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    Hey, Skye. I love you.
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    There once was a girl named SkyeGazer who gazed upon the world of Canterlot.com and became rather intrigued. She had never done any RP before, but decided spur of the moment to leap headfirst into it and here she was! So yeah, thanks for that over the top introduction narrator me! Hello everyone! As you can see, first and foremost I am a giant nerd. I also fancy myself creative and hope that I come across as silly and lighthearted as I feel. I spend a great deal of my time playing video games and perusing youtube, but I also recently took up crochet and using corel painter to make the arts. I found Canterlot.com through another pony that you all may know on here as @KaityKat. I became of fan of MLP when I was younger, one of the shows I remember most was: My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas I discovered MLP:FiM when my youngest son was a baby. I wanted some fun family friendly show for us to watch together and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was still around and very charming! I haven't quite finished the last season, but its on my very long and semi-disorganized to do list. My favorite main pony is Fluttershy. She is very similar to real life me in many was. Especially her love of animals, how she starts off super duper shy and slowly starts coming out of herself over time and how nurturing, empathetic and compassionate she is. I'm still working out details on my characters but I wanted to jump on here and say hi and start lurking so that I can get a feel for how this RP thing works!
  6. "You seem pretty good at knowing what the public wants." she started "I'm kind of looking for an idea to introduce for Nightmare Night." She explained "Something new and exciting, but something ponies will love." she popped one of the spicy candies into her mouth and walked over to the counter, gesturing to the bowl she'd placed there with the red candies. "So far, this was my idea." she hoofed the bowl over to him "You guess which candy you're getting. Then you try it. If you're right, you get a free chocolate. There's Cherry, Strawberry, Watermelon and Cinnamon." She giggled evilly at the last one. "Anyway, so yeah. It's not the most creative idea I've had." she frowned slightly. At this point, her eyes just began to water, but her face showed no other signs of being affected by the candy.
  7. Checking back. Sad MLP is over. Hope I can stay friends with you guys long after! 

  8. Stellar looked back and saw the hippogriff with her wagon. "Oh, Celestia!" He exclaimed, blushing profusely "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to- I was just-" he stopped himself I really need to pay better attention he thought as he backed away to position himself at the back of the line. Whispering a little "Sorry" to each creature as he passed. The embarrassment was so bad he thought about just giving in and maybe coming back tomorrow. but he stayed. Rose seemed pretty excited for her apples, and he didn't want to make her sad.
  9. Stellar Drift looks super cute!

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      Oh, hm. um, you may have misunderstood some things from my post in the thread. As well as his character bio.


      Stellar is an adult. Not a colt lol.


      Also, cutting the line was not meant  to be a part of the rp. I didn't realise we'd started rping the wait in line. Maybe I should've read some of the posts before mine. I would've done mine differently. :/

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      Oh, sorry. The picture made me think colt! No biggie, I can make edits later. As for the line cutting not being intentional- it certainly seemed so, so we just swung with it!

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      If you ever want to know who is in line, check every post I make! I put the order of the line in the top spoiler. This is what it is currently:

