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  1. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Spring Thaw Gender: Mare Age: Adult Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Teal Coat: Ford Chalk Pink Mane/Tail: Slate Black with a few stripes of gray. Her mane is kept up in a bun with a pencile holding it in place. Physique: Spring Thaw is a typical Unicorn mare in height and weight. Her eyes do have bags under them from her age and stress. She sometimes has a pare of reading glasses that rests on her head. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Instructor at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. Cutie Mark: A rectangular chalkboard with a chalk drawing of a sun. History: Character Personality: Character Summary: Spring is a very dedicated teacher and will go the extra mile for those in her classes.
  2. Luna would watch as Ice’s ball made contact with the pins. She would applaud her friend as a 3 would flash on the monitor. A machine would lift the still standing pins and clear the downed ones. “I think you get another throw?” As she looked up. “The scoring contraption says so at least. It’s still on your name.” Ah she waited for Ice Storm to make a second throw, she noticed some ponies had done food and drink delivered to their lanes. She would wave down the pony who had delivered it. “Two bargain night orders of hayfries and two bottles of cider please. Senior discount as well,” she said with a wink.
  3. "I...I think?" Luna hesitated. "Shoes, Lane, Ball....The Ball..." A rather embarrassed look would grace the alicron's muzzle. How could she have forgotten what could be considered the most important part of bowling. Slowly she would walk in the direction of the rack. "Ice, how is one supposed to know how to pick a ball?" Looking at each ball one at a time, she would look to Ice Storm. "Some are heaver then others. Do I want a heavy ball or a ligher one?" The feeling of self pity was slowly returning, though she quickly perked up upon seeing a Black ball with sparkles and glitter that shined under the lights of the ally. "THIS IS THE ONE!" she exclaimed, forgetting her setting. "Sorry," she quickly apologized to those within earshot. "Ice, do you know what 'Ponswick Manticore Bruiser' means?" Levitating the ball all the way back to the lane, she too placed hers in the return. "Guests first," she would say as she motioned with a hoof towards the lane. "Also, I do not thing the scoring system would know what to do if we went out of order." she giggled.
  4. Blizzard grinned at the princess. His intrigue was genuinely peaked as he quickly trotted over to Twilight. The air around his body was much cooler then the rest of the room and the ice in his coat and mane would give off an occasional shimmer as he approached. "That is very interesting. I've often wondered if perhaps a pony's own aetheric could in theory, be similar to a Kirin's energy. If a spell was cast in such anger, such rage, such emotion, that it would change the pony's own aetheric signature and perhaps even alter their physical appearance as well." He would chuckle. "Though for that theory to be even more then just a wild tangent, the spell caster would have to have immense magical reserve-like an alicorn." The stallion would sit back down though in a chair much closer to Twilight and...Ice Storm is what what he believed the princess called her. He still had a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that this mare did not like him. He felt he could trust the young Alicron though. He would lean back in the chair with a slight smirk. "You all must think I'm mad, but as I assured your guard princess, I do not mean harm to the safety or security of Equestria. Now then, If I may ask," he would say with a pause. His horn would faintly glow as a small piece of ice would appear on the table. Within moments it would grow into an icy mug. "That tea smells wonderful. I don't suppose you would be willing to share a cup?" His facial expression would quickly change to one of embarrassment. Did he really just ask a princess to give him some of her tea? "Sorry I was so blunt. It's just that I've been use to years of drinking REA surplus tea and yak coffee..." He would rest his head on his hoof and shake his head. "Well, I suppose we may have created a midnight book club," as he laughed nervously, glancing up from his embarrassment at the ice mare across the table. Something felt off to the stallion. Was it his nerves. stomach, or perhaps something else....
  5. The alicron would smack her lips as well at the mention of pie. "An apple pie would hit the spot," she would say smacking her lips as well. "Recently in the Dream Realm...there have been few nightmares that garner my intimidate attention. As for odd..." she would giggle. "Your brother's dreams are some of the most entertaining, though they are confidential." As she began to develop a sweat, Luna would pull her flowing mane into a ponytail as she continued to levitate fresh mugs, ready to be filled to Apple Bloom. Though it was work, she always enjoyed her time with Apple Bloom. "Next year, we must do this again-Sir those mugs are not souvenirs!" she would say rather firmly to pony trying to abscond with an empty mug. "While we are on the subject of sweets," Luna would say looking to Taira, "While Celestia may be fond of cake, I am a pie pony." she would say with a smile. "Perhaps once today has finished, you would like to join myself and Apple Bloom for refreshments? Perhaps some Coffee dark as night as well?" Luna looked over to the filly and raised an eyebrow. "Apple Bloom, art thou aloud to have coffee?" Luna would sigh at Taira's question and point a hoof at the pink hippogriff. "She is the most deserving creature here of a cup of cider. After all she has gone through the last few days just to attempt to get a sip of cider...yet she keeps coming back with her friend." She would pause a moment looking over to Sliverstream and Gallus. "She is not the most...coordinated though. You may wish to hoof deliver it to her."
