so go ahead and let me know of a song you might like me to cover and i'll dedicate a recording just for you :3 seriously...anything from country to dubsteb with lyrics I'll do it, I truly love to sing.

Also Ive been getting a lot of folks telling me I should do voice acting and I enjoy what little of it I have done so any impersonations, voices or lines/scripts you want me to do just ask :)

EDIT: gonna keep updating this post with anything new and also, I am now open for song requests :D

me doing "This day aria" in a more normal voice


newest installment...the Smile Song! :D (acapella because reasons)


ok so guys...guess what. I am voicing the main character in this first episode of an ongoing saga of a VERY intriguing pony story. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check it out! :sad: (pssssst I play greed just in case you cant recognize my voice :) ) I'll be honest I feel out of place with my mediocre attempt at this next to the phenomenal voice acting of Rina-Chan, and Aimee Smith. Those gals are so good...

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fine...but only cuz you're both so nice...I may do another one in my regular singing voice as well, cuz in this Im trying to make it sound different for each part and that was actually really fun/annoying. the fun part being the king metamorphose part and the annoying being the shining armor parts

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So on a whim I went and redid This Day Aria and just did one take without going back and fixing anything. holy crap it came out way better than expected. tell me what you think this one or the other one. (this may have had something to do with only having one headphone over my ear :P )


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