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  1. Any chance you could help bring Blizzard Blitz to life?
  2. Luna would shake her head. "No, I believe that I have the situation under control." Pausing a moment, she would look back, seeing that Ice had followed her upstairs to the small guest room. She would sigh. "You are a guest of mine Ice, I would hate for you to have to do any work on your time away," she would say with a smile. "Now then, let us go downstairs to where it is more comfortable and you can tell me all of what I have missed since starting retirement." After making her way back downstairs to the somewhat quaint living room, the alicorn would take a seat on the right side of the couch and tap the seat to her left to signify where she wanted Ice to sit. "Perhaps we can start with the S.T.A.R. Project? I know that it seems like ages since it was conceived."
  3. Luna had yet to sleep, doing her nightly duties from within the rather haphazardly assembled tent. As the alicron poked her head out, she saw her sisters sun slowly beginning to rise over the hills of Sweet Apple Acres. It was with a heavy sigh that she steeped out into the dawn a bit concerned. She had noticed a lack of one pony's dreams, Applejack. Luna would hover into the sky to try to track down the orange mare as she knew all too well the dangers of lack of sleep. She would land nearby and trot up to the group that had assembled. "Good morrow everypony," she would say with a yawn. "It is so wonderful to see all the ponies that have offered their help, is it not." Looking over her nephew, she would smile. "I agree with that idea. From those that I met yesterday, I would say they have excess energy to burn. The pink hippogriff in particular..." Gazing over to Applejack once more it was clear the toll the lack of sleep was having on her. It was with a audible gulp that the alicorn would swallow her pride before volunteering her services as well. "You need to sleep Applejack. I shall assist AppleBloom today. I'm sure the Royal Canterlot Voice will come in handy if anything should arise." She would glare at the orange mare. "Do not make me issue a Royal Decree for thou to get some sleep. Even though I near retirement, I am sure you do not wish to go against a princess's wishes, do you?"
  4. As the doorbell rang, Luna jumped back. Her guest was finally here. She would take a few moments to compose herself before walking to the door and opening it with a glow of her horn. A stern look would be on her face as she looked upon Ice Storm and her many bags. "Thou art late..." as she paused a few moments before wrapping the blue unicorn in a wings hug. "I had feared something had happened to you on your journey." Luna would compose herself as she then levitated Ice's bags. "Make yourself at home. I shall take these to the guest room. I have make snacks for us so help yourself." The snacks that where laid out may have looked less then appealing, though the alicorn had tried her best. As she made her way up the staircase to the second floor where the guestroom was, the sound of a door creaking followed by a muted sound of an avalanche of boxes. "Seems I have found where Celestia has been storing the things we have yet to unpack..." she would mumble under her breath. With a quick spell, she would re-stack all the boxes in a corner, out of the way for now so there was a least a small path to the guest bed.
  5. Though their new home was nowhere near as grand as Canterlot Castle, it was still home. A home she shared with her older sister, and one that would take time to get adjusted to. The midnight blue alicorn paced the floor back and forth. "Oh when will she arrive?" Luna said to herself under her breath. Perhaps she was having second thoughts about retiring or perhaps it was just cabin fever...or perhaps her sister was just driving her crazy. Ether way, Luna anxiously awaited the arrival of her guest. Snacks where laid out as best as she could. Her cooking skills where...subpar if she was to be honest with herself and was one of her priorities to work on. Luna's nerves where beginning to get the best of her as each tick of the clock that her guest was not there. "Perhaps she has gotten lost?" she said aloud. "No. I am sure I gave adequate directions...Perhaps the train was running late? That must be it. I am sure she didn't forget about our meeting...at least I hope not."
  6. A blizzard raged through the frozen north as a unicorn made his way back from his bimonthly supply tip to Yakyakistan. His horn would give off a pale blue glow as the snow seemed to swirl around him. Around his neck was a tattered and worn scarf bearing the older mark and colors of the Royal Equestrian Guard. His mane and tail, though somewhat kept, showed signs that he had been in isolation for may of year. Behind the stallion was a small sled that contained a few crates of food and other supplies needed to get him through for the foreseeable future. As Blizzard continued onward to his fortress....if one could call the igloo where he lived that...he would give a sly grin as his horn got brighter and the snowstorm got stronger. He was in his element now. Far enough from civilization where as he could master the spells of snow and ice in the vast frozen wasteland.