      13 Kisses left!
      88. Silverstream
      89. Smolder
      90. Grubber
      91. Candy Cain
      92. Spike
      93. Stellar Drift

  10. Why, look at the nervous stallion who came up to the stand. You didn't see ponies with glasses all that commonly in these parts. When Applejack was a youngin' she had a brief run-in with a disease that gave her some eye problems. She wore these thick rims and could swear it did more harm than good for her. But she figured that if you needed it everyday and your family wasn't doing it for a few weeks to save your eyes or somesuch than they'd spend a fair bit more on it than hers had. He also seemed rather shy, just like a lot of the stallions she saw today. At least he had a good idea when it came to what sort of apples he wanted. Ambrosia was one of the less popular types 'round these parts but she didn't skimp when it came to the proper supply of them today. Of course there was a bit of a problem with that. He had cut the whole line! Judging by his nervousness, Applejack figured that it wasn't a case of intentional mischief as much as it was him being slightly overwhelmed. She wasn't alone in thinking this was out of place as Silverstream seemed confused. “Ambrosia? Well, you bet yer tail Ah'll have a big ol' bushel ready for ya when you come up. But, and Ah'm sorry 'bout this fella, but there is a line and ya did just cut in front of it!” She said with a chuckle. “When you come back up in tha line Ah'll even throw in a few extra Ambrosias, on yer account,” She winked with a smile. Which brought her back to Silverstream, a Hippogriff who didn't know the concept of being tongued tied any better than a fish knew the concept of the sun. She was effervescent and excitable and that seemed to draw in creatures from all walks of life. She was the friendly glue that held their best students together, and everypony knew that in Equestria all good glue was made from apples! “An' here we go, just you an' Ah, Silverstream. What brings you ta mah neck of tha woods this fine day?” Applejack asked inquisitively, playing dumb, It was fun sometimes. *Silverstream* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
  11. The scarred unicorn pony had received her apples and mandatory kisses. And when she started to turn away, the hippogriff began to step up with her wagon behind her to be the next customer in line, her eyes closed as she gleefully trotted up to Applejack. But, right as she approached the apple stand a light grey pegasus walked in front of her and started talking to Applejack with no hesitation. Although the pony seemed cordial with Applejack, he also appeared overly nervous. Silverstream was just confused as to where he came from, as she was sure she was next after tempered unicorn. She scratched her head as she thought out loud. "Um, I'm confused. Was he ahead of me this whole time?" She honestly didn't know, and was unsure how to proceed. The line she was in wasn't all that long, but she had been waiting at least five minutes for the chance to dumb Ponyville's token fruit into her wagon.
  12. Stellar Drift had heard about the event at Sweet Apple Acres. He was in Ponyville to visit his friend Compass Rose. She needed some more fruit, and apples were the last item on the list. He knew that if he'd come earlier, he'd have been socially obligated to participate in this kissing booth idea. He wasn't too keen on the concept of kissing a complete stranger, so he had waited until he was sure all the 100 kisses had been taken. As the sun began to lower in the sky, he figured he'd waited long enough. "No offence, Miss Applejack" he said to himself "but I'm just not interested in kisses. Apples, yes. Kisses, not so much." He made his way up the trail to the farm, thinking about what little he knew about Applejack. He knew she was one of the friends of Princess Twilight who helped save Equestria multiple times. That was impressive and respectable. He knew she was a farmpony (he only learned today through hearing of this event) which tells him she's probably hardworking. Another respectable trait. He'd also heard she was known for being the most honest pony around. Honesty is a very important trait, he thought to himself. He walked up the road, finally finding himself approaching the booth. "Oh, horsefeathers" he complained to himself "I thought she'd be done, by now." welp, he thought to himself, no turning back, now. He decided he'd better just get it over with. I mean at least it's somepony who he has respect for. He knew she'd probably respect his wish not to participate if he asked, but he didn't want to be rude. He sheepishly walked up to the booth "So... you must be Applejack." he started, trying his best to be casual. He wasn't very good at small talk. "I heard there were lots of apples that needed to be sold." he dug his hoof in the ground for a moment, not sure what he should say or do "So, um... do you have any, um..." he pulled out the list he'd been given by his friend "Ambrosia?" he read carefully "Yeah, Ambrosia apples. My friend really likes the sweet fruits, and she says they're the sweetest."
  13. Sunset Shimmer ceased her illusion spell as Tempest Shadow spoke up again, this time about the insecurity she faced whenever offered friendship. She didn’t get to far before noticing that Feng and Hanabi had followed the two unicorns. Fortunately, things had calmed down enough for Tempest to be comfortable having them around, so she went back to describing her friendship difficulties. Being the avatar of Empathy that she was, Sunset Shimmer could recognize that Tempest Shadow was in the beginning stages of accepting new acquaintances into her life. Although they both lived in different dimensions and barely knew one another, Sunset herself could feel a certain connection with Tempest she rarely felt with other non-Twilight ponies... save perhaps for the friendship apprentice — Starlight Glimmer — who surprise, surprise... ALSO shared a dark and troubled past. .....Twi certainly seemed to attract the bad girls, didn’t she? “I... actually have an idea about that.” Sunset chimed in optimistically; “I live in a different world from yours, and I guess you’re the sort of pony who moves around constantly. If I call in a favor or two however... I could get you a magic journal so we can keep in touch! It’s how I stay in contact with Princess Twilight whenever I’m not in Equestria.” The amber unicorn sheepishly kicked the ground around her hoof; “But yeah, it’s not everyday I find a pony in Equestria I can relate to. It’d mean a lot to me Tempest if we could be pen-pals.....”
