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  1. ‘Twas early in the morning as the sun began to peak over the rolling hills of apple trees. A midnight blue alicorn gleefully trotted the winding dirt roads that lead to Sweet Apple Archers. She would begin humming to help pass the distance and time till she was at the familiar farm. “There’s a lot of little thing mmm mmm mm mm mmmm. Mmmm m mm mmmm mmmm....” she would stop humming as she passed the first few tents along the road as her glee turned to a growing worry. “I know Pinkie Pie said that the Apple Family’s cider season was popular but I hand no ideas it would bring this many ponies.” She would say aloud to herself. “Many still seem to be asleep. Hopefully some will sleep in.” As the soon to be retired princess neared where she assumes the counter to be she got her first glimpse of the mob. Her happy trot soon turned into a frantic sprint as she could hear the sound of tents unzipping. Reaching the swarm of ponies, she would being her wait, waiving friendly at Applejack and Apple Bloom.
  2. Midnight would continue to enjoy his mug of cider as the mob of ponies seemingly dispersed with quite a few grumbles and sighs. He would look up from his mug with froth on his muzzle before returning his attention to the wooden mug of apple perfection. After a few more sips, he would begin to take note of the remaining pon-er creatures that remained near the cider counter. Most he recognized from earlier in the day in the line, though there where a few new ones that caught his eye, including a giant wolf? And not just any wolf, one that had a horn and what he assumed where mystic powers. Midnight's eye would then be drawn to the unicorn from earlier in line and her new companion? She looked similar to an Areion, but also had pegasus features. A hybrid perhaps? He wondered if perhaps she had the same affliction for sweet things as himself and other bat ponies. In the back of his head however, he could not help but think he had seen her around Canterlot Castle before...maybe for a split second. None the less, his attention quickly went back to the cider in his cup as he began to contemplate just how early was two early to set up his tent again...
  3. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Princess Luna Sex: Female Age: Over 1000 years old. Species: Alicorn Eye Color: Deep Cyan Coat: Midnight Blue Mane/Tail: Cobalt Blue with shimmering specs that mimic the stars in the night sky. A Violet, opaque outline accompanies both her tail and mane. Physique: Taller then most, Athletic, and Slim Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Co-Ruler of Equestria, Guardian of the Dream Realm. Appearance Summary: Cute Mark: Princess Luna’s cutie mark is a white crescent moon on a large dark area that covers most of her flank. It is sounded by four smaller dark patches. Her cutie mark was earned when she raised the moon for the very first time herself without the assistance of her older sister. Personality Luna tends to keep to herself much of the time, not going out for public appearances. Her transition back into pony society after 1,000 years has been difficult for her to an extent; coming to terms with many of the newer traditions and letting go of those that are no longer used such as the Royal Canterlot Voice. Princess Luna tends to use an archaic vocabulary when compared to her sister and many others. Since her return, Princess Luna slowly been learning the history of what has happened in Equestria since her exile, however she knows that if she has any questions, she can find comfort in her sister, as well as the newest princess, Twilight Sparkle. In an attempt to better connect with her subjects, Princess Luna uses her ability to watch over dreams and nightmares, often helping them overcome their fears. Though rare to be seen, Princess Luna has a potent temper. Flashes of lightning have been known to accompany her rare fits of rage as well as swirling storm clouds and booming voice. History: Character Summary: The Princess of the Night. Princess Luna rules over the night, protecting Equestria and her subjects both in the physical world as well as the realm of dreams. She is also responsible for raising and lowering the moon. Luna shares the responsibility of governing Equestria with her older sister Celestia. Though they many not always see eye to eye and fight as siblings do, she loves her sister. Since returning from her banishment on the moon, Luna has begun to reconnect with her subjects and become more versed in modern Equestria. Throughout these experiences, she has connected with many creatures and made many friends. Now a new chapter in the Royal Sisters life is to begin as Luna and her sister have announced their retirement in the near future. Special abilities/spells. Moon Control-The ability to raise and lower the moon. Dream Walking-Princess Luna has the ability to enter ponies dreams as the sleep through the dream realm. Transformation -The ability to change her appearance or that of objects through magic at will. One of her favorites is to make her cloak vanish by turning it into bats. Weather Illusion- Princess Luna has the ability to minorly effect clouds and lightning in her immediate area, though this is often for show. Royal Canterlot Voice-A Magical amplification of her voice