  7. Here is the current list of my approved characters. Cast Characters Princess Luna Unicorns Blizzard Blitz Aerion Midnight Oil
  8. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Blizzard Blitz Sex: Stallion Age: Adult Species: Unicorn Eye color: Winter Sky Gray Coat: White coat with very faint blue tint. Mane/Tail: Ice Blue Mane and Tail that is worn with a part to the right. It has grown out from years alone in the frozen north. A few streaks of a darker shade of blue are present. Physique: Average build for a stallion, though a tad on the thinner side. His horn is longer then the average unicorn. Residence: The Frozen North Occupation: Villain, Wizard of the Frozen Wasteland. Cutie Mark: A large snowball encased in a layer of ice. Unique Traits: Blizzard Blitz's mane, tail, goatee, and coat are covered with snow and ice. His heart rate and body temperature are much lower then the average pony. History: ‘Twas the coldest night in nearly a century when Blizzard Blitz came into the world as snow swirled around around Canterlot. Blizzard would be the first foal born to his mother and father. Growing up, he would live a fairly normal foalhood, though he would show magical promise at a very young age. Being the son of at teacher at Princess Celestia’s school, as well as having his father in the Royal Guard, had its advantages growing up . When he was old enough he was quickly enrolled into Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. The young colt would excel in his classes, particularly those involving elemental magic. On his second day of class, Blizzard would earn his cutie mark when a bolt of magic froze the chalkboard solid, encasing it in a layer of ice. Needless to say, his instructor was impressed by the act of magic and noted the strength of the ice. Blizzard would spend much of his free time in the libraries of Canterlot. His mother had made it clear that he needed to work hard to get ahead. As the young colt grew older, he discovered the advantages of his mother's job, often using her credentials to gain access to restricted sections of the library. "Mom needs a book for a lesson plan," was his go to line. One of his favorite to check out under her name, 'Magics of Winter.' One day with the knowledge he learned Blitz would summon a small snow squall in the courtyard of the school as finals approached. To say his instructors where unpleased was an understatement. The colt was made to apologize to all his classmates for extending the semester while he was made to clean up his mess as he was lectured on Couldsdale's role in Equestrian weather. As the colt aged and continued his schooling at the School for Gifted Unicorns, Blizzard would begin to question himself and his abilities. He began to feel like a B-Class student as he had yet to receive even one class for the school's namesake. He became obsessed with proving himself and dedicated every fiber of his being to being noticed. Using his 'access' to the advanced and even restricted sections of the library, he would continue to advance his magical knowledge and abilities. With each semester that would pass, he would become more and more frustrated. As graduation neared, the young stallion would be called into the guidance counselor's office as all graduating students are to discuses internships and career opportunities. Blizzard was elated as his mind began to race. All of his hard work was soon going to pay of. Perhaps he would help with a more efficient winter? Perhaps he himself would be offered a job at the school and follow in his mothers hoofsteps. So many scenarios ran through his head. that when the counselor did mention his career options, he was heartbroken. Open an Ice cream parlor? Maintaining ice rinks? His heartbreak would soon turn into anger as he glared across the desk. His breathing turned heavy as reality set in. With his head down, he would leave the office, slamming the door behind him as the window began to frost over. A few days later, Blizzard would be given another option. They Royal Guard where looking for a pony to act as a guide into the Frozen North with the ability to manipulate snow. He would perk up and sign on for the opportunity. It seemed that he would finally be able to show off his abilities and true power. Upon graduation he would report for a quick crash course with the squad he would be guiding. From early on it was clear that they felt his presence was not needed. Blizzard once again felt dejected though would push on, having to prove himself to others once more. When they arrived in the Frozen North, a massive blizzard hit as the team struggled to make camp. The unicorn would watch the team of Royal Guards struggle with a small smirk as they battled the storm. After a short while, Blizzard would use a spell shaping the nearby snow into an a large igloo to protect them from the elements. The storm outside would rage on for days as the team grew restless. With no end to the storm in site, Blizzard figured this was the time to test his true power. Stepping outside the igloo on his own he would take a few deep breaths to calm himself before his horn began to glow. The swirling storm of snow and wind began to calm to a flurry. When the commander of the expedition attributed the break in the weather to nature, Blizzard Blitz would begin to loose control as anger coursed through him and the storm would resume its intensity. After months in the Frozen North and Blizzard doing his job, the call was made to return to Canterlot. Blizzard would make the decision to remain in the Frozen North to hone his magical skills. Years would pass as the stallion would make only rare supply runs to Yakyakistan every year or so. Back in Canterlot, Blizzard's disappearance was written off as merely a casualty of the failed expedition to relocate the Crystal Empire. Now ten years later, Blizzard Blitz has returned to Equestria, looking to prove himself and his abilities....by any means necessary if needed.... Character Personality: Once a caring and kind, though a bit braggish, Blizzard’s isolation in the Frozen North has taken its toll on him both mentally and physically. Blizzard now only seeks validation of his abilities by any means necessary. Though cool headed, he has a hefty temper, though with a long fuse. He can be manipulative and lash out at those closest to him. After almost ten years alone in the Frozen North, he has developed a tendency to talk to himself under stress. Character Summary: A literal coldhearted pony, Blizzard Blitz was once one of the most promising students at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. He is exceptionally skilled in magic of ice and snow. Throughout his schooling, Blizzard felt that his skills where not properly recognized or appreciated. He would use his mother's credentials (an instructor at the school) to gain access to advanced spellbooks from the library, often without her knowledge. Though a gifted unicorn, Blizzard would start to resent his fellow classmates as he himself began to feel like a B-Class student. Graduating the school with a talent in Snow and Ice did not his career options as it was clearly hammered to him that Cloudsdale handled the winter in Equestria. When his career options where listed as ether an Ice Cream Shop or maintaining ice rinks, he would be dejected and angry, feeling that he was given a raw deal. It wasn't until he was offered the job of guiding an expedition into the Frozen North to try to locate the Crystal Empire as signs began to appear. Upon joining the team, Blizzard was made to feel that his prescience was not needed. Once in the Frozen North, a powerful snowstorm would hit as the team tried to make camp. Using his manipulation of snow, the stallion would create a large igloo to shield the expedition. Upon completion of the mission, Blizzard would chose to remain in the Frozen North to hone his skills. Now years later, he has returned to Equestria from his icy self exile. Spells and Abilities: Ice and Snow -The ability to make manipulate local weather, summing snow, ice, freezing rain, and sleet at will. -Directional beam of ice energy that freezes its target and encases it in ice. the longer the spell is held, the thicker the ice. -Summoning a wall of ice from the ground that can be used to contain or deter foes. -A modified version of the temporary wings spell that uses ice to grant Blizzard flight...and just look cool. General Magic -Short range teleportation. -General energy beam. -Walk on clouds.