  6. Welcome to Canterlot. This is the best RP community around! Hope to see you in an RP or two...or even ten.
  7. Blizzard gave the mare an nod and began to take a few steps forward before he found himself transported elsewhere in the library. Blinking a few times, his eyes would finally acclimate to the light in the room. Looking around, he noticed that the icy mare had also been transported to the room as well. Judging by her teleportation sickness, he could discern that it wasn't her who cast the spell. Looking around the room, he would notice a mare sitting at the end of a long table. He could make out the outline of...of an alicorn? Looking up the ceiling he would exhale. "Princess," he would say with a somewhat nonchalant bow. "If I may," as he pointed to a nearby seat before sitting down and taking note of how close the two where. His mind raced, though he hid it well, as he began to contemplate different scenarios. He didn't want to get on the bad side of an alicron. Sighing deeply, he would answer the question. "Blizzard. Blizzard Blitz is my name," as he would lean back in the chair. "And I was here to return a few borrowed book and possibly check out a few more. It's such a shame that the advanced section gets so little use anymore. Starswirl's Spells and Incantations Volume Four had quite a layer of dust on it." Leaning forward a bit, he would try to make out the spines on the books that the princess had with her. "Is that a book on Kirin energies?" He was generally intrigued as he also hoped to change the subject. The last thing he needed was somepony remembering who he was the son of...
  8. Blizzard nodded in agreement with most of what Ice said. “That is true, though I guess I just come from a slightly earlier age, where there was a higher risk to reward ratio,” he would say with a slight chuckle. The unicorn would nod. He had heard of both Twilight and Luna but hand chosen not to stay up to date on pony politics. When Ice Storm mentioned her schooling, Blizzard’s eyes would roll as he let out a heavy sigh. His face showing frustration and almost a bit of anger which he quickly suppressed. “Well, that's and new degree...” As he carefully close closed the book, hiding his frustration before levitate it back onto the shelf. “I wonder how many years after I graduated did they decide to add that major?” He said with a bit of venom in his voice. His breathing grew heavier as he though back to his foalhood at the School for Gifted Unicorns. He had worked his flank off to graduate top in his class, even with the second rate classes he was given. All that time spent in the Library. All that time practicing spells while his mother busy with lessons....while he could have been off enjoying his youth...all for what? To graduate top of his class, be given a General Magics Degree and be sent on his merry way with a good luck. Blizzard tried to force a smile. "I suppose then that we are both graduates and top achievers of Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns..." A look of sudden regret filled his face as he remembered the portraits in ‘Valedictorian Hall’...if his still hung in a place of honor. Standing up, Blizzard look the mare square in the eye, “Well, tonight has been... eventful, and I have a lot of transcribing to do. So then,” as his eyes narrowed once more. “Am I being detained?”
  9. The alicron's glare would be interrupted by a voice she had never heard before as she blinked. "Oh, um, greetings," she would say turning to greet the newcomer. She was quite surprised to see the kirin. "Taira you say?" Inquizitoin in her voice. "I believe I have overheard that name from my sister on occasion." Looking back over to Apple Jack, she would nod seeing that the orange mare had finally decided to get some sleep. "It was not a personal matter between myself and Apple Jack, but merely a some aggressive negotiations upon the importance of sleep to ones own health and mental well being." Luna would continue to levitate fresh, empty mugs to Apple Bloom to fill and smile at the filly. "I am sure Apple Bloom here can vouch for Apple Jack's...and to an extent...my hardheadedness." as she nervously chuckled. "As for not being glamorous, I am here to assist. Perhaps some of this cider was made with the tree that I planted?" Luna looked to Apple Bloom not knowing how large her tree has grown yet. Looking back to their new arrival. She would smile. "What brings you to Sweet Apple Achers Taira?"
  10. Blizzard nodded. "It is true that most would not think to regulate their aura between two locations which in itself could be a recipe disaster. A two sided spell with no clear destination... I can only imagine how many promising upcoming mages may be floating around the void." He would finish the chapter before turning to the next 'amended' chapter. "Ah, the missing chunk." he would say with a chuckle. "These I actually have studied as they where not removed until the most recent addition. From my understanding, they where subject matter that had to be understood before a student could graduate from an Advanced Magic School, at least up until the year I entered...." His voice would quickly trail off. "Sooo, Chapter One-Thirty-Six," as he quickly paged to it. "Starswirl's own take on regulating energy expelled from a horn in all it's unedited glory..." Blizzard sighed deeply. "Such a same that all these...well they are not even spells but theories have been dumbed-down down over the generations. I often wondered as a colt what Starswirl would have thought..." Looking up to Ice he would frown. "To answer your other question....I live in the Frozen north. A three hour trot from the nearest train station....An hour and a half from the nearest pony outpost...and an hour from the closest Yak settlement. I literally live in a waist land of Ice and Snow." Feeling the conversation was a bit one sided, he would smirk at Ice Storm. "Judging by your armor and your knowledge of the finer points of magic as well, I can judge that you are not just simply another guard. What magic school did you study at?"
