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  1. amyspmvs

    Interest check for Apple Stars

    I havent checked in ages so much i forgot what we were even doing
  2. amyspmvs

    MLP Art Styles

    Isnt there any more options like fan based styles?
  3. Dont even think about there being no show if there was no show gen 3 would still be ruining the franchise
  4. Werid episode. Thought the punk rarity maine and tail was badass
  5. All alone again. Lost two freinds again....the chat room will not let me speak again...all alone again..

    1. Rosewind


      I don't really know you or the context of your situation, but have you considered a shift in your behavior if people are pulling away from you?

    2. amyspmvs


      God knows i tryied

  6.  Im so sorry i was gone are power was out for five days after hurricane erma

    1. tacobob


      Don't think you'll have to apologize for that! I had to deal with that mess as well. Didn't lose power, but I was offline for a few days! :green:

    2. amyspmvs


      Not that anyone but you and a few others cared that i was gone... TT-Tt

  7. amyspmvs


    Welcome both of you can play with me anytime
  8. Im so lonley lost a freind and no pony will talk to me on discord...so much for friendship being magic.

    1. SteelEagle


      I'm sorry to hear that, Sugarcube. Thoughts and prayers.

  9. No one will play with me xc

  10. amyspmvs

    my oc application

    Thank you
  11. amyspmvs

    Interest check for Apple Stars

    this is really confuseing
  12. amyspmvs

    Interest check for Apple Stars

    ehhh i have to draw it???? but the point of me useing a oc maker is i suck at drawing..... (groan)
  13. amyspmvs

    Interest check for Apple Stars

    ok i did that but i couldnt add a pic to show them my character
  14. Name: Soulful Portrait sex: male age: Stallion Species: unicorn Eye colour: red (hidden by glasses) Character Colour: brown Mane/Tail/Other: black main and tail, wheres blue fedora Physique: normal Residence: Living in ponyvill with his wife and kids Occupation: artist, father, husband cutie mark: a spray paint can, earned from getting paid for his street art before he started to do multiple different kinds of art with his wife. Unique Traits: being able to learn different kinds of art really easy History: born and raised in ponyvill, was bullied and teased in school, doesn't know his parents, the only family he has now is his wife knick knack and his son dewdrop. He doesn't wish for a better life, his life is perfect as it is. Character Personality: he is a gentlemen Character Summary: Soulful Portrait is a unicorn who grew up not knowing his parents and was bullyed in school, as he grew he relised he had a artistic talent. ((this next part is part of a different rp)) One day while roaming town he met the love of his life knick knack. After dateing a long time they married and had a child togetter named dewdrop. Togetter the two live happily makeing pottery for knick knack's store.
  15. amyspmvs

    Interest check for Apple Stars

    i see but theres no where to submit