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  1. Midnight chuckled upon hearing Sombra ask who. “The Princess of Friendship is who I’m referring to, Twilight Sparkle. She was one of the ponies sent to the Crystal Empire when it returned.” The bat pony would open the door and point extend a hoof forward. “After you....hm, what would you like to be called as to not draw attention to yourself?”
  2. Midnight would exit the shop onto the star lit streets of 'Old Canterlot'. Grinning, he would look to Sombra. "We're not that far from the Old Canterlot Library and you'll be revealed to hear that it, like much of this part of town is open till sunrise. The areion would begin to hover before making his way to a large, old looking stone building with stained glass. "They don't build them like this anymore," he would say, landing on the top of the few steps that lead up to the tall doors flanked by a torch on each side. "Welcome to the Old Canterlot library and archive. It's hard to believe that this building was left abandoned for so many years before the areions took the initiative to restore and reopen it." The bat pony would sigh, thinking about how such a grand old building, and it's contents where almost lost due to neglect by the 'nobles' of Canterlot. "If only I could have had access to such a grand collection of books growing up..." Midnight would open one of the large doors just enough to poke his head it. "There are some prominent bookworms in Canterlot that on occasion will stop by," he would say pulling his head out of the open doorway. "One of which I do not think you would want to be seen by, but it looks as if just the usuals are here tonight. You should be safe to enter."
  3. Midnight would sigh at Sombra's seemingly empty threat. "Perhaps, but I don't wish to find out. As for my report......I'm sure that I can omit a portion of my report, though I am not sure on how to account for this time, and I dare not lie to her highness." The bat pony would lean forward and tap the eye medallion on his armor. "This symbol of Nightmare Night....and Moon... I, as well as a few other of the Lunar Guard often wonder what is the 'True' purpose on our armor." The bat pony would stand and walk over to the counter and take out some bits to pay for their meal. Midnight would walk towards the door and motion for Sombra to follow. He would stop at the door and chuckle. "I just took an extended meal break, that's what the report shall say," as he turned around and gave the mare that had waited on them a wink.
  4. Finishing off his Red Cider, Midnight grinned. “Though I may not be as strong as the other guards, but I make up for it in speed and agility.” Setting his glass down, Midnight sighed. “Though I am sure I would be no match for your dark magic, should you deside to use it.” ”When it comes to my morning report....you’ll have nothing worry. I shall report that I helped a lost cosplayer...what I had mystaken you for upon our first interaction. I’m sure that plan has no quarrels?”
  5. Midnight would take a rather large drink of his red cider and sigh. “Areions have a highly fruit based diet. Though we can have processed grains, things like lettuce, dandelions, and hay do not treat our stomachs well.” Midnight would chuckle softly at Sombra’s comments. “Well, I haven’t going back to alert the princesses of your presence and you have not tried to killed me yet so, I would say we are at least not mortal enemies.” The bat pony would take another drink from his glass. “I do have orders however, and I have sworn myself to Equestria, so as long as you do not become a threat, I would say we’re not enemies.”
  6. Midnight sighed and nodddd. “What at first started out as an awkward day turned into total chaos. Imagine a still school aged pony making his way into a town he had never been in before and only a few of the residents even knowing his kind existed. Those other townsponies shunned me...and anything they didn’t understand for that matter.” The bat pony could still see everypony in his class scooting their desks as far aways as they could from him, and that was before the news from Ponyville had arrived. “When news from Ponyville made it....the time was just before lunch. I could hear their whispers,” as he twitched his tufted ears to draw Sombra’s attention to them. “The fact that I had to eat a different meal from my classmates didn’t help ether. Most ponies in Fet Loch where earth ponies with a rare unicorn or pegasus around. Instead of the grain based diet, I had fruit, and the common fruit from my colony was cherries.” Midnight would pause and motion to the shop owner. Within a few moments a red drink was placed before Midnight and Sombra. “Areion Cider, on the house,” she would say before walking away. The cider was served warm and had a deep red color to it. It was made from cherries with a hint of cinnamon. Midnight could only imagine what it must have looked like for him to be drinking a red liquid, but he didn’t really care anymore as he awaited Sombra’s reaction to the drink.
  7. Midnight nodded. "While it is true that we can be out in the daylight, most of us prefer the darkness. Areion eyes are not well suited to bright sunlight..." He sighed and looked across the table to Sombra. "We have adapted to what we where good at, at what we are good at is the night....as for your other comment," as he glared at Sombra, his eyes filled with intensity, "Everypony has the potential for darkness within, as I am sure you of all ponies are aware of. Everypony has a breaking point...For Princess Luna, it was her night being shunned but the three tribes, as we areions where, though that is how the story goes. When Nightmare...er the event happened over 1,000 years ago, we where seen as being associated with the night and everypony associated with the night was labeled an ally of our Princess's new persona. I guess we just found it easier to vanish without a trace then to deal with fickle ponies." "As for me and my own....incident, I was a victim of bad timing. A few years ago....I had finished learning all I could in our small colony and my mother had made arrangements with an acquaintance of hers for me to attend a pony school in Fet Loch. I was happy to be able to learn more and get to meet ponies from the three main races. It just so happened that when I entered town....was the same moment that Nightmare....returned in Ponyville. Needless to say their reaction to the news and to see somepony that looks like me arriving at the same time."
  8. Midnight sat off to the side of the group, listening to what both Ice Storm and Stormstride had to say. To be honest with himself, he felt a bit out of place what with the others on the team being unicorns with a large collection of spells at their disposal. He was here because of his skills in darkness...his stealth. The bat pony would would step out from the shadows, a dark cloak around him, as he flipped the hood down. “I think it’s best if we do this the old fashioned way, right Black Ice? We need to keep it simple.”