  11. Blizzard would roll his eyes at her reaction to why he was there after hours. "Is it really breaking in if one has a key?" He would chuckle lightly before returning his attention to the book. A few moments would pass before a deep sigh would escape his muzzle. "I prefer to travel at night." As he paused for a few moments. "To be honest, I do it out of fear. I have spent most of my life studying advanced magics...and my past has a few skeletons that I do not wish to be brought up. You don't have to worry. they're nothing that has to do with the safety or security of Canterlot or anywhere else in Equestria for that matter. Just personal matters." By now the change in his tone was apparent. Any hint of sarcasm from earlier was gone. "I make this trip two to three times a year. I leave an ice sculpture at my mothers house so she knows I'm still alive, then I visit the library to see what, if anything is new in the world of advanced magics....then it's back home." He would smile at her honesty with the missing chapters as he continued to read. "It is quite interesting though that somepony could have been injured during chapter seventeen, though I do suppose it is a gateway spell," he said with a bit of amusement.
  12. The unicorn's eyes would narrow as he slowly took a few steps back as he ran through a few scenarios in his head. "I'm just a nopony..." he would say as he looked her up and down. "A nopony who prefers to travel at night....and one who was authorized to have access to the advanced magics section long ago." Blizzard would try to hide a small smirk as he continued. "I'm sure you remember that library cards where linked to our unique aura so that if one where to be say lost it, it could not be misused." In the back of his mind, he could not help but think this mare had some sort of lie detector spell cast as well. She seemed to be the type to go overboard. He was telling the truth though. His card had been authorized to enter that section due to his mother's position at the School for Gifted Unicorns. "Now then, as for why I'm here....I had to return a few books that where a few....months overdue and didn't want to pay the fine. I figured if they showed up on the shelf on their own they'd chalk it up to a restocking error. Also, I just had to read the unamended version of Volume Four of Starswirl's Spells and Incantations. It seems the retail version keeps getting more and more taken out with each printing." Blizzard would sit down and try to judge her response, hoping that she'd at least put the round things away. Opening the book, he would begin reading it. He’d look up to her. “Well, you did say I wouldn’t be leaving with it....Better get those missing chapters in now....”
  13. Blizzard would levitate the books he had 'borrowed' on his last visit to Canterlot from his saddlebags back onto the dusty shelves they had been taken. Sighing, he would look around the section for any new addition that might catch his eye. He would mumble to himself as he read some of the titles aloud. He would smirk as he found a new title that seemed interesting to him. His horn would glow as he added it to his saddle bag. A few more moments of silently browsing would pass before he found another book. This one was covered in a thick layer of dust. As Blizzard levitated it off the shelf, it was clear that he knew how to access the enchanted books. As he placed the book in his bag, he froze in place as he heard a clank behind him. His ear would twitch as his eyes narrowed. All these years of 'After Hours' checkouts, how could he have been so careless.... "15 years of doing this and now I make a mistake?" he said under his breath. Slowly he would turn around to see what appeared to be an armored unicorn mare. "Sassafras," he would say as he looked her over. "I don't take it your the new librarian," he said with a bit of nervous humor. "Now, if you'll excuse me...I'll be out of your hooves." Blizzard would take a few steps forward into the light allowing his new 'acquaintance' to see him.
  14. Six months had passed since Blizzard Blitz has last set hoof in the grand city of Canterlot. Tapping his saddlebag he would let out a sigh. "Well, time to return you," he would say aloud to the magic books. "Hopefully, nopony will have noticed that you where on a vacation from that dusty old shelf to the Frozen North." Chuckling softly to himself, the icy unicorn would wait until nightfall to approach the imposing structure. Looking up at the moon, he would sigh before carefully making his way to a seldom used side entrance Being the son of a teacher from the School of Gifted Unicorns still had it's advantages; Blizzard would swipe a library card and the door would unlock. He would let out a sigh of relief as he entered the closed library. Taking a few steps, the unicorn would stop. "Somepony must be working late..." he said to himself as he took note of the few still lit desk lights. Keeping to the edge of the shelves and staying in the shadows as much as possible he would eventually make his way to the gate of the 'Advanced' section. Swiping his mother's library card, the gate would slowly swing open and he let out a sigh of relief. "Thanks mom...." he would say under his breath.
  15. Blizzard attempted to smile as the door opened, but it was more of trying not to scowl. "It's been a while..." as he referenced their last meeting a few weeks prior. Upon inspection, his ice wing spell was still active, though it was clear that they had been roughed up a bit as well. "May I come it....," he said reluctantly, avoiding eye contact with Glitter. "I...I think I may have sprained it," as he extended his front hoof for Glitter to inspect. "Or at least that's all I hope that is all that's wrong with it..." The hoof was encased in a layer of ice to serve as a brace, as well as reduce swelling. From the unicorn's body language it was clear that he was ashamed to be standing at the door of another pony asking for help. He had survived all these years in the Frozen North without anypony's help, and now that had all changed. With a gulp of his pride, his horn would glow softly as he ended the wing spell as they turning into snow as he impatiently awaited the green unicorn's answer.
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