  14. Taira kept up his run on the mill, "I understand." he said with a nod of his head. He kept the response short since he wanted to save his breath for this sustained sprint. The wolf was mildly miffed knowing he'd be on longer than usual, but he gave his word and there was no way he was going to break it. If he was in this for the long haul there was no use crying about it... At least the scenery was nice. In the crowd he saw Blueblood looking his way and gave the prince a smile from the distance. He could also see quite a few interesting faces. That blue Griffin was interesting to watch awkwardly talk with that admittedly attractive member of his species. It was almost like watching himself as a pup talking to the rest of the pack on the mountain. The rest in the line that caught his attention were so fascinating looking. Was that a griffin with the hindquarters of a pony and a stallion with bat wings?There were so many he'd need to make sure to pester... someday he'd have to sneak into that school and see what the fuss was about.
  15. Applejack saw the ten bits on the counter and had to suppress some excitement. Why, two bushels meant twice the health-helpin', day-makin', and smile-inducing delivery of apples to one Tempest and that could only mean the good and best things in life were aligning behind her Shadowed mind. She swept the ten bits up and hunkered down again, collecting for Tempest another full bushel. A more eclectic collection of apple varieties this time to give her the required spice in her life. Well, not spice. Apples. If the apples were tasting spicy then something was deeply, deeply wrong. After she got the second bushel, she heaved it on top of the counter and pushed it over to take its place next to its sister. “Two bushels yer payin' for, two bushels yer receivin'!” Applejack exclaimed happily, noted Tempest's second gift was now quite necessary. The unicorn had requested the kisses be placed on on her cheeks which suited Applejack just fine. She doubted it would go well if the kisses were placed on the lips anyway. She was liable to get bit. Tempest seemed the type to bite when being affectionate. “No problem there, Tempest,” Applejack said with a chuckle. She then leaned over and gave her Tempest two kisses, one on each cheek, one a little wetter than the other as she didn't cup the face or pull Tempest in. That'd make her feel uncomfortable and an uncomfortable Tempest Shadow was liable to suplex a mare on top of her own stand. “There ya go, Tempest. Hope yer gonna enjoy them apples! They're a wonderful crop this year. Ah reckon whether yer in for a treat, baking, or just good ol' fashioned home décor and aromra yer on tha docket! Y'all have a good one now, ya hear?” She said as Tempest took her apples and left. Another satisfied customer. Applejack took another swig of water and was ready for the next. “Come on up!” *Silverstream* Kissed 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90
  16. It was a little concerning that Applejack, the mother, had no idea who was being asked to watch her child. That seemed like the first creature in the world who should have a handle on the matter. Didn't Fluttershy at least talk about who she was going to ask to watch the kid with Applejack? The two Professors did more than just work together, after all. Whatever, he'd just take it as a point of pride that he was apparently such an obvious choice that Professor Fluttershy didn't think Professor Applejack needed to be told about it beforehoof. He was just that good. You could count on him to handle any job no matter how harsh or sensitive, no matter how complex or daunting. His self-confidence did not just inform him that he was capable of doing this and emboldened him to do what needed to be done, it gave him a sense that it wasn't at all just bluster. That he really was the best for the job. Or at least that's what he thought. Professor Applejack didn't seem to hold that same opinion, based on her reaction. He could spot a plastered smile and he knew what she was implying. She didn't think he could do it. She didn't know if he was mature enough, smart enough, attentive enough, trustworthy enough. She didn't know if he was good enough because how could he be? She was a loving mother and he was just some kitten with a snarky attitude. He felt stupid for thinking Professor Applejack wouldn't have concerns, and he felt worse because her words had fertilized the soil of his own self-doubt, hidden as it was behind bluster. “I can do it,” he said as he started to take flight, hovering as he did in front of the Professor. It was a sign of his nervousness. “I've read up on it, right? I didn't watch a lot of chicks- except for the ones that I grew up with, helped them with some stuff. Kittens taking care of chicks and chicks kittens, ya know? I know what foals need. And I know what I'm capable of. Your foal won't be in any danger as long as I'm around, Professor,” he spoke quickly and with a hint of friendly aggression that masked as much as it could his sense of growing anxiety. “I'll do it. I'll even fly over to your aunt's place with Silverstream while I'm doing it!” Overpromising never hurt a griffon before, right?