  9. Midnight nodded. “Yep. Fruit is our main form of substance, though there are stories...legends if you will of one colony that has been cursed, and forced to become vampires...but it’s just an Equestrian Ponytale.” The bat pony would pick up another of the pastries, this one being apple. He would quickly devour it in the same fashion as the others before it. ”My kind have always been smaller then the other tribes in Equestria. We have always been associated with night and darkness, hence our connection to Princess Luna. When she was banished...we went into exile. We became almost as much of a legend as Nightmare Moon.” Midnight sighed as he looked out the yellowed glass to the moon. “I feel because of this, it’s why most ponies shun us.”
  10. Midnight looked over to Sombra and grinned before grabbing a cherry filled pastry. “It’s nice to hear that you approve of our areion cuisine. Most ponies see our fangs and assume that we are vamp...but our diet is similar to most. We are just are more reliant on fruit then grains and greens. That’s not to say that our fangs haven’t been used to draw blood i the past....” The bat pony looked down in shame. “You bite one pony in self defense and...” he mumbled, thinking back to his uneasy arrival in Fet Loch. Midnight shook it off and returned his attention to the pastry before him, again using his fangs to extract the natural fruit filling, then eating the buttery outside. “So... any questions you may have? Perhaps on areion history or maybe how we came to occupy this section of Canterlot, or ponies first reaction to us returning from our self exile?”
  11. Midnight grinned. “Just the best pastries that you have or will ever devour. Just imagine, warm, buttery, pastry filled with all kinds of fresh fruit...apple...cherry....blueberry...the filling is just so delicious.” Undenounced to the bat pony, his description of their soon to be delivered meal had made him drool. A few moments later, a tray of the aforementioned delicacies would be placed before them. “Do you smell that,” he would say. “Just makes you want to sink your fangs right into them.” Midnight would grab a strawberry filled one first and sink his fangs into it, extracting the red filling out of it first before devouring the outer crust. He would look up to Sombra, licking the filling from his lips, waiting to see the umbra unicorn’s reaction to the pastry.
  12. Midnight would nod to the umbra unicorn and extend a hoof forward. "After you," he said with a smile, guiding Sombra into the small pastry shop. The inside was dim with only the light from the ovens as well as a single gas lantern on each table for illumination. The areion would take a seat at a table near the window. He took his helmet off and sat it beside him, then motioned for Sombra to take the seat across from him. "Your in for a treat. These are the best in all of Equ-." as he would stop, his ear twitching from hearing hoofsteps. "Good Evening Midnight," a mare’s voice would say, "I take it your here for your usual weekly special?" The shop owner was also an areion who had also taken up residence in 'Old Canterlot.' Midnight Smiled, "Double my order, I have a guest whom I showing Canterlot tonight." "Alright, I'll be back in a few minuets."
  13. Midnight would take note of Sombra’s reaction to his neighborhood. He studied the Shadow Kings facial expressions as well as his tone of voice. Sombra’s question however caught him by surprise. Midnight would smile at Sombra, emphasizing his fangs. “There are a few reasons, to be honest that I, as well as some of my kind live here.” He would point a hoof across the way to an old two story building with a shop below and apartment above. “For one thing the rent is very adorable here, what with how most ponies see this area. Secondly, with Canterlot growing around it, with its taller buildings, this area is always in shade, which is a nice feature when you have eyes like mine. Lastly,” he said, pointing to Canterlot Castle, “It’s close my job.” “Now then, would you care for something to eat? My favorite pastry shop is just over here. The best fruit filled donut you’ll ever taste, and it is close enough to my meal break.”
  14. As the Bat Pony walked, he would sigh. "Princess Luna has a way of keeping an eye on things through the realm of dreams. It's how she knew when the Crystal Empire returned." Chuckling a bit, he continued. "I wouldn't go having any dreams about taking over Equestria...or anyplace else for that matter if I where you." Midnight would look back to Sombra and smirk. "I'm sorry that I offended you, but it's just that that pesky changeling queen has been more....active as of late. Last I checked you didn't foalnap the Princess of Love...twice...but that was before my time." Midnight was being honest, as he had not yet joined the Royal Guard until after the Battle of Canterlot, though he liked to think that if he had enlisted earlier, things in the Royal Guard would have been different.. Midnight perked up at the tone in Sombra's voice at the repeat of 'Old Canterlot' as he turned to him and grinned. "Old Canterlot is well....the oldest neighborhood in the city. It actually predates the city becoming our capital. It's where myself and a most of the areions in the city call home, hence why it is so active at night," as he winked to the umbra unicorn. It would not be long after that they would arrive. The neighborhood looked like something out of a history book, from the old wooden, unpainted building to the yellowed glass of the windows. "Welcome to the oldest part of the city. A part where most of the nobles wish nothing to do with...." He would pause and let Sombra look around. "If you have any questions about this area, by all means ask. It is my home after all, right in the shadow of Canterlot Castle."
  15. As the former King of Shadows lunged at him in shadow forum, it wild catch Midnight by surprise, though the bat pony stood his ground. “Believe me, your on the top five of threats, just behind that....wicked former Changeling Queen.” Midnight would give Sombra a crooked smile when asked about his forced hood. “Well, seeing as you are on the Princesses’ list....your stuck with me till you do something requiring their intervention or you leave the city. I’m attempting to expedite the situation in a way that is the least inconvenient for all parties involved...” Midnight couldn’t believe the words that had just come out of his muzzle, though his orders where clear, not to let Sombra out of his sight. The bat pony would begin walking and motion for him to follow. ”We’re heading to ‘Old’ Canterlot. That’s where the aforementioned bookstore is-where the nightlife is. I’m sure you’ll love it there....I certainly do.”
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