  4. Midnight would give Silverstream a half smile, though this emphasized his fangs. “It’s alright,” he would say with understanding in voice. “I too grew up in relative isolation as well. Before Princess Luna returned, we where see as almost sub-pony.” He chuckled at the vampire comment she said. “No....not a vampire that I know of, but you never know....” He would remove his sun glasses so they hypogriff could see his purple eyes. “ “Areion is the proper term...though most of us just use Bat Pony. It’s easier to remember.” He would wink. As the mob continued to move, he would find himself at the counter being greeted by a filly who was handling the sales. It caught him a bit off guard that he had made it to the head of the line. He would put his bits on the counter as well as a small tip for the youngest Apple Family member. ”My name is Midnight Oil,” he would say as he licked his lips as the cider was poured in front of him, his eyes locked onto the mug. Taking the first sip was like heaven to him as he savored it. It was the sweetest, most perfect thing he had tasted...better even then Areion Ale.
  5. Ok. More time to brainstorm for when they land
  6. Midnight would nod to the griffoness as he finished putting the tent back into its bag. "I know that feeling all to well. Try packing en entire campsite into a set of saddlebags on top of Lunar Guard armor and being told to fly fifteen miles." He stifled a laugh as he couldn't help but think of the second day of his training and how he too had similar issues with his tent. Luckily he only had a few things in his pack for this mini vacation. His trip down memory lane was cut short however, as it seemed the mob had only grown. "Well, if you'll excuse me, I’ll be...," before he felt something or someone touch his wing. Quickly the bat pony would jump back in surprise as he turned to see a pink hippogriff. His muzzle would show shock and surprise rather then anger. "I...um...Is there something I can help you with?," he would say as he pulled his wing back and tucked both of them to his side. Looking to the female griffon he had just helped, he would smile. "It's alright. I'm kind of used to it by now...just not to this extent." he would say with an uneasy laugh. Looking back at the hippogriffon, he would take a deep breath and then give her a fang filled smile. "I'm Midnight Oil. What's your name?"
  7. Midnight would watch as the orderly line around him turned into a mob of creatures, though mostly ponies. “Oh for the love of Luna, doesn’t anyone know how a line works!” He would exclaim before sigh deeply as he observed the chaos before them. “I guess not....” he would mumble just loud enough that those next to him could hear. Staring at the mob, he would begin to devise a plan. He would watch the unicorn that was a few creatures in front of him try to force his way to the front. Perhaps he could use his stealth and sneak through the mob. That’s what he would do. Looking around once more before attempting to sneak through, he would notice the griffoness just in front of him seeming to have trouble with her tent. With a small sigh he would remember his training. He could wait a few moment and help a pony...er creature in need... then be stealthy. Taking a few steps closer to her, he would clear his throat. “Excuse me miss, can I assist you in packing your tent? Us in the Lunar Guard are quite pro-.” He would stop suddenly as the aroma of the freshly trapped barrel of cider reached his nose. His would pucker his lips in anticipation, barring his fangs for a moment as all he could think about was that sweet smell. After a few seconds the effect would wear off. “Sorry about that,” he would chuckle. “Where was I, oh right, we’re good at camping tasks and such.”
  8. Midnight would nod to Tiger Blood. "From what I know of the mission, you are correct. This planet was abandon over 300 years ago and...even removed from Republic navigation charts. If I had to guess, I want to say this is-" as he was cut off by an incoming priority holonet new update. "Breaking news from the Galactic Senate today as in a surprising move, the senate has voted dissolve the Jedi Order. The measure passed by only one vote. Any remaining able body Jedi are to be conscripted into the Galactic Army. Details to come as more is know." The bat pony would sigh as he slouched back into his chair. "Well....Crap. Now we know why we're out here. We're hiding from our own Republic."