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  18. Dunnie chuckled at Blueblood's late thoughtfulness with the kitchenette. It was the thought that counted, afterall. "Oh, Blueblood. Lack of a cooking space is no worry, I get to take a break and we get to try the local cuisine!" She pulled the fast-food bag free from under her wing and set it inside the tent. The brown bag's bottom was stained noticeably dark from the oils. Just as soon as the bag was set down, it seemed that the line was moving. Talk about good timing, "Right, lead the way!" She tried not to get swept up by the crowd and stick close to Blueblood. How this place managed to not turn into a full on riot was beyond the brown pony. So many bodies were lined up and eager to taste something of such a limited supply. The Apple family must be flattered. She was trotting alongside Bluey while glancing about the trees and landscape. She would have flown overhead, but, she also wanted to blend in as well as she could. When the unicorn pulled her attention toward someone she knew, she glanced over to see none other than...Zelda. "Ah! Zelda!" Her eyes lit up. Indeed, she was an old friend. They had been through a lot and shared a lot with each other. Though, the bird has not seen this form of Dunnie. "Oh, two cups?" She asked. Perhaps she could get another cup with some cunning. "Well, it seems most ponies already know you are as you are, so." She took one of the mugs, thanking Blueblood for the payment and smiling down and thanking Sweetiebelle too. So cute! "Anyway, seems that the cider is going to run out before you can try." She eyed the cider stocks, already getting dangerously low.
  19. Tempest felt taken aback at how AJ reacted to her plans, going on a small rant about that remark. It left her just blinking, even if AJ was speaking gentle it was fussing all the same. Like some old mother mare fussing at her colt for being stuped but trying to be nice about it. It was weird. “I made no remark about being isolated, I just want to explore something that may be good for me. To find myself, my real self and learn to love what I am and not worry about…” She sighs and shakes her head. “Later, we can talk later. Plenty wanting apples and not here to see us fuss like your my mother.” She says with a roll of her eyes before nuzzling in to her sadeel bags to grab sack of coins. Plopping it on counter she looked back at AJ, eyeing her up before talking. “If you must kiss me… fine. But on the cheek. Plase, all I ask is that you respect my boundaries on this.” She says pushing ten bits over. “I want two bushels… so, two kisses on the cheek? Can use some more apples on the road when I head out in the morning.” She added explaining why she wanted two, it was nothing fancy or trying to mess with AJ. She just needed some food for the road and may as well buy it from AJ.
  20. The fact you end up as one of the… bipedal things in that world made it sound so much worse, Temy can’t even think about what it is like to wiggle about on one's back legs than fail their… arms? Arms was it? About to grab things. At least griffins walked about like a civilized species! Belh! But far more fascinating and less sad than that fate was Sunsets take on why she comes back. friendship, and not just some good friends. But something more. A best mate, a brother in arms that you trust and knows you like no other. That was her bond with Twilight. Something She never… Well maybe one time did have. But such feelings for another so far removed from ehr life now they seemed no different than reading about some pony in an old book. As for… the tones other picked up on, they were all but lost on Temy. Such notes of love and romance were so outside of her reach of understanding they did not even register as a passing thought. To her eyes this was bound of deep camaraderie. Something she did wish, even thinking about Sunny having such a bound with an other left her feeling some about of want for the same. What it must be like to have such a strong tie come back to someplace so far away time and time again just to see them. “You are lucky to have such a thing…” She says looking at the lake, ears aiming behind her at the two following them. She was very aware they have been. “One day maybe I shall have such camaraderie again and not be scared of it. When ever some pony reaches out all I see are daggers behind backs. That is my world and my own jail it seems. I know I am in it yet I can not find the key to let myself free. Even now…” She darts her head back to look at the two following them, before they even talked she was staring at them with a flick of an ear. “Fine, join us again. Saves you following like lost pups.” She looked back to Sunset sighing and taped her hoof at the water. “One brick at a time I breaking free. Its slow. Painfull. But at least I know… As much as I hate it, much of this jail is my own making. Now I must unmake it… And maybe it's best not to do it alone. I just have to learn how to open the door to let help in.”