  9. Working on a detailed post. should have it up tonight.
  10. Luna’s scowl would fade to a more neutral expression as the blue griffin pled his case. “I see,” is all she would say. A pale glow would come from the princess’s horn followed by a bright flash. “Considering the circumstance, I shall accept thy apology Gallus.” The spell that the alicorn cast was simply a clean up spell, though with a bit of drama. All traces of the pie that have covered the princess’s face vanished as a sly grin began to creep upon her muzzle as looked to Silverstream with a wink, awaiting Gallus’s reaction to the magic flash.
  11. Midnight sighed as he nodded along to Raven. "Judging by the way we had to take to get here...I'd imagine it's been gone for ages. The republic hasn't used orbital stations in almost 500 years and this one looks...well older then that. The masters knew what they where doing and don't think they chose this planet by chance." Leaning forward in his char, Midnight would direct the shuttle towards the decrepit looking orbital station. "First order of busniess, get this thing back on line...cut the lines to the communications first though. We don't want to risk sending out a distress ping....or worse." The ship would approach a docking bay. Reaching out through the force, he would try to open the door with only little progress. "Tiger, Raven, let's see if we can get this open."
  12. Princess Luna nod to Silverstream. "Ah yes, Gallus. I have heard quit a bit about him as well...and his occasional shenanigans," as he stiffed a chuckle. "Never a dull moment with-" Only moments after the pie hit the pink hippogriff, the second pie would find its mark...Princess Luna's face. The happy expression of the blue alicorn would soon be replaced by a scowl as pie filling covered her muzzle, bits of crust in her mane, and to top it all off, the pie tin hung down from the tip of her horn. Luna sighed deeply as she offered a hoof to help Silverstream to her hooves and talons. "Gallus's handiwork I assume?" Her eyes locked onto the young griffon as he approached. "I had always wanted to enter a pie eating contest, but this is not what I had in mind..." The tone in Luna's voice was hard to decipher. Was it anger, sarcasm, or somewhere in between? In reality, she wasn't that upset about the pie to the face, however there was no way for the young griffon to know that.
  13. Midnight gave a fang filled smiled to the filly as he grabbed his remaining four apples. "Thank you," he would say as he walked away from the counter in search of a seat to enjoy his free apples. His search would take him to a bar where another bat pony as well as the half bat where sitting with each other. "Well, they ran out again," he said with a friendly tone to nopony in general. "They do have these free apples thought to try to smooth things over till tomorrow." Midnight would bite into another apple, draining it quickly like he had the first one. "Not as good as cider, but pretty close," as he licked a drip of apple juice off his fang before looking looking off in the direction of the cider mill. The young Areion couldn't help but feel socially awkward around the two mares as he just sat there.
  14. Feel free to post a character and we’ll figure something out.
  15. Midnight’s attention would be drawn away from the book he was reading by the sound of disgust and disappointment outside his tent. “Oh no! I’m late!” he exclaimed, quickly exiting his tent. Hovering he could see the counter and the exodus of creatures from it. To his relief however the young member of the Apple Family was still staffing it. He would also take note who else remained. The Bat Pony hybrid had seemed to have brought a friend. The blue griffin from yesterday was back as well as the overly excited hippogriff, and she was talking with...Princess Luna!? What was she doing here? He also spied a few other ponies from yesterday as well, including the rarer attractive but uptight unicorn. He was on a mission to reach the counter now. Socializing would have to wait for now. Passing Luna and Silverstream, he would bow for a moment. “My Princess.” Reaching the counter, he would grab one of the apples. “So what the status?” He would ask Apple Bloom, hoping for the best but expecting the worst news. As his stomach grumbled, he would sink his fangs into the apple, seemingly draining it of its juices till all that was left was a shriveled husk around the core. “Um...these are free, right?”
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