  9. Midnight really didn't know how to respond. He felt ashamed for even asking such a question now that it had escaped his muzzle. "I...um..." before he would return to his meal. He could not help but feeling awkward at the table. The whole situation could be summed up the same way. As he finished his own food, he would wave over the waitress. A fresh banana cream pie had caught his eye. He would motion to the waitress to move in close and whisper to her to bring over a slice for each of them. He had hoped to surprise Yiska, though she could probably hear him whisper the desert order. Quickly, she would bring the slices of pie over to them, as well as the check.
  10. It was odd for Midnight to sleep during the night for once, though he had tried his best. The bat pony would yawn and stretch within his tent. "Normally I'm just finishing my shift at this time...." he would mumble to himself. "This better be worth it..." Just barley awake, Midnight unzipped his tent to see Celestia's sunrise just start to creep over the hills of nearby apple trees. "Well, looks like I have a little bit of time still," as he took out a book and began to read. A few chapters, his ear would twitch as he could hear others emerging from their tents. Putting his book down, he would unzip his tent and step out into the morning dawn. His eyes would squint from the bright light before he grabbed a pare of sunglasses. "Ok, lets do this," he would say under his breath. Joining the line, he would yawn. "Morning everypony," the areion would say, stifling another yawn. Midnight would turn his attention to his campsite and quickly pack up his tent and other belongings. Being a member of the Lunar Guard had its perks, including standard issue camping equipment that was made to be packed and unpacked in a flash. He would look around to attempt to see if anypony he knew in line. He would see a unicorn and two griffons in front of him and an endless row of tents behind him.
  11. Midnight sighed at the question. Master Luna hadn’t given him the most detailed plan. “All I was given was the bare minimum. This place has apparently not been on charts for over 500 years.” Forcing a smile, Midnight would look back to Raven. “Wherever were going, Master Luna trusts us to complete this mission. I-“ The navacomputer would being to beep as Midnight would turn around to face the windscreen and pull disengage the hyperdrive. Before them, a lush green and blue planet. Orbiting the planet was a derelict station.
  12. Midnight would sigh as he took another bite of his food. “As much as I hate to say this....no. I’ve never been to a ball or gala before.” Taking another bite, he would have a thought. “Um, Yiska,” Midnight would say with inquisition in his voice, “So, did your other sense get stronger like your hearing? Like you sense of smell?”
  13. Midnight would roll the ship once more to the right, avoiding one large asteroid before taking the ship out of the field into open space. He would take a big sigh of relief before sinking back into the pilot's char. "That's something I do not want to do again anytime soon." Looking around the cockpit, he would see that S-K-3 had loaded the next jump point into the navacomputer. Pulling the hyperdrive handle once more, they where en-route to their final destination. "Looks like a short jump," he would say with relief in his voice. "Anypony want to talk about anything?" Meanwhile, the galaxy was changing around them back in the Galactic Senate....
  14. Midnight gave a fangy but nervous smile. "It will be a fun day...I hope." He would chuckle nervously. Midnight would watch as the waitress placed the silverware in her hooves. His attention would quickly be drawn away as his own food would be placed before him. He would wait for her to take the first bite to be polite before biting into his. "So, do you get to go to formal events often?" he would ask, trying to make conversation as they ate.
  15. Midnight put his hoof up to his face in embarrassment. How would she have known. He would chuckle nervously as he realized he was making a foal of himself. ”Oh...I...um....it the Royal Equestrian Guard Ball and it’s in a few days. I have a plus one ticket and I was wondering if you would like to come? It’s actually what I was reading when I...um accidentally sat on you.” ”As for the other part of going on a date today....I’d like to get to know you...if you want that is...”
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