  21. Twi watched the colt thoughtfully as he trotted about exploring the sun bathed space. She nodded to herself while he was looking away. Yes, this would be the perfect way to make sure she paid poor Valen back for all the hardship she had caused him. She'd do the cleanse of course, but she intended to imbue some extra magic into the situation. To bolster him up and make him feel strong. To lighten his mood and help him along his way. None of those things would have an ill effect, she was sure of it! "Well," She blew dust off the edge of the ancient bookshelf she'd had brought over form the castle of the Two Sisters. "I enjoying using magic in here every now and then! plus, it's really nice in here today now that the sun's out!" She was cheerful enough but her mind was already whirring away. The cogs and gears setting the correct incantations in the right stanzas. This was a big spell she was gearing up the perform and she found she did some of her best complicated magic in this room. "Ok Valen!" She called to him as she levitated the run with markings on it to the side. Underneath were a set of scorched ruins that had been taken from were Star Swirl had originally made them and laid into the floor of the solarium. The ones on the carpet would have worked but these held a deeper, more pure sort of magic. Twi could feel it in her horn as soon as the runes were exposed. The sunlight danced down the triangular edge of a rune that had been inlaid with silver. Another sparkled of gold and still another platinum. "You can go ahead and stand right here!" She pointed enthusiastically to the center of the circle. "This shouldn't take very long. Just don't move." Her horn was already starting to spark as she spoke. The air became thick with magic then. It swirled about the alicorn in purple and pink swaths. Twilight muttered incantations under her breath while straining to wrangle in the tendrils of power that had begun to dance around the room. Sparkles and pops of power showered down here and there and Valen was slowly levitated a few inches above the center ruin in the floor. The alicorn Princess dug her hind hooves into the stone floor as the magic's energy began to push her backwards. A curious wind picked up out of nowhere and howled around the room. "I've got this!" The Princess told herself as she conjured up every ounce of what the spell she had researched called for. It was a dozy for sure and Valen would be so happy with the outcome. Sure she'd mixed in a few of her own hopes and dreams for the colt, it was almost impossible not to do so. She tried to keep her focus on what he wanted only but she cared about him and that would of course leak into the spell. "Uh!" Twi faltered for one moment trying to grapple with the enormity of the spell, right before a bright pink column of magic blasted from her horn towards Valen. Her eyes went glowing white as the magic wrapped itself around her target. The whole room turned brilliant white and then... darkness.
  22. The Great and Powerful Trixie! It was a calm and peaceful day, the sun was shining bright, though past its nexus and starting on it's path to the far horizon. The few clouds in the sky were barely drifting through their path toward whatever their ultimate destination was (likely the everfree if the weatherponies didn't remember to reclaim them later, since it tended to suck in any weather nearby...) On the outskirts of ponyville sat a familiar wagon, its stage out but not fully setup right now since there was no show planned. However on the stage were several boxes of props that a familiar unicorn was going through, looking for inspiration for a new show she was planning when she had a longer break from her new job - after all, as much as she enjoyed working at the school with her best friend, there was a certain joy that Trixie could only get from being on stage! Trixie gently held one of her infamous smokebombs, regarding it critically "yanno... these really dont last long enough" she though aloud "sure they're good enough to slip behind the curtain, but even with my Great and Powerful teleportation they just aren't quite... great and powerful enough!" she stared at the small orb a moment longer as a grin filled her face, she gently placed it down on the stage and took a step or two back, carefully taking a moment to aim (and being over-the-top theatrical with her 'precision'), her horn glowed as she concentrated and fired off a spell. The orb glowed brightly a moment as the transfiguration