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  1. -Midnight Oil The bat pony rolled out of bed before the sun had fully resin over Ponyville. The longer nights where going to be the only thing he was going to miss from winter. He didn’t turn on a single light as he quickly made breakfast using the jar of Zap Apple Jam his patents had in their cupboard. The vacationing Lunar Guard was well aware of Ponyville’s habit of singing for random reasons and was well prepared to have to belt out a few notes as he opened the door. The shock that he got was one of snow not song. One foot of freshly fallen snow. “This has to be a practical joke, right?” He said aloud to nopony in-particular.
  2. Blizzard sighed deeply after taking a final bite of his carrots. A conflict was brewing inside the stallion as he though what might be best. On one hoof, if the mare would leave tonight, he could get back to his quiet and seclusion. On the other, he hated to admit it, but he may have been enjoying company...in moderation of course. ”The temperature is dropping and a nasty snow squall is due to come through sometime this evening.” Pausing, he reluctantly looked to the ceiling. “I can attempt to hold off the storm for an hour or two, or.....” he gulped, “You can spend the night....” Blizzard couldn’t believe the words that had come from his muzzle.
  3. Luna would quickly jot down a note for her sister explaining where she had gotten off to. In the back of her head she had to wonder where Celestia had vanished to as well. Perhaps she too had decided to go Bowling. With a quick glow of her horn and a floating quill and parchment, the note would be complete as she looked to Ice Storm. With a large grin, the alicorn would quickly leave the house and be standing in the middle of the street waiting for her friend. "I think the add said the Bowling Lanes where this way. Down an Ally I believe." as she pointed a hoof. After a rather short walk...being quite literally only a few blocks down the street, a rather inconspicuous structure stood before them. It matched most of the other buildings in Silver Shoals in design with the exception of the porch supports made to look like a stack of bowling pins. Luna looked to Ice Storm, her grin beginning to fade. "Perhaps...you should go in first?" she said with hesitation in her voice. "I...I do not want to draw attention to myself..."
  4. Blizzard had made his way back to proper Equestria from the Frozen North. He hated these trips, though the seemed to be needed more often; At least it was winter in the towns and villages for at least another six weeks according to his calendar. Little did he know, a little groundhog in Coudsdale was about to complicate things. Night had just fallen as Blizzard Blitz reached the outskirts Ponyville. "Hmmm." he mumbled to himself as the snow barley crunched. "Barely an inch...Those weather pegasi are slacking." The unicorn would glare as he looked up into the clouds...or lack there of. Levitating out his personal calendar, he would grin. "Tomorrow's Friday. I think the fillies of Ponyville deserve at least one snow day." With a glow of his horn, a vortex of Nimbostratus Clouds would appear in the sky over Ponyville. "I'd say about a foot should do it. Nice, thick, packing snow." With a slight grin, the unicorn would make his way to his rather small camp near the edge of the Everfree Forest. When the creatures of Ponyville woke up they where sure going to be in for a surprise.
  5. This turned out very well. Here’s hoping that if you have time you can do one of Blizzard and Glitter from our RP in the updated style.
  6. -Princess Luna The alicorn appreciated Ice Storm’s help with the dishes. She would give the unicorn a quick hug before looking back at the add. “What is this gutter you speak of?” Luna herself had never been bowling as well. “I’m sure that both of us will achieve at least one ball of gutter.” Luna would take a much closer look at the add and grin. “It says today is bargain day,” as she began to trot in place. “Oh what luck.” She would quickly run upstairs to her room and grab some bits and return to the kitchen. “I am ready if you ate Ice Storm,” as she tried to hide her eagerness.
  7. First post is up about the night of winter. Please start your post there.
  8. Winter Un-Wraped Winter had been fairly mild this year in Ponyville. From only trace amounts of snow at one time to the lack of any real subzero temperatures, most ponies took their last winters sleep with the knowledge that tomorrow was going to be a breeze compared to years past. Among the ponies in town on the last night of winter was Midnight Oil. Lately it seemed he had found himself in Ponyville for all of the local holidays. The purpose of this trip however was to visit family who had moved to the town. As he lay in bed trying to sleep, he would pull out a book showcasing the traditions of other towns in Equestria. Needless to say, this book did not hold his attention long and he was soon fast asleep.
  9. Blizzard was surprised, though didn't show it through his cold exterior that the green unicorn had decided to stay for dinner. "Wonderful," he would say as he began rummage through the old backpack in the corner. "Ah, there it is," he would mumble loudly before levitating a old standard issue mess kit to Glitter. It was dated to be from 5 years before the return of Nightmare Moon. He would grab himself just a fork that appeared to be from another mess kit. Next he remove the lids from the cans and float one to his dinner guest. The icy unicorn would eat his straight from the can. Taking his first bite, he would stop. "Hm..." before setting his down and returning to his crate of supplies. "There it is," as he pulled out a small pack of spices. He would sprinkle sparingly some rosemary upon his meal before offering the small choice of spices to Glitter. When Glitter asked about what spell he's been practicing, he would chuckle as a small grin would appear on his muzzle. "Oh you know, just the standards from 'Advanced Spells.' I'm quite proud of my latest one...I’m working on the temporary wing spell, but adjusting it to my own, unique needs.” Taking another bite of his meal, he would look to Glitter to try to gage her expression. "So...how are your carrots?"
  10. With spring just starting, it’s time to get winter wrapped up in Equestria, or will spring never come. looking for both cast and OCs to help get the town of choice cleaned up. Ponyville seems the most logical choice though it seems to be the most used for RPs and would need some cast characters. I’m open to ideas.
  11. -Princess Luna The alicorn would attempt to force a smile. “I...I guess retirement was not what I was expecting now that novelty has worn off.” It would take a few moments but her tears would begin to dry up. “I...I guess I was expecting a permanent vacation. Celestia may just have been more prepared then I when it comes to medial matters. Perhaps in my mind I expected being called upon as Twilight and her friends had been so many times.” She would take a few deep breaths. “Perhaps something to take my mind off this situation.” Looking round, she would take note of a calendar on the wall nearby. “Perhaps that?” As she pointed to the add for the local bowling alley.
  12. Blizzard would grunt and roll his eyes. "I have been practicing a long time...." He would close one of the spellbooks, the parchment inside. "As for my specialty in school," he would cringe. "Apparently I was a failure." The stallion was being truthful in his own eyes. How can somepony attend the 'School for Gifted Unicorns' and not receive any instruction form Princess Celestia at all? A frown would quickly appear on the unicorn's muzzle as Glitter had seemed to press a button. He would quickly attempt to change the subject however as his carrots where almost ready to eat. He would slowly walk over and remove them from the pot the cans had been cooking in. A small blast from his horn would turn the boiling water into just a warm mix. Walking over to a improvised shelf he would remove a rather old looking ration tin and bring it back to the pot. "Today is a special occasion. It's been at least...well a long time since I had company." As he poured a bit of brown substance into the pot, he would begin to stir it. "EUP ration coco," he would say with a small grin before pouring it into two tin cups. "If you don't wish to stay for dinner, at least have some chilled coco. I would say hot but I think I may have taken it down a few two many degrees for that." He would take a drink himself to prove it was safe and their where no tricks.
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