spell gook hold, then it returned to normal. Trixie grinned as she took the small glass ball in her hoof and climbed onto the stage "and now!" she announced to the imaginary crowd "The Great and Powerful Trixie will disappear from your view!" her horn glowed as she prepared her teleportation spell and threw down the smoke bomb. The cloud of smoke was enormous, quickly obscuring not only Trixie, not only her stage, but the entire clearing! the unicorn began coughing - unable to focus on her teleportation spell; causing it to fizzle out, her eyes and lungs burning, and with far less pizzaz and in a hilarious turn of events she quickly jerked open her wagon's window and stuck her head inside to get some fresh air... while she waited for the cloud to dissipate... "Clearly Trixie *cough* doesn't know her own power! *cough cough*"
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  24. Hanabi Followed along behind Feng as she approached, ears still listening to Sunset and Tempest's conversation. The topic soon turned to someone special it seemed. Hanabi recognized that tone of voice. She'd recalled it from when she would talk about her interest in Feng with one of the other trusted friends she had in the castle. It helped that the chef's nose was sharper than a ponies... she could practically smell the love in the air coming off Sunset in waves. Having seen this look on eng before helped, but remembering who he thought about when he had it often made her feel irritated. Sunset's comparison to being next to a blazing fireplace when around them. Hanabi had felt that feeling not long ago when hugged up beside Feng, Stinky wingpit or no. Feng always made her feel warmer. Happier... Even, safer. Like she could actually handle all the workload she often had in the palace arranging things in the kitchen and handling all the orders. Ancestors know, how much of a trial opening up her first restaurant in the capital was. Having Feng to talk to ... made it seem doable. When Feng asked his question Hanabi would smile slightly and poke her head out from behind him, "If It's okay with either of you that is."
  25. Bell was loving the attention she got from such a handsome stallion. Something about him made her heart flutter, maybe because she knew he was some kind of royalty. Though she couldn't fit a name onto him, the way he talked seemed higher than normal pony folk. She knew a high class pony when she saw one. She wasn't an idiot, a fraud. She knew who she was talking to. "Why, you're not too shabby yourself." She fluttered her eyes, bringing a small smile across her face. "Ah, yes, that's right. Prince Blueblood. How quaint to meet you." She gave a smile again, noticing the line become more of a blob. "Well, I hope your duties well. Hopefully we can meet again, yes?" Fast forward.. After she got her cider, she looked at the little filly with a sparkle in her eyes. "That sounds very.. appetizing!" Bell grinned, grabbing the cider with her magic. She then hunched over, acting like she dropped something. "If only I could understand this little spec of mud- She sounds like she was raised by farm animals," she whispered to herself under her breath, very unlikely anypony heard her. "Thank you, again, little one!" The unicorn trotted away with her cider, leaving room for the next ponies up to try some. She looked around, making sure she wasn't just awkwardly standing by herself, and took a quick swig. The cider was very smooth, and very tasty. Bell actually thought it was the best drink she's ever had, and that says a lot. It was sweet, and tasted fresh and homemade. It probably was fresh and homemade. Now, the pink unicorn actually thought this was time well spent, until somepony came up to her. A black blur swooped in next to her, making Bell jump a little in shock. The mare looked incredibly athletic, grey and pink, didn't look 100% pony. Bell scrunched up her nose, trying to hold in the squeal she had in her. She didn't want this thing approaching her. The unicorn was picky with the ponies she talked too, and this was the main reason. The only thought that ran through her head was that some weird dirty half-pony got enough courage to talk to a gorgeous specimen like herself. There were so many ponies around her though, she couldn't be anything but nice. Bell took another sip, looking away then looking back at the grey mare. "Hello, there." Was all she said, as she gulped down another sip. 'Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm'....
  26. Apple Bloom served others as she spoke with the Chancellor. Would Bluebelle get an extra mug today? Hmm, the thinking cap had to go on for Apple Bloom to ponder that question. Would Bluebelle count as a different pony, or were Bluebelle and Blueblood the same person when it came to what mattered most? Which, today, was a mug of cider. The sound of a barrel changing behind her told her what the answer was. “Heh, sorry ta say but nope! Bluebelle or Blueblood, yer still Blue ta me! Now come on by tomorrow, yer gonna be able ta get yerself another mug regardless,” she said with a wink. And soon after she said that it was as if the swarm continued, and Apple Bloom could scarcely say a goodbye to the noblepony before she was working the cider as quickly as possible. Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “Yep! It's a new blend!” Two bits, mug. “Hehehe, well, there'll be more tomorrow!” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “Ah'm movin' as fast as Ah can.” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “Stop yer pushin' and pullin' back thar!” Two bits, mug. This here is a REAL workout! It went on for a very long time, it felt like. Mug after mug, customer after customer. As Apple Bloom pumped the cider and continued the sales she could feel the contraption knocking around some empty barrels, a number that grew and grew. She didn't know how long it all went on but it certainly felt like a while. She wasn't sure how much cider they had left but she was sure they had enough to make another batch or two of Sweet Apple Acre's sweetest customers satisfied. Like the next one, Midnight Oil. Apple Bloom didn't see many batponies around Ponyville. They weren't unheard of mind you, but they certainly were a rare breed apart from the others in the more rural parts of the land. His wings were really different from pegasi wings and a different coloration to boot. His eyes were super pretty too! “Howdy there! Nice ta see y'all makin' it out. Ain't seen you before! What's yer name, stranger?” Apple Bloom asked as she poured out a nice mug, this one flowing over so slightly with the foam, sending it across the table with energy as she collected the bits. @Skycoaster
  27. This would be a Mane 6 thread, but the mane 6 have lost a member (well kinda 2 if you count spike) so Instead of Twiley, I'm throwing in Starlight since she falls into that role, with optionally adding in Sunburst since the two of them make a nice team (I'm not planning to add Trixie, but if people really want her I'll throw her in too to round out that group) You wake up with very hazy memories in a strange high-tech room - the kinda of machines you only remember from Science fiction books... but something is wrong... the ship is badly damaged, almost out of power and supplies, and there seem to be some... other... creatures... among you... what happened? 1-3 players please. only choose from available cast (it will make more sense as the plot unfolds) Depending on how many players sign up, each player gets up to 3 characters. The story begins with Starlight waking up, from there she will awaken the rest of the cast as she finds them. (And as much as I hate spoilers in a mystery, if requested, I will post a plot synopsis) Cast: Starlight Glimmer: ??? Applejack: Ashton Rainbow Dash: Ashton Rarity: ??? Fluttershy: ??? Pinkie Pie: ??? (Optional) Sunburst: ??? (Optional) The Great and Powerful Trixie: ??? So Who's ready for a romp through a dilapidated Starship somewhere far from home and filled with mysteries and challenges?
  28. Silverstream's curiosity had soured the moment it spurred, as the stranger she inspected was disturbed enough to pull away. Just as he did so, the Chancellor walked by expressing his own perspective on the social blunder Silverstream would so commonly make. Although the role model would quickly get in line ahead of them, a line which lost it's meaning every second that passed. And the griffoness near the batpony was also outraged at her breach of conduct, calling her something she had never heard before. She would have to ask the elderly griffon about it later. She rubbed the back of her neck and looked away at the ground. She chuckled as she explained herself. "Oops, sorry. I just get so excited about things I've never seen before. I grew up in Seaquestria where we don't have many of the things that you can find on dry ground, and because I was born into a society trying to escape the Storm King, we never got many visitors either, especially a..." Silverstream looked around the batpony for a clue to the name of his kind, but she could not think of what it could be and she refused the obviousness in her head. "What kind of pony are you? Like a vampire pony or something?" She didn't think he was a vampire, but now that she said it out loud she started to notice the incredible length of the pony's fangs and began wondering if vampire ponies were actually a thing and not just a silly campfire story Gallus told her when they went camping not too long ago. Current fresh cider supply: 29%
  29. Tiger chuckled at her response, watching her as she thought over the question and eventually handed him some kind of candy. He looked at it for a few seconds before popping it into his mouth. He hummed to himself as he sucked on it and the spice started to get to him. He kept going though, making faces as he considered the flavor of it. Eventually, when it got too spicy even for him, he let it fall into the bucket and nodded to her. "Probably want to tone down the spiciness a bit if you plan on selling to the public, but it's otherwise good." He smiled a bit, smacking his lips a bit in appreciation.
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